Leah sat under a huge oak tree the late summer sun was to her back. This was her favorite place, from this spot she could the mountains, it was beautiful. When she was younger her parents would bring Ivy and Leah here for picnics. That was along time ago, now things were different Ivy went to parties all the time, and Leah parents had a lot more work to do at the school lately.

"Hey," a voice interrupted Leah's thoughts. "I'm bored do you wanna go swimin' or something?" Ivy asked as she climbed up into the tree.

"Sure." Leah and Ivy went to the house to change in to their bathing suits. They had to wear put tank tops and shorts on, because of the dress code rules at the school. That is where the lake was, and pretty much everyday Leah and Ivy would take the 2-mile trip to swim. It was a lot easier now that the road was paved, they were able to just roller blade the whole way.

"Isn't it weird we leave for band camp tomorrow then right after that school starts?" Ivy asked. As they skated.

"I'm so used to seeing Ethan everyday, it's going to be hard."

"Are you and Ethan officially going out yet?"

"No, were still just "friends," I'm not sure if we every will, Dad would be super pissed if he found out." Leah answered as they reached the office. They took off their skates and entered the building. Ivy knocked on the door of their dad's office.

"Come in," a voice bellowed.

"Hi, Daddy," Leah said with a huge smile on her face. "You don't seem very happy today is something wrong?" she asked as she sat on Peter's desk.

"No, not really. What brings you two fish here?"

"Funny," Ivy said not answering the question.

"Well, have fun but don't stay out in the sun too long." Peter told his daughters.

"What time will you be home tonight?" Leah asked.

"Hmm… I'm not really sure. But I have to go into town later, so I could bring you back something for dinner. You know a last meal before you leave for band camp."

"Bacon cheeseburger," Leah said as she hoped of the desk.

"Tacos," Ivy said just as Leah finished.

"And Milkshakes," they said this at the same time, this made Peter smile.

"Strawberry-Banana and Orange-n-Cream." Peter finished off the girls' order.

"Right, See ya," Leah bounded out the door.

"Bye," Ivy said as she slammed the door and started running to catch up with Leah.

-------Later that night--------

"Leah have you seen my purple barrettes?"

"Didn't you have them at the lake today?" Leah asked as she tried to close her trunk.

"Oh yeah, I did. I'll call Dad and see if he can find them." Ivy ran out off the room to find the phone.

Ivy came back into the room a few minutes later "Someone already gave my barrettes to Dad. Mom radioed in today said she wouldn't be back before we have to leave to get on the bus. But she sends her love," said as she went back to packing.

"Um, Iv what's this?" Leah held up a baggy that she found in the closet.

"It's not mine it's Mandy's she needed me to hang on to it for awhile," Ivy said.

"I don't know if I can believe you. You promised you would quit if I didn't tell Mom and Dad," Leah looked at her sister "You swear its Mandy's?"

"Yes, I'll take can of it right now. I'll page Mandy and she can get Grant to come get it."

"All right, I believe you, but please don't hold for Mandy anymore," Leah said.

"Okay, I won't," Ivy said as she stuffed the rest of her stash into her bag. She never was really into pot, and the pot Leah found was really Mandy's, but if Leah found her pills it was over. She knew Leah would tell.