This will be my first prince of tennis fanfiction anyway, female Ryoma. My Ryoma never went to Seishun Gakuen for middle school she became a pro with her brother Ryoga instead. Years late her friend Marui Bunta gives her a call and she visits Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku. She plays the tennis team and as so much fun she decides to take a break from the pro world and go to Rikkaidai. I will updae two to three chapters at a time all in different views.

Marui Bunta PVO

I listened to my friend talk about Echizen Ryoma the Princess of tennis and a dear friend of mine."

"Did you see how Echizen-Chan went all out yesterday on smith-Kun?" Kirihara Akay a 2nd year and fellow regular asked excitedly to a smiling Yukimura Seiichi the Buchou of Rikkai.

Before Yukimura could answer I interrupted not being able to allow my teammate to think that Royma's best was what he saw the other day. "Ryoma didn't go all out against Smith-Kun yesterday she wasn't even trying."

I regretted speaking as soon as the words were out of my mouth. I knew if I told them that Ryoma was left handed she would be mad.

"How do you know that?" Kirihara questioned.

"Ummm….. Well….."I looked around the room trying to come up with something so I didn't have to tell how I knew my eyes landed on Yukimura. I looked at him with pleading eyes silently asking for his help.

Instead of helping me he just smiled at me with a sweet smile that was too sweet to be true and asked "How do you know that Marui-Kun?" going along with Kirihara.

Knowing I had to answer know I prayed Ryoma didn't kill me to bad. "Well you see for one thing she's left handed."I said looking away.

"And how do you know she's left handed?" Yukimura asked him.

"Ummm… me, she, and her brother Ryoga are old childhood friends. I use to play against them all the time. We still play a match every time she comes to Japan to visit her cousin."I answered.

"Uso! No way, you know Echizen Ryoma." Kirihara shouted attracting the attention of the rest of the regulars.

"Who knows Echizen-Chan?" Nio Masaharu the teams prankster asked?

"Apparently Marui-Kun" Yukimura answered not taking his eyes off me.

"There is a 22.2 chance he is telling the truth" Yanagia Renji the team's data master said.

"I do know her I could prove it!" the words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"THEN PROVE IT!" Nio and Kirihara shouted.

"Fine I will Sanada-sempia will you pass me my phone?'

I watched as our vice captain thought about doing as I asked before he finally passed me my phone. I bet he just as curious as the rest of them thou I doubt he'd ever admit it.

I dialed Ryoma's number and put the phone on speaker I put my finger to my lips as to say keep quiet.

The phone started to ring after the fourth ring a female voice come through it.

"Moshi Moshi"

"Konnichiwa Ryoma it me Bunta"

"No duh Sherlock I've got caller ID you know" at that my teammate snickered quietly.

"You never change do you?"


"So when is your next match?"

"In five minutes"

"Who are you playing?"

"I don't know"

At that I laughed "You really don't know who your opponent is?"

"Nope and I don't really care if he's any good at tennis then maybe I'll bother to learn his name."

"Ryo you really haven't changed I remember when we were younger and you played this kid because he was picking on younger kids and you total destroyed him then a week later you walked into him and you didn't know who he was and how he knew you."

"I remember that the look on his face was so funny when he lost to me" Ryoma said while laughing "Bunta I have to go my match is about to start.

"Its fine call me after you win. Hey will you use my move Tight rope walking in your match?"

"Sure Bunta I will. Bye I'll call you in a few minutes when the match is over.

The line went dead as she hung up. The regulars all stood shocked into silence. The shock only lasted a few seconds before Nio and Kirihara raced towards the TV. The quickly turned it on and flipped to the channel Ryoma's match would be on. No one said a word as we watched the game waiting for her to use my move and prove I did know her or not use it and prove that it was all a lie. But I knew she would use it because when she said she'd do something she did plus she would do anything for someone she cared for. Sure enough 5 minutes into the game she used my move tight rope walking making the score 5-0. A minute later and the game was over 6-0 in Ryoma's favor.

"So you really do know her Marui-Kun." Yukimura said.

"I told you I did you just didn't listen"

"Hmmm how good of a tennis player is she?" The Buchou asked his voice full with interest.

"One of the best I have no doubt in my mind she could beat even you if she got serious."

"Do you think you could get her to come and have a couple matches with us?"

"Ummm sure I could try."

"Thank you this way the team could play against a pro tennis player."

They turned back to the TV that all the other regulars where till staring at.

Ryoma was now surrounded by cameras and microphones.

"What was that move?"

"Who taught it to you?"

"When did you learn it?" Ryoma was asked at the same time.

Ryoma just shrugged looking bored.

Ryoma being Ryoma pulled down her white hat and shrug not answer a single question.

I started laughing hard at that it was just such a her thing to do.

"Do you have anything you want to say to your opponent ?"

Looking at the camera with her cocky smile and bored look on her face Ryoma said Mada Mada Dane.

This only made me laugh more this time the rest of the regulars joined in well except Sanada-sempia though he did have a small smile on his face.

Our laughter stopped when the show wet to commercial and my phone rang.

"Moshi, Moshi" I said putting the phone on speaker when he saw it was Ryoma calling.

"My match is over so why did you call me earlier?"

"Well… Ummm…. Don't kill me but one of my teammates was saying something about how you went all out on Kevin the other day and-"before I could say another word I was cut off by Ryomas laughter.


"Anyway as I was saying you know how you're left handed"

"Ya and what about it"

"Well when my teammate said that I might have commented on the fact that you were left handed and that you weren't event trying against Kevin. And they didn't believe me so I called you to prove it you've been on speaker the whole time."

"who ever thought i was going all out needs to be hit up side the head."

I watched an evil grin come onto Nio's face before he creeped up on Kirihara and smacked him hard upside the head.

"What the hell that hurt Nio-Kun! What was that for?"

"What was that Bunta?"

"Nio-Kun hitting Kirihara-Kun the person you thought went all out."

Ryoma laughed

"Bunta you do know I'm going to think of something evil and twisted to do to you the next time I see you."

Shuddering I said "I figured as much."

"Oh, oh can I help you think of something" Nio said with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Sure two minds are better than one and if I remember correctly from want Bunta told me your mind is quite mischievous get Bunta to give you my number and I'm sure we can think of something."


I looked at the Buchou with eyes that shouted help me.

He holds his hand out for the phone and I gladly give it to him.

"Hello Echizen Ryoma my name is Yukimura Seiichi and I am the Buchou of the team and id like to ask you for a favor if that's all right Echizen-Chan"

"Hello Yukimura-Kun please call me Ryoma and it depends on what you want."

"Well next time you are in Japan and have free time would you please stop by Rikkaidai and have practice matches with me and the regulars."

"Hmmmm Bunta are they any good?"

"They are very good Ryo."

"Hmmm what's in it for me Yukimura-Kun?"

"Hmmm let me think. Well you like to play tennis right?"


"And you like to play opponents that challenge you right?"

"Yes "

"Well my team have own the nationals all throughout middle school and high school and I'm undefeated so you who be playing against some of the best Tennis player in Japan." She going to agree I think happily.

"That does sound interesting. I think I might come and pay a visit I have to get Bunta back away….. But if I do come I have one condition." I shudder at this….

"And what's that?" Yukimura asked. No why'd you have to ask I thought think whatever it is I won't like.

"If I beat all of you each one of you have to but me all the Ponta and food I can consume for a week and I get to pick the week and witch person has to pay that week." I shake my head at Yukimura trying to warn him not to make a deal.

"You don't think you'll be able to beat us all do you."

"But I do."

"Very well then I agree to your condition." What no I think she'll make us all broke.

"Good then I'll see you next time I'm in Japan I look forward to having the chance to defeat the undefeated. I have to go now good bye. Do me a favor and hand the phone to Nio-Kun because I know that Bunta won't give him my number…." The phone went dead.

I watched in horror as Yukimura passed my phone to Nio.

"What did you do that for Buchou?"

"Because I like to watch people suffer. :D Why didn't you want me to make that deal with Ryoma-Chan?"

"Because I know her and she can beat us all!" I say

"Even if she did it's not like she could eat all that much or drink that much Ponta."

"She's a bottomless pit she could out eat both Nio-kun and Kirihara-Kun."

"Well they it looks like we will just have to beat her then" Yukimura says as if he didn't care that she was going to murder his wallet