DPMP: Hello, it's your good old author here! Anyways, I was checking exactly how popular my story had gotten when I came across some amazing results.

Prussia: Over 4.25 K hits in America, and about 1.3 K in Canada. You must be proud!

Canada: Wow, so many people...

DPMP: That's not all! I also have readers in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, Germany, Korea, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland, to name a few of the many! I feel so elated and honored!

France: What about me?

DPMP: Oh, right, and France is one of the countries I get a lot of visitors from, too! Listen everyone, if you live in France, I apologize for making your country's character an arsehole. I love the French, so don't hate me. ^_^"

America: But I still have the largest reading group, so I'm the best, right?

DPMP: There are more members on FFN that live in America than anywhere else, Alfred. Of course you'll find more Americans reading this. Canada is probably the second largest FFN population. And since England is another English-speaking country, of course English people would be able to read my stuff. All Brits make yourselves known, I love you guys!

Germany: I would also like to point out that DPMP is more than happy to chat with anyone from another country besides America, although Americans are free to talk to her as well. She would love to speak to people of my country, especially, since she's a Germany cosplayer and loves German culture. Anybody is free to talk to her, under the condition they can speak fluent English, or enough to talk to her with. She only speaks a few sentences in a few languages.

DPMP: Anyway, on to the real news. The prequel to this story is up. The title is "Guardian". However, before you leave now, completely ignoring what I have to say next, there is one thing I would like to say.

The stories "Guardian" and "Save Me" have similar scenes but may not be exactly the same, if you get my drift. So while you're expecting me to make everything exactly as I laid out in one story, it may be a little bit different in the other. For example, the fact that Ludwig doesn't know much about the mobs in "Save Me" is completely untrue in "Guardian". In fact, according to the next chapter of "Guardian", he left Germany in the middle of his training to escape. Like I said, they are not one and the same. However, I hope this doesn't stop you from reading! I already have a stalker on deviantART who got to my profile through here (jk, jk, she's not a stalker, she's really sweet!) and I feel honored to have such a dedicated reader! And yes, if you +watch me on dA, I'll +watch you back. :D

I love all of my readers and please, if you have a plot bunny to throw at me, by all means, chuck it at me if you want! I am welcome to requests (sorry, I cannot do Nordic characters, though) and/or storylines that were perhaps left behind because someone simply couldn't do it themselves. Remember, however, that I am still in school, so I won't be able to take all requests. I will post updates on my profile if I am able to take requests. If not, kindly wait until I open up again.

Happy reading!