Alex entered the Safari zone with a spring in his step. It had just reopened in Johto after a new manager had bought it and made some renovations. He eagerly made his way to the front counter.

"Can I take the Safari challenge please?" he asked the two men behind the counter.

"Sure thing kid, just wait there while we get everything ready." said the man on the left, and the two disappeared into the back. A few minutes later the two came back out holding six safari balls and a sheet of paper.

"Okay kiddo, just sign this waiver, leave your pokemon with us and have fun." they said as Alex was given the items.

"Why do I gotta sign this?" asked Alex.

"It's for legal purposes kiddo. Seeing as you aren't allowed to use any pokemon while taking the Safari challenge, there's always that possibility that you can get injured. This waiver is to make sure you're well aware of the risks. We can't let you take the challenge until you sign it."

"Well I guess that's fair. Alright then." Once Alex signed the waiver, he grabbed the Safari balls and started heading out the door, when he saw something.

"Hey, what's that symbol mean." he said and pointed to the helper's chest. On it was a symbol that looked like a shield with both halves split black and white. A blue P rested in the center, with a blue Z lying over top it.

"Huh, oh this? That's just the pokemon Safari zone symbol we employees wear. When they made it however, they forgot the S. Don't you worry about it." The man said cheerfully. Nodding, Alex stepped out the door, eager to take the challenge.

Twenty Minutes later, Alex was being loaded onto an Ambulance for the Cianwood Hospital. An officer Jenny was investigating the scene.

"I can't believe this, that's the tenth mauling victim this week. The Safari zone never had anything like this before. What has your boss done?" she asked.

"It's what he hasn't done Ma'am." said the first man.

"You see officer. The previous owner was drugging the pokemon here with a compound that made the pokemon overly friendly. When Pokemon Rights Activists found out well, the preveious manager went out of business. Then our boss bought the place, and he refuses to do what the previous manager did. But, then you get stuff like this." said the second man.

"We made sure to warn the kid. We even made him sign a waiver of consent before he went in there. Though we may have made the warning a little light. Then again, none of the previous victims were ever that bad."

"Can I see the waiver?" asked Jenny.

"Of course officer." they both said, and they presented Jenny the waiver. Looking over the waiver, Jenny found everything in order.

"Very well, the establishment cannot be held accountable. Thank you for your cooperation." said the Jenny, and rode off back to Cianwood. Once they were sure she was gone, the two burst out laughing.

"Yep, no one remembers the pokemon when an accident happens." said the first man.

"Man, lord Ghetsis was a genius to have bought the place. That's another six liberated." said the other.

"This is too easy. With the docility drug gone, pokemon will start injuring the defenseless trainers invading on their territory and we liberate the captured trainer's pokemon. It's just so simple."

"Not to mention Team Plasma is unheard of outside Unova. They can't stop what they don't know."

"Come on, let's send these pokemon in." And with that, the two men headed to the transport machine. Lord Ghetsis of the seven sages would be most pleased.

And that people, is the real reason you're not allowed to use pokemon in the safari zone. So, What do you all think? Like it, love it, hate it? R&R please.