"Are you asleep?" Ivy asked her sister.

"No," Leah answered. "Do you think all this is my fault?"

"Leah, none of this is your fault. You didn't do anything to deserve to be raped," Ivy stated.

"Yeah, but maybe there was something I could have done," Leah said.

"Thinking about what could have happened isn't going to help," Ivy told her.

Ivy crawled into her sister's bed and rested her head on Leah's shoulder.

"I don't know if this is the right time, but I'm going to tell you something," Ivy said.

Leah looked at Ivy, she wondered what there was to tell; they never kept secrets form one another.

"Do you remember two years ago when I didn't come home until the next morning?" Ivy asked.

"Yeah," Leah answered.

"Well, I wasn't at a party, like I told you," Ivy stated. "I don't want to get into details, Leah, but I'm not a virgin."

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" Leah questioned.

"No, but I just thought you should know. Leah, you didn't do anything wrong, I did," Ivy explained.

"Than why do I feel like such a whore?" Leah asked.

"The only whore in this room is me," Ivy said.

"I know," Leah joked.

Ivy looked at her for a moment under all the hurt and pain on the outside there was a little sunlight shining through. Leah was going to be okay; she would never be the same but little by little the old Leah would be back. The Leah that swam went swimming in the summers, the one who had shared so much with Ethan in the woods, and the one who always tried to do the right thing was finally home.

A knock on the door interrupted Ivy's thoughts.

Sophie and Peter stepped into the room, and they took a moment to look at their daughters before they said anything.

"I thought you guys should be the next ones to know after your father," Sophie said.

"Know what?" Leah asked.

"I'm pregnant," Sophie told them with a smile.

"I thought you could have children," Ivy questioned.

"I couldn't. I mean I'm not supposed to be able to," Sophie said.

Ivy and Leah took turns hugging their mother.

"These last few weeks have been crazy," Ivy commented.

"I was thinking about that," Peter said, "I think we could all use a vacation soon. I was thinking about taking a couple of weeks of in April, so we could travel as a family."

"Really?" Ivy asked.

"I'm not letting you back out of this, Peter," Sophie told him.

"I know you won't, we're really going," he said.

"We have had so many miracles happen in the last few days," Sophie stated.

"Yeah, the biggest one being that Dad is going to take time off of work," Ivy said.

Leah tried to hold back her laughter, but she wasn't able to, and soon Leah and Ivy were cackling together. Sophie started to get a grin on her face.

"Not you too," Peter said.

But he was too late, Sophie joined her daughters in laughter. Peter looked at his family; he couldn't believe how lucky he was to have them.

The next morning, Rob stood in the hallway in front of his two sisters. He gave Ivy a hug, and they he turned to Leah. Leah nodded her head, letting him know that a hug was welcomed.

"How long are you going to be away?" Ivy asked.

"I'm not sure, but I'll be back, I promise," Rob told her. Leah opened the door, and the three stepped out into the December cold. Rob waved from the car and drove of down the dirt road. Ivy and Leah stood watching the car until it was out of sight.

"I'm freezing," Ivy finally said breaking the silence.

"Me too," Leah agreed. "Do you want to make hot chocolate?"

"Sure," Ivy said. The sisters went into the house. A small wooden sign with "The Scarbrows" on it shook against the closing door.

*This is the last chapter of "The Scarbrows", I'm not sure if there should be a squeal. If there isn't a squeal, I just want everyone to know I had a lot of fun writing this story over the past year, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it.