Okay so in having Colors of the Wind stuck in my head at work this little fic came to me! Bella is Quileute and a Protector. She is the daughter to Billy and twin sister to the Alpha/Cheif (Jake). The Quileute's have long been enemies with the Makah's (just go with it), however while in noman's land Bella and the Makah Alpha Paul cross paths and neither one will ever be the same. A forbidden imprint, a war brewing, a predestined destiny, tragedy, drama and angst! What more could you want! Enjoy! I don't own Twilight or Pocahontas! =)

Prologue- Heart on Fire

I blink my eyes open as I listen to the quiet house surrounding me. My brother and father's even breathing let me know they were both still fast asleep. I crept out of bed and over to my window, quietly slipping out into the lightening darkness. The scent of freshly rained on pavement and damp woods filters through my nose. Keeping my ears open and alert I head towards the edge of the forest behind my house. As soon as I'm sheathed in the cover of the foliage I strip off the over-sized t-shirt I threw on for bed and phase. Before my paws even hit the ground, I was off running. The trees and other forest plants blur by me as I push myself faster toward my destination. The scent and sounds of the running river make my legs go impossibly faster in anticipation until the dense for gave way to my little piece of paradise. I leaped straight into the water, phasing back as soon I was submerged. The waves from the disturbance I just created lapped against my skin, completely immersing me in a calming sensation. My body completely relaxed as I laid backwards against the water, letting the gently moving water carry all my stresses away.

My isolated peace only lasted about five minutes before I felt him draw near and his scent assault my nose and brain. I kept my eyes closed and tried to act like every nerve ending in my body was not surging with electricity upon his arrival. I listen to see if I could guess how far away but he had stopped walking. However, the frantic crackling of emerging coursing through me told me he was close. I opened one eye slightly to see him standing in all his naked glory staring at me with his signature smirk gracing his lips.

"Well if it isn't the little Quileute princess Bella, the almighty Peace Keeper." He leered at me. "Wonder what little Miss Princess is doing out in no man's land all by herself…You could get eaten by the Big Bad Wolf you know."

I opened both my eyes and smirked as lust surged through my body. "I was kind of counting on it actually."

His smirk grew as the words left my lips. Lowering himself into the water, his gorgeous russet skin slowly disappearing beneath the clear water, he came toward me at a slow predatory pace that made my heart race and my body quiver with need.

"Are you now?" He asked, his voice heavy and his eyes dark with lust. I managed a nod as he drew nearer eliciting a methodical chuckle from him. "Nervous?" He asked grinning like the wolf who ate the sheep. I shook my head no causing him to chuckle again. "You forget little princess, I can hear your heartbeat."

Shit. He caught me. I was fearless, never second-guessing. That is until it came to him. He was my kryptonite, the only person or creature that could bring me to my knees. He was my hot-headed warrior, my fated enemy and my passionate forbidden love.

When he got close enough, he reach out and pulled me flush against his toned body. A growl rumbled from deep within his chest as his lips crashed against mine. There was no softness in his kiss, not this time. It was all about claiming what was his, cementing his security. The separation and secrecy was hard on both of us but especially him. Him being an alpha makes his wolf ferociously eager to claim what is his and to mark his territory for everyone to see. I see as well as feel him fight his wolf every time we're together knowing that marking would be worse for us. I felt him run his nose along the spot where my should meets my neck causing me to shiver. He teeth gently slid across the spot and I stiffened, my nails gripping his arm where the tribal symbol that kept us apart made its home.

"Mine." He growled as his lips claimed mine in a searing kiss.

"Yours, always yours." I whispered against his lips when we separated slightly for air. I was his as he was mine. My enemy, my imprint, my Paul.

So there's the prologue! Its short but necessary! Let me know what you think! For all of you Golden Sun fans, have no fear I am going to be updating soon! I'm hoping (crosses fingers) by Sunday night but at the latest Tuesday! Review, Comment, Question! =)