The Mobius Underground Resistance was making their way up the path to the tournament's final round. Thanks to the Gold Medals they confiscated from Mollecu-Lars, they were able to reach the final stage without a lot of trouble.

"Finally, we're going to defeat Eggman once and for all!" Mark declared.

"Mark, I've wanted to ask you this." Yin said. "Why do you want to hurt Eggman so badly?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you seem to have some sort of grudge against him." Yang said.

"Yeah, I saw your tear during Weenie-Howl." Lee said.

"Fine. It's time I told you guys the truth. While I fight Eggman because Dad's retired, the real reason is that he took someone who was like family to all of us away."

"He killed this person?" Miley asked.

"Worse. He roboticized her."

The rabbits were horrified when they heard this. Lee and Raye shuddered a little, recalling their time as Robians.

"Who was it?" Yin asked.

"Sally. She was Dad's first crush, until that day…"

"What happened?" Kiko asked.

"When Eggman threatened to roboticized the world, he started with roboticizing Sally. But she will be avenged today!"

"Yeah, he'll pay for what he did to your friend!" Yang agreed.

"I think I should go ahead to see what we're dealing with." Kiko said. She took ten Medals out of the sack the heroes put all the confiscated Medals in. She then hurried up the mountain path leading to the last stage. The others followed her.


A female being resembling an orange tigress and the same being that beat Bane and Raye threw Metal Sonic and Aeris to the floor of the throne room of Eradicus.

"These are some of the contestants?" Eradicus asked his minions.

"Yes, boss." The woman said. "A Silver and Bronze Medalist to be exact."

"You couldn't get a Gold one, Ella?" Eradicus asked.

"Hey, that was Lars's job. He hasn't reported in with us yet." Ella said. "These were the best we could get."

Metal then created a polygon barrier blocking him and Aeris from the villains.

"Aeris, get out of here! Go find help while I hold them off!"

"Right!" Aeris ran off to find a way back to the real world.

Back in the real world…

When the heroes reached the entrance to the last stage, which looked a lot like a miniature Eggdome, Kiko was nowhere in sight. Figuring she was already inside, they started to head to the doorway. But then a woman who looked like an orange tigress and a thin being that seemed to be made of rubber approached the door first. The guard let them through because they had ten Medals. The heroes followed after them, but they were stopped by a stupid, walking wall of iron.

"Bob objects to that comment!" He said to the narrator.


"Now time for Bob to summon the Clock!"

A giant clock appeared in the air behind the Eggdome replica. Suddenly, Mark saw Aeris run towards them.

"Aeris? What are you doing here?" Nakita asked.

"We were attacked…" She said, panting. "Metal… was holding them off, while I went to find help."

"Where's Metal now?" Mark asked.

"I don't know." Aeris said.

"Blue hedgehog robot is first sacrifice!" The metal hulk said.

The heroes looked up to see Metal's face was on the clock, replacing the 1.

"The more fighters sacrificed, the quicker Master Eradicus will come to the surface!"

"Eradicus?" The rabbits said in unison and in surprise.

"Who's Eradicus?" Gumball asked.

"He's the original Night Master!" Yang said in a panicked tone.

"He's the one responsible for the deaths of Master Yo's teachers, Ti and Chai!" Yin said.

Suddenly Ixis Naugus's face replaced the 2 on the clock.

"Yay! Another sacrifice!" The enemy said.

"And who are you, whelp?" Flame asked threateningly.

"Indestructo-Bob! Second of Reverse Four Big Guys!"

"Seriously? Another bad pun guy?" Mark asked. He started to charge at the door.

"Bob was ordered to stop green hedgehog and his friends from entering last stage in order to give Chucky and Ella time to get sacrifices."

"But we aren't-" Yin was interrupted by Mark.

Mark, what are you doing? Yin said through her thoughts. Jenny gave her some lessons on telepathy, as a way for apologizing for flirting with Mark.

I've got a plan, Yin. Mark replied. He then faced Bob.

"So you're indestructible?" Mark asked him.

"That's what Bob's name says, right?"

"Then could you eat this for me?" Mark handed Bob a classic cartoon bomb with a lit fuse. Bob swallowed the bomb whole. He then exploded a few seconds later. His head landed in front of Mark's feet.

"Bob did not see that coming." He said weakly before passing out. The heroes then looked up at the clock. There were only two numbers left. This was who was on the clock:

1. Metal Sonic

2. Ixis Naugus

3. Bokkun

4. Coconuts

5. Saranoia

6. Smalls the Cat

7. Scourge

8. Skeleton Henry

Number Nine was what made the heroes extremely angry: Kiko.

"You'll pay for this Eradicus!" Raye said in anger.

Continuing the list:

10. Zarnot

"Hurry! We're running out of time!" Mark said.

"Everyone inside!" Shadow said.

Suddenly, Bane's face replaced the 11.

"Oh, no! The clock is almost full!" Miley said.

"Why is this happening?" Cream asked.

"We'll find out once we get inside the castle!" Mark said.

Mark, Silver, Gumball, and Darwin, dressed as pizza delivery boys, rang the doorbell next to the entrance.

"Hedgehog Pizzeria, never too late for a delivery!"

The door opened to reveal Yang, dressed as an elderly house mom.

"You guys got here in time!" He said.

"Hey, how the heck did you get inside the castle?" Blaze asked.

"Here's your bacon pizza, miss." Mark handed Yang the pizza box. He then opened it.

"This isn't what I ordered! It's ham!"

"Yeah, and we're not really pizza delivery boys!" The four then got rid of their outfits to reveal they were wearing business suits underneath. "We're really used car salesmen!" The four slammed through the windows next to the door. Suddenly someone was sent flying towards them. Mark then saw an armored hedgehog.

"Hey, it's Garland!" Yin said. She then saw his mask was gone. She gasped when she saw his face. It looked like Mark's, but had scars across his face.

"Garland looks exactly like Mark!" Yin said in surprise.

"Yes, he's my Moebian counterpart. I wasn't kidding when I said he's like what Scourge is to Dad."

"And he's the last face to fill the clock!" A voice said. Everyone saw the two people from earlier.

"You two defeated everyone?" Jenny asked.

"That's correct. We are the last two of the Reverse Big Four: Rubber Chucky and Ella Mental!" The woman said.

Suddenly, Garland's unconscious body started to head towards the clock in a pink aura.

"But he looks terrible in pink!" Mark said. He then picked up a random pig and threw it at his rival. The pig knocked Garland back to the ground, but ended up on the 12.

"Piggy at 12 o'clock!" Yang said.

"At least the pig's better in pink." Mark said.

The clock then vanished, and all the people who were on the clock were now on the ground in a badly-drawn state.

Suddenly the ground started to rumble as a huge fortress came out from beneath everyone. It started to rise into the air.

"The Yamiking has been raised!" Ella-Mental declared. She and Chucky then teleported to the top.

"Nice work on the clock, you two." Eradicus said. "I, Eradicus, have returned!"

"Everything is in place, Master Eradicus." Ella said.

"Did you get the Polka instruments like I asked?"

"Of course."

"And what about Eggman?"

"Either he's run away or he's stuck on the 405. Traffic is brutal." Chucky said.

"I knew he was nothing more than a big chicken. With him out of the way means that I officially become Robotnik the 5th!" He evilly laughed. "And there will be no one to stop me!"

Back on the ground…

"What do we do, Mark?" Yin asked.

"I'm gonna fight them all! Even if I have to do it myself!"

"You won't! We'll join you!" Master Yo's voice said behind them. Everyone turned around to see him with Mammoth Mogul, Erazor Djinn, Coop, Lina, Nicole, Yuck, and Fiona behind him.

"Eradicus doesn't stand a chance against all of us!" Yo continued. "If we work together as a team, we will destroy him!"

"You have a snack?" Coop clucked.

"You guys, I want to do this myself." Mark said. "You might take the glory. It's my story!"

"How can you be so selfish?" Yuck asked.

"I'll tell ya, he's a whole lot tougher than he looks." Shadow said. "If you ask me, we're going to need all the help we can get!"

"Really?" Mark asked.

"Oh, boss!" Yuck said cheerfully while hugging Yang.

"Do you have room for one more?" A little pink rabbit girl said, walking up to them.

"Anais!" Gumball, Darwin, and Nicole said. "You're all right!"

"We'll join forces in an all-out assault against the forces of darkness! Are you with me?" Anais asked.

"Yeah!" Everyone else said.

"Hey, you're just a little girl!" Yang shouted. "How come you're in charge?"

"You got a problem with that, punk?" Anais glared menacingly at Yang.

"Nope." He said in a scared tone.

"But how do we get up to that floating fortress?" Mikaela asked.

"I've got a fur-raising idea." Mark lifted a panel on Garland's chest to reveal a button. He pushed it and Garland's spines extended to the Yamiking's lower part.

"Now let's go, go, go!" Mark started to lead his friends up Garland's spines.

"Eradicus, the final battle is about to begin." Ella said.

"The best way to being my reign is by destroying Marl. He's been a thorn in our side for too long."

"It'll be a glorious day for the world of darkness." A three-eyed black alien said.

But we haven't heard the last of Eggman…

Eggman was fleeing the chaos of the tournament in his Egg-Mobil with Snively and Lien-Da following him.

That's the last time I take the freeway! Traffic jammed again! Now the Night Maser thinks he's going to rule both worlds and destroy all anthro kind? He's going to begin by eliminating Mark and his band of buffoons! I can't let that happen! I want destroy Mark myself!

"I'll get you, Mark!" He screamed. "You're all mine, you hedgehog! And then I will rebuild my empire!"

The scene then faded to white and switched back to the heroes charging at the Yamiking. And an announcer started to say this:

Mark's fight for the happiness of anthros everywhere continues, but alas we've run out of chapters. It's time for me to hang up the headphones and retire to an old voice-over village in Victorville. As for the rest of the cast, they're each heading down their own path, looking for a sign that will show them the way! Any final word guys, before we head off into the sunset?

Yin: Do Mark and I stay together?

Mark: It's been fun!

Yang: How about a spin-off series starring me?

Nakita: May those who ascended watch over you, my brother. Good-bye.

Nikita: Se you around, guys. Bye!

Mikaela: Good-bye! We've had a blast!

Flame: You guys are no longer whelps!

Jenny: Silver, I love you with all my heart! And you readers, I know you want some of me! (Winks)

Casey: The perfect way to beat boredom is video games!

Lee: If you want a lesson in badassness, come see me!

Miley: All my fans! Thank you!

Silver: I'm glad I'm not as badly hurt in this story!

Gumball: Hope to see you all real soon!

Nicole: Remember to stay in school!

Yuck: Peace out.

Darwin: I'm gonna miss ya!

Shadow: Hey, how about we get back to the fight?

"He's right!" Mark said. "Are you ready for this, Yin?"

Yin nodded.

"Alright, everyone! Let's fight!"

"So it begins!" Eradicus yelled out a battle cry.

The scene then shifted to the heroes in front of a background with Eradicus hold his claws in front of the planet.

"I'm Mark the Hedgehog and I'll protect the peace and freedom of all anthros!"

"Yeah!" All his friends said.

"Wait, here's the sign!" Darwin got down from his position and picked up a picket sign. "The sign says "It's The End!'"

"Are you kidding?" Everyone, including Eradicus, asked Darwin. "This is how the story ends?"

But don't worry readers. There will be a third and last story coming soon: "Yin Yang Mark: Genesis!"