Save Me

DPMP: My story Senses was a success. I wanted to see if I could still attract readers and get positive feedback. This one isn't nearly as sad. Here I have Canada and Prussia to help me along.

Canada: H-hi…

Prussia: YO!

DPMP: Okay, so I didn't want to write character death again for a while. I mean, I killed Italy and Germany in the last one! So here's another emo fic, but not nearly as tragic.

Canada: There's a bit of bullying and cutting involved… Why does everyone write me up as the kind of guy to cut himself?

Prussia: Hey, according to this piece of paper it's ME who's cutting himself… Wait, whut?

DPMP: *snatches piece of paper* Hey, no spoilers! Anyway, more OOCness and emo. No death but there is self-inflicted wounds. Lots and lots of boy love, but no R-18. Sorry.

Prussia: She doesn't own Hetalia, either. Not that it matters, there's no way anybody can own the awesomeness that is me!

Canada: J-just read the fanfiction now, please?

Prussia: Kesesesesesese- /bricked/

Day One

Matthew Williams and Alfred Jones exited the bus early Wednesday morning, looking around. Both were wearing fairly new clothing, with backpacks slung over their shoulders. Matthew had a keychain of a maple leaf on his to differentiate from his brother's, who got the same backpack.

"Look, there's Artie!" Alfred waved over to the British exchange student from a year ago. "See you later Mattie."

"Yeah, sure, Al…" Matthew said even though his brother had already left him behind.

There was a hard bump against his shoulder as someone passed by him from behind. The culprit was Gilbert Beilschmidt, who just turned his head slightly to glare at Matthew. Following Gilbert was his blonde little brother, who was bigger than he was.

"Bruder! You stop this nonsense!" he said before he was tackled by a small little brunette.

"LUDDY!" Feliciano Vargas yelled, clinging to his boyfriend. "I missed you!"

"Hallo, Feliciano," Ludwig sighed, giving up on Gilbert and hugging the excited Italian back. "I missed you too."

"Ah, Ludwig-san," Kiku Honda, their somewhat third-wheel friend broke away from his own boyfriend to greet the German. "It's wonderful to see you again."

"Same," Ludwig nodded. "How was your vacation in Greece with Heracles?"

"Ah… Um…" The senior blushed, flustered. Heracles walked over and put an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders.

"He met my parents, and I surprised him by paying for his own parents to come up and join us," he said.

"A-and he proposed," Kiku meekly held up the small gold ring on his finger.

"Eh? That's wonderful, Kiku!" Feliciano hugged his friend. "When's the wedding?"

"A-after graduation," the Japanese boy told them.

"We're all happy for you two," Ludwig said.

Matthew felt out of place. Watching the emotional display between the friends and their boyfriends and looking at Arthur trying to strangle his brother made him feel out of place.

The truth was, the Canadian was so shy he never approached anybody, and nobody bothered to talk to him. Therefore he lacked friends. He didn't mind, though. Because of all his free time he was able to study and bring his grades to perfection. And he could help his brother with his homework. And he could make as many pancakes as he wanted. And he didn't need to buy a cell phone because nobody, not even his parents, ever felt the need to call him because he doesn't go out after school with any friends.

Matthew sighed. Who was he kidding? This year was going to be like every year; He would endlessly search for someone who thought he was worthy of their attention and before he knew it the year was over. He didn't dare try to enter Alfred's circle of friends. He was constantly mistaken for his twin, and things would only get worse.

Especially with Arthur, Mattie thought when he looked over and saw the Brit making out with Alfred.

There was a time in freshman year that Matthew thought he had friends. He would sit at lunch with a boy named Miguel who was deemed extremely scary by others and left alone. Miguel hated his brother, but seemed to take a liking to Matthew. However, their friendship lasted a month and ended when Alfred picked a fight with him and Matthew paid the price. His parents didn't let Miguel into the hospital room to apologize and Matthew was too afraid to approach him since.

The bell rang and everyone scattered, running to their classes. Matthew sighed and walked calmly to the classroom across the yard from him.

"Good evening, class, my name is Ms. Brite," the teacher introduced herself. "That's spelled B-R-I-T-E but pronounced 'Bree-tay'. Now, first thing's first, I want to tell you that you may like sitting with your friends but those are not your permanent seats."

There was a chorus of groans and complaints all around the room.

"However, I wanted to make this fun, so taped to the underside of your desks are pieces of paper with names on them. I want for you to take them out and read the name."

Matthew reached under his table and found the name "Gilbert Beilschmidt" written in even printing on the paper. He took it off the desk and brought it out.

"Okay, now I want for you to look around the room and find the person to whom the name belongs."

It was extremely easy for Matthew to pinpoint Gilbert's location. The boy was albino, so white hair, pale skin, and red eyes were what gave him away. Strangely, the boy was glaring him down as well.

"You will be sitting next to the person you're staring at.

"WHAT?" half the class cried in indignation. Gilbert only crumpled up the paper and put it in his jacket pocket. Matthew folded his and did the same.

Everyone grabbed their binders and backpacks and moved around. Matthew sat next to Gilbert awkwardly, giving him space and sitting near the edge of the desk.

When Ms. Brite was pleased with the situation, she passed out papers to the class, mainly just forms to get signed and lists of supplies they would need. Matthew checked a lot of things off the list. He had most of what was needed. Gilbert seemed to watch him out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned to him the strange German was busy forging his grandfather's signature.

When the bell rang, Matthew picked up his textbooks and headed for the door. Gilbert was in front of him and suddenly knelt down to pick up something. Matthew stumbled and dropped the textbooks to the floor. A pale hand handed him one, before Gilbert was gone.

"Wait," Matthew said aloud, holding his books with one hand and running over to him. He touched his shoulder and Gilbert wheeled around.

"What do you want, an apology? You're not getting one!" he nearly yelled defiantly, red eyes shining.

Matthew squeaked and backed away in fright. The silverette glared at him.

"I-I'm sorry!" Matthew spat out quickly. "A-and thank you for helping me!"

The blonde ran past the German and toward the next building, leaving Gilbert to stand there like a fool, watching him run.

"Hey, Mattie!" Alfred yelled at lunch. "Come sit with us, there's someone I'd like you to meet!"

Matthew slowly approached his brother's table, ignoring the stares and whispers of "who is he?" and "he looks like Alfred".

"Yes?" he asked, blushing when all of Alfred's friends looked at him.

"Hey, this dude's Francis, he came all the way from France and we don't understand him," Alfred said. "He hardly speaks English and Tonio's been trying to translate, taking French III and all."

"So you want me to speak Quebecoise to him?" Mattie guessed. "To a Frenchman? It's French but the French hate it!"

"Still, if you can understand him and teach him English that would be awesome."

Matthew sighed and sat next to the alluring blonde.

"Bonjour. Je m'appelle Mathieu." Matthew sighed. Francis' eyes gleamed.

"Vous n'avez vraiment parler français! Ne vous inquiétez pas, tout cela est pour le spectacle. Je peux parler bien anglais." The boy laughed. Matthew frowned.

"Pourquoi vous ne parler pas anglais?" he asked.

"C'est amusant de regarder votre frère et ses amis essayer de me rendre comprendre."

Sure enough, Alfred started talking very slowly to Francis and making hand gestures.

"Can… you… under… stand… my… brother..?" he said, pointing at Matthew. Francis smirked and gave Matthew a look that plainly said, "I told you so".

Matthew smacked his palm to his forehead.

"Il est un peu stupide. Je m'excuse si il vous a offensé en aucune façon."

"Non, je vais bien. C'était amusant."

Matthew and Francis talked a little more. Matthew couldn't believe how alike they were.

They both liked having their hair long and did all the cooking in the house. They were both fluent in French and spoke it all their life, English being their second language. They both loved animals, with Matthew's polar bear collection and Francis' beloved bird Pierre.

By the time lunch was over, Matthew realized he had a friend.

Prussia: I thought this was a PruCan fic! Why are you letting France get his greasy hands all over my Mattie?

Canada: Hey, he's not even touching me in here…

DPMP: This isn't a oneshot, Gil. You'll have your chance.

Prussia: And why am I such a jerk in here? I scared Mattie off! I'm not like this!

Canada: It's just a story, Prussia…

Prussia: And why am I so emo? And what's with West and his boyfriend and his friends? They have nothing to do with the plot!

DPMP: They will… Now shut up.

Prussia: I- fine. Hmph.

Gilbird: Piyo!

France: AHEM~!

DPMP: Oh, right. Now ladies and gentlemen, France and Canada will repeat their conversation in English. Be entertained~!

Canada: Hello. My name is Mathieu (DPMP: French spelling for French speaking.).

France: You really do speak French! Do not worry, this is all for show. I can speak good English.

Canada: Why don't you speak English?

France: It's fun to watch your brother and his friends try to make me understand. (It really was...)

Canada: He's a bit stupid. I apologize if he offended you in any way.

France: No, I am fine. It was fun.

DPMP: Now then, I guess we'll all see you next chapter! Thanks to noody-xD for reminding me to have the guys translate.