(Author's Note: This chapter was pretty boring to write up because it's just a build up to chapter 4 which is where the real drama/fun happens. ^^; Hope you'll still enjoy this even though it took me ages to update! Haha.)

The Power of Aristocracy

Alice exhaled a large amount of breath as she sank her entire body into the warm and clean water in the tub that was located in Mr. Burke's palace of a bathroom. Although she was in a foul mood after what had happened in his bedroom earlier, this blissful moment was to be cherished for as long as possible. After what seemed to be ages of torture in the wasteland and suffering in the hands of the devil, Mr. Burke; she was in complete paradise here at this very tub. This was the first time in two weeks that she can finally be unquestionable about the amount of radiation that plagues the water and soap. Fortunately, everything Mr. Burke owned was in perfect shape. This was the life she has yearned for ever since she took her first step into the wasteland. This was a place filled with everything she wanted with no worries. The only thing dreadful about this whole situation is Mr. Burke himself. However, even though he was obviously a man full of wickedness and disgust, there was something about him that was…enchanting. Perhaps it's because he had the characteristics of a perfect gentleman and a personality like that rarely existed in such a chaotic world like the Capital Wasteland. This may all be very well an act to fulfill his own selfish desires, but she had to admit it works quite well. Perhaps this was why she wasn't as disgusted as she had claimed she was. All he needed was a good heart, and then her purpose for suffering so much in the wasteland would be well worth the effort. She knew she had already promised herself not to have any positive feelings for that evil man, whether it be platonic or not. Alice's extreme relaxation in the bathtub caused her mind to wander around aimlessly, allowing her to temporarily forget that she was actually a fly trapped into the web of his lust. She had momentarily forgotten that she was to kill the spider who had had cleverly trapped her into his web, but had decided not to devour her completely and sadistically enjoyed watching her suffer under his control. He was a man who took advantage of the power he seemed to crave for, which resulted in Alice to be the foolish girl she is. She was to be ensnared to perform to his every wish until she can either formulate a plan to escape, or to be his sexual toy for the rest of her miserable life in his personal hellhole that's cunningly disguised as a magnificent paradise.

Suddenly, Alice felt a sudden flood of water engulfing her entire face. The water rushed into her nose and mouth, causing her breath to come to a complete stop. She raised both of her hands towards the surface of the water to cling onto the sides of the bathtub and quickly pulled herself upwards so that she could resume breathing. She placed a hand on her chest, trying to keep her breaths in a normal pattern. She had been so comfortable in the bathtub that she had accidently sank her body too deeply into it, which had caused her head to sink into the water as well. It would be atrocious if she were to accidently drown in the demon's bathtub. This was when she had became fully aware of her wrongdoings with Mr. Burke on the bed earlier and how she had just considered accepting him as a person. This thought made her shiver in abhorrence with herself and grabbed the bar of soap from the side of the tub to begin scrubbing it vigorously onto her skin. She must clean out everything that felt as if Mr. Burke's touch was still upon her. She couldn't believe she actually enjoyed everything he did to her when she had protested so much beforehand. She also couldn't believe that she was actually considering him to be a decent human being when he was obviously far from one. He was a disease that was making her weaker and weaker, and this hopeless act of washing her skin felt as if it was the only way to cleanse herself, despite knowing that the whole room was already plagued by Mr. Burke's touch. If only she didn't have to share the bathtub with the likes of him.

She was scrubbing the soap against her arm so roughly that the soap slipped out of her gripping palms and sank into the bottom of the tub. Alice slowly looked at the ceiling. What if she was born to please this filthy old man? What was the point of survival if he had taken every scrap of freedom and opportunity from her? If that's how things are going to be, there wasn't any point in trying to survive anymore. Her life, at the moment, was to serve Mr. Burke with her body, and that was not a life worth existing for. Her life is worth nothing, and she brought this upon herself—by thinking she could deceive the ingenious Mr. Burke with her inexperienced lies. She grabbed the towel and wrapped her body around with it. She then entered the bedroom to fetch her disgusting garment he had dressed her in when she woke up in his room. However, in place of where she had last remembered seeing the clothing was now occupied by an equally disgusting figure: Mr. Burke. He was now looking at her pleasantly.

Oh how she wanted to punch that smile off of his face.

"Ah, dear. It seems that you've finally finished freshening up. You certainly took your time. Tell me, isn't it just wondrous to live in the life with a man that can afford to share his royalty with you?" He leaned forward to place his elbows on his knees that were spread slightly apart. Although his tone was of a normal conversationalist, his eyes showed a man crazed with lust and Alice could just feel his eyes mentally peeling the layers of the towel off of her. His eyes claimed her as his sexual object, and that's all she is to him. Alice could think of a number of sarcastic remarks she could use to respond to him, but she had decided what to do. She was not going to give him the satisfaction of her suffering, and was simply going to be an empty shell and perhaps a very loud and obnoxious childlike being when the time comes. This was the only way he was going to be so fed up with her; he will try to find some way to get rid of her. She didn't care anymore whether she would have to fight him off from killing her or suffer into the harsh wastelands with nothing on her. Anything was better than this.

Mr. Burke frowned. "You will refrain from priding yourself with this childish stubbornness and overconfidence." He warned her. "Speak."

Alice remained silent, though she was shaking slightly.

"If you try my patience further, I fear you're going to greatly dislike what is to come next. It involves removing that towel and punishing you with several torturing methods that I can easily think of right here and now. " He grinned widely. Alice could simply not take this risk. If she was going to share another horrendous night with this sickening bloke, she was going to take as much time as she could.

"…So this is your technique to get what you want?" She suddenly spoke to him coldly and looked up at him with a fierce glare, rage pouring out of them and into his. "To take advantage of the bitter feelings I have for you?"

Mr. Burke stood up with great speed, which caused Alice to take a step back in surprise. She noticed he had dropped something on the bed as he stood up, but she had a bigger problem than satisfying her curiosity right now. He walked towards her and grip onto the back of her hair and pulled her towards him, planting a very deep kiss onto her. His tongue was wrestling for dominance against hers, and Alice could feel her towel slipping as she tried to pry him off of her, though her strength was being consumed by the passionate kiss. It was sucking her into him. He slowly stopped and smiled at her face who was silently longing for more, in spite of her glare that dishonestly screamed of antipathy.

"Do not lie, Alice. Your feelings for me are nowhere near bitter. Your scent of yearning is just too massive to be ignored." He chuckled and tilted his head to the side, pressing his lips against her neck softly. He then pulled away headed towards the door. As he placed his hand onto the doorknob that led to the hallways, he nodded towards the bed that had a package placed on top of the blankets.

"Please wear the item that's in the package that I have just bought for you. I don't suppose you want to spend the rest of the day here, correct? If you're going to walk around this first-class hotel, you will look like a first-class woman."

Alice looked over at the package uneasily. She wasn't sure how much skin the mysterious attire will show. She simply did not trust Mr. Burke for his unpredictable, witty, lewd ways. Mr. Burke took one look at her face to realize what she was thinking. "Just open it." The tone of his voice was soft, but Alice could feel the impatient temper in his eyes. "I will be waiting outside, and I expect you to be ready in 10 minutes." Alice heard the sound of the door closing shut as she stared at the package. She sighed as she figured what could possibly be the worst and sat on the bed. She then started to unwrap it and opened the box to see a clothing that was neatly folded. She took it out of the box and stood back up to hold the dress in front of her. It was surprisingly modest, but it was much too feminine for her taste. There she was, holding a pink dress that reached down to her knees with a red ribbon that was wrapped around the waist of the dress in which she would have to tie into a bow on the back. The dress was sleeveless and the style seemed like a genuine copy of a dress from the prewar days…except it was in fantastic shape. The fabric was very soft, and she could not find a single flaw on the dress. It was impossible not to be impressed. This must be another perk for living in the life of luxury. She threw the towel on her bed and slipped the dress on herself. After tying the lace on the lower back of her dress, she looked at herself on the mirror before her. She casted aside the fact that she was mildly uncomfortable wearing such an elegant and girlish attire, whereas wearing her vault suit or even the armor she stole from a raider's corpse last week was much more desirable to her. Perhaps it was because she never once thought about dressing herself up for anyone's viewing pleasure. She has always reflected upon the fact that she didn't fit the qualities of the female species anyways. However, to Alice's surprise, the dress actually made her look—like a girl. A girl who looked as if she had never harmed a fly. A girl who looked as if she had never participated in any vulgar activities. She was so accustomed to seeing herself as a repulsive killer, but now she only saw herself as an innocent being. It's astonishing how a simple garment such as this can transform a woman altogether. She actually felt stunning. Everything was perfect. Everything except…those eyes. Those eyes that looked as if she was a demon. She can dress up as many times as she want to pretend that she's a civilized human being, but those haunting eyes will always show the genuineness as to how sickening she truly is. This reminded her about how Mr. Burke kept telling her sweet words about the very eyes she hated. How could he even say that? She was better off ripping her own eyes out of her sockets with her bare hands so she no longer had to feel the need to have any hatred towards something she could never change about herself. If only….if only she never had those red eyes, she wouldn't be ignored and bullied as she grew up. If she was never ignored…then maybe she wouldn't have such a foul and unfeminine personality and actually be a gentle and kind girl that any man would fall for. Alas, that was only to be a vision she could never even dream about. However, this was no time to have the urge to execute self mutilation on her own eyes and have self pity upon herself. Mr. Burke was waiting for her, and judging from his prior behavior that screamed intolerance, she assumed it was not best to keep him waiting.

As she placed her hand on the doorknob, she paused. She heard voices from the outside, and one of them was from Mr. Burke whilst she could not identify the other two voices that were with him.

"Mr. Burke, what should we do about Megaton? Shouldn't we find a way to set it to blow?" asked the voice of a man whom Alice could not recognize.

"That plan is to be postponed. We have other jobs to be more concerned about such as the contract with Paradise Falls." Mr. Burke spoke professionally.

There was another voice squeaking. "Mr. Burke! Mr. Tennpenny specifically said that Megat—"

"My orders are final!" Mr. Burke spoke a bit louder and firmer, causing the other two men to clam up immediately. Alice was not aware that Mr. Burke had such an important status that was high enough for him to give out orders like this. But why? Why has he delayed the plan to destroy Megaton when he was so persistent before she met him? She can vividly remember seeing him sitting at the bar day after day. He was waiting for her to do the job. He had it all planned out to bribe her to do this wicked job for him. What manner of person is he? Why has he delayed the plans he was so willing to execute earlier? It couldn't be for her….

Alice realized that the voices were now gone. Perhaps they were talking more softly now? She released the doorknob to press her hands and her ear against the door to listen more closely. However, right as she did this, the door swung open, causing Alice to fall into the arms of Mr. Burke.

"Hmm? What is this? Have you been listening, dear?" He wrapped his arms around her, holding her closely to his chest. He has been having such an amused and enjoyable attitude lately, and it was getting onto Alice's nerves. Furthermore, she could feel an overpowered sense of embarrassment as she felt her quick heart beats pounding against her chest from the warmth of his arms. The only quick pounding she wanted to feel in her heart was the adrenaline rush she could only feel when she was out in the wasteland, fighting for her survival, and winning every one of the battles she encountered. Alas, her face has become bright red from this simple action of affection. Why did she have to be so weak and clumsy at the most inconvenient moments of her life?

"Enough of this farce! Release me at once!" She yelled in pure annoyance. She did not care if she resulted as looking like a child in a tantrum. She could not stand the confusion of her emotions and it was all his fault from doing something as simple as holding in his arms.

"So what will you do if I don't let you go, dear? Will you attack me and risk receiving calamity to befall you in the near future? Or will you simply be a good girl and…" He placed his hand under her chin to forcefully pull her face upwards to look at him. He drew closer to her lips. "…Give into me?"

Alice eyes narrowed as she suddenly fell silent. Her body was frozen from shock, and this ego of his was outrageous. However, she was baffled. Why wasn't she disgusted? Why wasn't she using all her strength to struggle out of his grasp? This curse of Mr. Burke continued to make her feel weak and give into the power of obedience that flows strongly through her. She wanted to cry and scream all at once from this unwanted acceptance for Mr. Burke. However, the simplicity of crying and screaming doesn't even come close to how she felt inside. She had also wanted to laugh in shock and vomit her guts and heart from being so contradicting about her feelings like this. All the emotions are eagerly waiting to be expressed by this multifaceted human being named Alice. However, it was just humanly unfeasible to convey, so she simply smiled in defeat. She has decided not to look into her unstable emotions any longer and decided to simply accept any emotions that she has felt and that she will be feeling about later on. Oh, how she will regret this capitulation.

Mr. Burke was taken aback by her reaction and pulled his face slightly away from hers with revelation and suspiciousness. What astonished him the most was that smile. That lovely smile that he had only seen when she talked to that ghoul back at Megaton. Why was she smiling at him? Whatever the reason was, all Mr. Burke knew was that the smile was just for him, and those beautiful eyes were peering onto him. Those eyes….it was unknown why Mr. Burke was so drawn onto those eyes that most people would loathe. But…why would she have the bravery to look into his eyes that were currently hidden behind his glasses with that smile? Did he shatter her illusion of hating him already? Or…is that smile not the genuine smile he has been waiting so longingly to see?

Alice took this opportunity of his confused state to pull away from his weakened arms. Although there weren't many people at the location, the very few people that happened to be there had their eyes locked onto the two. There was so much discomfiture Alice can tolerate. "I pray for your sake, this outing will include beer." She spoke lowly while placing some of her hair behind her ear as an attempt to act casual. Mr. Burke chuckled and nodded.

"As you wish, my dear. We are on our way to have luncheon anyways."

He began walking towards the elevator and Alice was following closely behind him. She was afraid that she was going to be lost in this monumental place. As the elevator opened, there stood a guard who looked nervous. He quickly stepped out of the elevator and stood at the side of it.

"G—Good day sir!" He stammered. Mr. Burke cocked an eyebrow as he looked over at the guard. He didn't recognize him and he was familiar with all the guards in this hotel. The guard noticed Mr. Burke's suspicious reaction and began speaking again. "Ah…I—I'm Braedon! I am new to this facility!" He saluted Mr. Burke to prove his loyalty. At this moment, Mr. Burke did not want to even pay attention to this happening and walked into the elevator, ignoring the guard's words. Alice lowered her head to avoid the tense environment and followed Mr. Burke into the elevator. As the elevator doors were closing, the soldier smiled sheepishly at Alice, causing Mr. Burke to immediately place one of his arms around Alice's shoulder. Alice looked up at him with a raised eyebrow. Mr. Burke wasn't envious, was he? She was under the impression that she was only a mere toy for him to play with. It was a matter of time for him to grow tired of her just like that girl he was talking about on the bed earlier.

The elevator doors shut completely, and Mr. Burke took this chance to slip his arm away from her. He was displeased that another man had set his eyes on her, whether it may be just a friendly glance or not. Mr. Burke felt a painful and burning sensation in his chest from the thought of any other man besides himself looking and touching his Alice. However, given the imperative and serious stature of his, he was not allowed to show any emotions and affection to Alice like this. He had to restrain himself from acts as simple as holding her hand in public. He would get in trouble with his boss, Mr. Tennpenny. Mr. Burke wondered…why does he have such a bizarre obsession for this girl? His thoughts, for the first time in his turn, were interrupted by Alice.

"Why did you ignore him?" Alice spoke softly. The silence in the air was too much for her to handle, and her first time being in an elevator was making her feel uneasy. "As a captain, I assume that you should be more inspirational and kinder to your fellow soldiers that seem to idolize you." Her arms were folded against her chest. She was staring at the doors in front of her, waiting for them to open. Mr. Burke smirked.

"No need for your appreciative concern, dear. However, it is not my responsibility to act like a mother for this 'fellow soldier'." Mr. Burke spoke dispassionately. "If it's anyone's job, it would be the job of Chief Gustav. He's the true captain of his men. The only relationship I have with this sort of job is confirming the guard's stay by signing some documents and contracts with him."

Alice did not know why she was bothered about this. Perhaps it was because she was habituated to getting things done punctually from her father's lectures ever since she was a child. It must be genetics at work here. A sharp pain was felt in her chest as she thought about her father for the first time in weeks. She shook off the feeling to continue speaking.

"Then you ought to put a hold on this day out to sign those papers! I think it's much more important than just spending time with me—"

"My dear, spending time with you is far more important to me than signing scraps of papers with him." Mr. Burke spoke with a small smile. Her concern for doing his job correctly was highly amusing.

"That's an offensive falsehood! I'd wager you would prefer to have a wind of cash flying towards you than to forcefully commit your time with someone such as myself."

Alice blinked as she heard no reaction from him. She looked over at him who was now looking back at her. He looked annoyed, as if she had just said something very insulting. She fearfully looked back at the elevator door which had fortunately just opened and she immediately walked into the light emitting from the room that had just opened. Mr. Burke sighed and decided to ignore what she had just said and followed her from behind. If what she had just said was true, he would not have bothered with this outing in the first place. Why did she have to demonize him like this? Mr. Burke stopped walking to look at Alice who had suddenly stopped walking behind him. She was looking at everything around her in complete awe, and Mr. Burke found this scenario very delightful to view. She looked as if she was a peasant, stepping into the royal castle for the first time. Her expression was of amazement, and Mr. Burke was glad he had the chance to see her smile like this. An authentic smile is rare to see on this miserable Alice.

"This way, my dear." Mr. Burke walked forward passed the front desk to a room at the side from where they were currently standing. As he passed the desk, he bid his greetings to Chief Gustav who was now looking at Alice curiously. Alice was following Mr. Burke closely behind as if she was a puppy following her Master obediently. They entered a room that was labeled Café Beau Monde. The room was filled with several tables and chairs. A few of them were occupied by the Tenpenny residents. Alice looked over at the counter to her right to see a fragile elderly woman who was now speaking to Mr. Burke.

"Oh my. How nice to see you again, Mr. Burke. Please, sit down anywhere you'd like! Well, except for that table in the corner. As you know, that's Mr. Tenpenny's table." She spoke happily, though the tone was calm enough for her to sound perfectly professional. Alice noticed that there was something very nostalgic about that woman at the counter. She then remembered Old Lady Palmer. She was just like a grandmother Alice never had back at the vault. She always made the most delicious sweetrolls while Alice was growing up. Alice gave out a small sigh. She never thought she would ever feel homesick after what happened when her dad left. Alice felt another sharp pain in her chest as she thought about her father once again.

"I'm well aware of that, Ms. Primrose, thank you." Mr. Burke spoke gently. Alice was surprised that he would convey any sort of authentic manner that would not benefit him in any way. Perhaps she has been underestimating him all this time. He has been continuously proving her wrong about the characteristics of this man.

The lady gave him a sweet smile as she watched him walk over to an empty table. She then noticed Alice who had just sat down next to Mr. Burke at the table. "Oh, you're new here. I'm Margaret Primrose. I run this café." Alice looked up at her with a returned smile of her own. It's been awhile since she has had to force herself to have a civilized manner, though she managed to get through it. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Alice."

Mr. Burke ordered two crams as their meal and once the food had arrived, Margaret returned to her business behind the counter. Alice wolfed down her meal. It has been awhile since she had last eaten. Mr. Burke's lip twitched into a slight frown as he watched her scarf down her food.

"I did not buy you that dress just so you can bespatter it with sustenance. Anyways, you'll ruin your stomach if you eat that quickly."

Alice ignored him. This dish was too delicious for her to even take a meaningful pause to just converse with this man.

"…Are you refusing to have a simple and friendly chatter with yours truly?" Mr. Burke spoke with displeasure as he was eating more slowly and refined.

Alice took a large gulp of the last bit of her meal that she had already finished in seconds and looked up at him with the food sticking onto her face. "Do you have some strange mania for talking to me? We are only here to eat, and nothing else. You shouldn't at the very least be bothered with the silence."

Mr. Burke played with his food with the fork while lowering his head. "…Actually, it's quite upsetting." He didn't attempt to explain about how wrong she was. Alice was about to question him further when the loud sound of high heels echoed throughout the air. Alice turned around to see a woman that was passing by the door to the cafe and had stopped in her footsteps to stare at both Alice and Mr. Burke. The woman had dark skin, had short hair, and she now looked infuriated. She was wearing something similar to what Mr. Burke had dressed Alice in when she had first awoken in his room. The woman's outfit, however, seemed a bit grimier, and her voluptuous chest filled out the chest area of the outfit much more than Alice. Judging by the way she was staring at them, Alice assumed that this must be the woman Mr. Burke was talking about earlier when they were together on the bed. Alice was surprised that the woman was brave enough to walk around the building dressed like that. Has she no shame? Alice had expected the woman to say something, but the woman simply left. Alice could hear the sound of the woman's heels footsteps disintegrating into the distance.

"Dear, I must insist and stress that you avoid her. You should never be alone in a room with her. I have doubts that she is-mentally satisfied enough to welcome your stay here." Mr. Burke spoke suddenly once he made sure that the woman was unable to listen to their conversation.

"Then perhaps you should just release me like a good little boy?" Alice spoke playfully, trying to imitate Mr. Burke from earlier. Though as she spoke, she spoke with uncertainty. If she were to return to the wasteland, she would be roaming into the land with anxiety and the hopelessness feeling of being lost forever. There was a part of her that did not want to be freed. Mr. Burke was someone who incessantly proving her wrong with his sudden sweet attempts to satisfy her desires such as going out of his way to buy her an attire and feeding her food of high class. A truly evil person would allow her to rot in his room with nothing on her skin and feeding her the dirt he had just stepped on. In addition, this situation regarding this mysterious woman of Mr. Burke's past love life was intriguing.

The frown on Mr. Burke deepened as he heard this. He was obviously not amused. Alice looked down at her empty plate apologetically, wiping her mouth with a napkin as she did so. Mr. Burke was almost done with his meal now, and Alice figured she should put him in a lighter mood so that he would remember his promise for providing her with beer. "So was she the woman you were talking about earlier?"

Mr. Burke looked up at her from his meal. "Yes. However, she does not come close in comparison to you." He was not smiling, but Alice could hear the sincerity in his words which made her blush from the unexpected compliment. Why did he say something like that all of a sudden? No, he couldn't mean it. He is simply a gentleman in disguise that specializes in handling a lady's heart when in actuality, he is a cold-hearted demon who cares for no one but his needs. He is intelligent at twisting his words into making a woman believe what he wants. Alice mustn't fall for those words that are filled with falsification.

"W-Well anyway, I have another question." Alice spoke quickly, trying to change the subject.

"Let's hear it then."

Alice placed her arms on the table and looked at Mr. Burke seriously.

"Why have you rescheduled the termination of Megaton?"

Mr. Burke took the last bite from his meal before wiping his mouth with a napkin. He was avoiding Alice's gaze. "I simply felt that it was the best option to focus on other plans rather than that particular one. I believe you shouldn't be complaining about it since you have a friend or two there, correct?" He looked back up at her. Alice stared at him in bewilderment. The sly bastard was avoiding her question, and this was a complete fabrication. If this plan were to be as minor as he says, he would not have been at the bar in Megaton day after day for her.

"If you're going to play that way, then I have another question for you."

"If you're going to ask more about my plans for Megaton, then I am no longer interested in your musing." Mr. Burke spoke unpleasantly.

Alice hesitated. She was actually going to press further onto the subject, but has decided to drop it. She would surely regret it in the near future if she were to cross him. She could tell, because his piercing glare sent shivers down her spine. Before Alice could say another word, however, there was a guard approaching their table. She immediately recognized that guard as the one they encountered back when they were using the elevator.

"S-Sir! M-Mr. Tennpenny requires your visit immediately." The guard spoke with such jumpiness, Alice wondered if he was lacking jet or psycho.

Mr. Burke wanted to shoot the guard for interrupting his outing with Alice, but since the subject was on Mr. Tenpenny, Mr. Burke had no choice but to obey. He nodded his head in comprehension and stood up. He looked at Alice, who to her surprise, looked somewhat repentant.

"Stay here." He ordered her as he walked away from the room. He wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. Alice sighed lightly and looked over at the guard who was gawking at her. He didn't seem disgusted by her eyes, but his eyes didn't look at her with interest. It looked as if he was analyzing her…like some sort of scientific product. The guard seemed to have noticed that he was behaving strangely again and dashed out of the room after waving goodbye to Alice. Alice sat there in confusion but placed her elbows on the table, leaning her cheeks against the palm of her hands. This was a perfect chance to escape. So why was she not attempting to do so? This lack of faith in herself is annoying. Alice grumbled at her own unstable decisions. She was such a complex person, and this made things much more complicated. Margaret noticed Alice's disgruntled state and approached the irritated girl with concern.

"Is something the matter? I do hope my cooking wasn't too bad, was it?"

This snapped Alice out of it and she looked up at the elderly woman with a forced smile.

"Actually, the meal was the best I've had in a long time. The aroma was exquisite, and it laced perfectly with the equally exquisite flavor drenched in the superb food. It would fetch more in the open market than just this simple cafe. "

Margaret smiled in appreciation. Alice could feel her heartstrings being lightly tugged by this woman. Alice had assumed all who resided in this building were egotistical lunatics who expect all to bow to their superiority. In other words, Alice expected everyone to be clones of Mr. Burke. Margaret, however, proved her wrong.

"Would you happen to have alcohol in your premises?" Alice tried to sound as least desperate as possible.

"Oh, you might want to try the Federalist Lounge. It's right down the hall from here."

Alice peered over at the open door. What was more important, her sudden strong urge to taste the wonderful flavor of beer, or her fear for Mr. Burke's reaction when he discovers that she disobeyed him?

Alice thanked Margaret for the meal and walked out the door.

Meanwhile, Mr. Burke was storming off towards the elevator in a hurried manner. His Alice is waiting for him. It took a few minutes until he arrived in front of Allistair's door. The guard that protected the room opened the door for Mr. Burke after instantly recognizing his superior. Mr. Burke didn't bother thanking the guard for his kind gesture like he always had and went right into the room to open another door that led to the balcony. Allistair had the biggest room out of the entire hotel, but instead of peering into each room to find his boss, Mr. Burke knew his boss's schedule by heart. This old man spends most of his time shooting random poor souls from the safety of his balcony every day.

"You required my presence, Mr. Tenpenny?" Mr. Burke spoke as he stepped towards Allistair who had his back turned on Mr. Burke. Mr. Burke heard the sound of the trigger being pulled, and watched as Allistair turned around to face his right hand man. Yet again, another soul of the many has been lost today.

"Ah, Mr. Burke. You have such impeccable timing as usual. Come now, there are some matters we must discuss about!" He spoke enthusiastically from the success of his shooting and placed his sniping rifle against the railings of the balcony before sitting down on his luxurious chair. He offered Mr. Burke to sit on the empty chair that was adjacent to him, but Mr. Burke kindly declined his offer. His relation to Allistair can be of as a father and son, so he knew that once he took the seat, Allistair would have a mile long conversation with Mr. Burke after the important matters have been discussed. Mr. Burke cannot allow Alice to wait for him that long - at least, not with that other woman roaming around in the building. Allistair, in turn, looked at Mr. Burke strangely but laid his back against the chair.

"Mr. Burke, why have you returned to Tenpenny Tower without reporting anything to me?"

Mr. Burke pursed his lips. He knew it would have to come to this sooner or later. However, he chose the latter.

"I apologize, Mr. Tenpenny. There just haven't been any unfamiliar arrivals at Megaton for weeks, so I have decided to postpone this job for later. However, I'll surely find someone to do the job."

The expression plastered on Allistair's wrinkled face began to scrunch as if he just took a whiff of a rotting corpse of a ghoul. "I trust you'll have it done as soon as possible, then. Aside from that business, I hear you've brought in a visitor to our beloved hotel?"

Mr. Burke hesitated. Before he could say a word, Allistair continued speaking.

"I do hope the suspension of Megaton's destruction does not involve with that visitor of yours."

Mr. Burke looked at Allistair who was now eyeing the scar made by Alice on Mr. Burke's face. Allistair had an inhuman skill of charisma that Mr. Burke learned from. Allistair was now trying to search for the truth from Mr. Burke in which Mr. Burke was not willing to give up so easily.

"I apologized for this terrible lack of due diligence for my part, but yes. She's simply a whore I found in the wasteland. I did not want to trouble you for the confirmation for her stay here since I assumed she's too insignificant for your attention."

Allistair looked at Mr. Burke for a while before laughing lightly. "I find it rather perplexing that you would find her insignificant. If there is a woman that has the ability to carve a scar into your face without your readiness, I find someone like that to be quite significant! Anyone that can give you trouble maintaining your perfection would be very significant, don't you think?"

"She may be of small stature, but appearances can be deceiving." Mr. Burke traced the scar on his face with both his index and middle finger lightly. He did not know why Allistair was talking about his scar and whether or not he was joking about this matter. Whatever the case was, his boss was not falling for Mr. Burke's lie and was still digging for the truth.

"Mr. Burke…" Allistair spoke in grave seriousness. "I ask that you not cook up anymore rejoinders. Although you've given us an entertaining interlude, you must recognize the massive difference between you and that…whore of yours. I do not question your desire to fool around once in awhile, but I do assume that this may be serious from the fact that you brought her to your residence. You must remember everything I've taught you. A man such as your caliber doesn't ever mix with the petrified piece of meat such as that woman. What was her name again?"

Mr. Burke was silent for all this time Allistair was talking. Mr. Burke was consumed in both anger and shame, because not only did Allistair pinpoint everything Mr. Burke was hiding, he also spoke of everything Mr. Burke was trying to block out from his common sense, and it was all coming from the man he respected the most. Mr. Burke could not tell him he was wrong, but he indeed knew for a fact, that Alice was not just a piece of meat. He knew when she had shown interest in him, and not for his wealth. Although it was an unconscious act of interest, it was still enough for Mr. Burke to experience a calm and warm feeling that he hasn't experienced in a long time – if he ever felt this way at all during his lifetime. Mr. Burke needed time to show her that.

"Her name is Alice." Mr. Burke spoke quietly.

"What's her last name?"

"She never told me."

"I fail to see why that would be a problem." Allistair leaned back on his chair and stared at Mr. Burke. "It is your basic nature to already know something as inconsequential as that. Come now, Mr. Burke. Enough of this tom foolery."

Mr. Burke sighed. He was already expecting Allistair to realize that, and he was idiotic enough to even bother trying to hiding another fact.

"It's Alice Hawthorne."

Allistair nodded his head in comprehension. "I see. Well that will be all then."

Mr. Burke had a very foul and bitter feeling in his chest. Although Allistair was someone who seemed graceful and caring, his true nature was of a mean-spirited that can easily become the dictator of the entire wasteland if he were to ever choose such a path. Allistair has Alice's full name now. The possibilities of what he will do were endless when he has information as simple as that. Mr. Burke knew this because he has seen Allistair make one joke of a gruesome murder he had committed upon a fellow soldier of his just for forgetting to supply Allistair with the correct amount of bullets for his sniping rifle for the day. He was just two bullets short of the original amount, and yet he suffered a long and cruel death for it. This incident was not announced to the public from fear of the residences' reaction, but Mr. Burke knew quite well that Allistair was merciless to those who worked for him. Mr. Burke also knew that he was very capable into becoming someone just as blood-thirsty as Allistair if the time came for him to take over Allistair's place. Mr. Burke had only but hope for Alice's sake that Allistair was in a very generous and forgetful mood.

Once Mr. Burke returned into the hallway, he felt the feeling of idiocy overcome him. He didn't know why he even bothered protecting Alice or even worrying about her. He attempted lied to the man he respected the most for the sake of keeping her in the dark. He suddenly felt uneasy about his sudden obsession with this girl. Why does this girl affect him like this? He never expected his desire for her to grow this much. He oughtn't to be so hot and bothered by something this trivial. She should be nothing to him…so why was he so anxious about the thought of losing her? He cursed himself for growing soft like this, all for just one woman. Maybe if he wasn't a cold-blooded killer of thousands, then things would have been different from the moment he first set his eyes on that girl. However, it was too late, and it was entirely his fault for allowing her to stay more than what he had planned. Alice was much too pure for this man who was so tainted with sins. That's why he had to fight off the feelings he was starting to have for her. Those feelings…if only he could throw it all away and feed it to the starving radroaches to let them be resurfaced as fetuses. If only. And yet, he still wished he could have succeeded at keeping his Alice's existence all to himself.

He sighed and walked towards the opened elevator. As he waited for the elevator to come to its stop, he ran his fingers against the scar Alice has given him on his face. He should have covered it with a bandage. This is what he gets for being so rushed to see Allistair without thinking properly. Once again, his imprudence was all rooted from the one named Alice. How pathetic. Mr. Burke walked out of the elevator that has opened after reaching to the floor level to hear a crashing of glass shattering against a hard surface along with a booming laugh.

This isn't going to end well.

Mr. Burke quickly rushed towards the bar that was located in the front of the restaurant. He looked at Alice who was standing on the counter. Next to her was a pile of shattered glass that Alice has been throwing onto the ground after drinking the last gulp from each her drink. She was giggling, and she was red from being obviously drunk. This surprised Mr. Burke. He assumed she was strong enough to hold her favorite liquor. She never once acted like this in Megaton.

"Alright dear. I think you've had enough." Mr. Burke spoke cautiously. He was trying to be patient, and he was not going to be pleased if her drunken self were to present him with another scar on his face with those sharp glass shards she was holding in her hand.

Alice turned around. Her eyes made her look fatigued, but her words spoke otherwise.

"Well, if it isn't Burkey Boo!" She held her drink up in the air at him. "Tell me, Burke. Just how many innocent girls do you have to torment before you're satisfied?"

Mr. Burke glared at Alice. She was disrespecting him greatly. However, that second bit piqued his curiosity. Mr. Burke always believed that drunken words spoke the truth. If that was the case, does that mean that question has been wandering in Alice's mind for some time now? Was she actually concerned about his love life?

"Fine then! Stay hushed! Why don't you do me a favor and just kill me so I don't have to deal with all this!" She swallowed the last drop from the bottle she was holding that seemed to be the fifth bottle or so. She threw it onto the ground along with the others.

"If you carelessly play with the definition of death like that…" Mr. Burke started.

"Be quiet you affront to God! If I could, I'd shoot you right through your skull! The bullet of justice will save all of Mega—"

"Stop being so wastefully exuberant and come with me! I'm at my wits end with you!" Mr. Burke spoke loudly. He was losing his patience. If she was not going to behave, he was going to force her to. Though he hoped he didn't have to, because that would rankle him.

Alice looked at him with a wide grin. "Oh Burkey Boo, I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of a glorious victory. I'm too lax to go into your world of lecherous—"

Mr. Burke went over to Alice and circled his arms around her waist, pulling her body over his shoulder. Alice yelled and pounded her fists onto his back for her release. He held her with one of his arms while using his free arm to pay the bartender more than enough caps for Alice's drinks and damages. He walked towards his room and ignored all the stares they were receiving from Alice's wailings. Once they arrived to Mr. Burke's room, he threw her onto the bed. If she was going to make a fool out of him like this, he was going to have his turn. The impaction of Alice hitting against the bed made Alice snap out of it slightly, though she was still drunk. She realized what she had done, and what was going to happen.

"Burkey—I mean…Mr. Burke! Stop!"

Mr. Burke ignored her and sat beside her and began tugging off the dress. He was prepared to rip it away from her body if necessary, even if he was going to result in an eventual angered tailor that created clothes that never showed a bit of wear. Mr. Burke was at his wits end right now and was about to be merciless. He grunted as he felt Alice's foot kicking his stomach.

"I said stop!" She yelled loudly. Perhaps it's the alcohol that has given her the bravery of fighting back, but she felt strong. Stronger than she has ever felt in her 19 years of existence.

"Well at least you're making this more entertaining than the last. However, you should know that as long as you have that strong will to fight within you, I will happily crush that fighting spirit with ease." Mr. Burke smirked as he tugged off his clothes before approaching her again. Alice was about to hit him again when she saw the look on his face that made her stop. His eyes looked frightening. She didn't move as he sat next to her and caressed her body with the freshness of his heated touch. He could do it for hours just to watch Alice squirm and moan in delight. Her reactions tell the truth of how much he was worth to her when he touched her body in all the right places. The louder she was, the more he was worth to her. That's why he had to make her scream in pleasure. A scream that reached for the heavens in the sky. A scream that showed God that Mr. Burke had the power that equals to all divinity.

Although Alice was reacting just how Mr. Burke wanted, she didn't want to give in so easily. She had goose bumps crawling upon her skin that were screaming in anticipation. Anticipation for the sweet torture her partner was ready to give her. She had to fight off the unnecessary feelings that were filling up her heart because they would only serve to get in her way. She just couldn't allow her heart ache for her partner's affection. She had to defy her own weak willed self to fight back, because up to this day, she had accepted everything too easily. She had numbed herself too quickly. What good were the efforts of her parents giving her this body which she have foolishly wrecked by giving into him? She tried prying his hand off of her.

"Stop acting like you always understand me! I am going to spit on your fallible logic and ruin it all. I won't give in! Do you think I'm that weak of a human being? I've fought raiders! I've won battles against hungry mutants! I—"

He leaned against her, crushing her breasts with his hard chest. He slipped his hand against her cheek and allowed his lips to hover over hers, panting his words with his heated breath. "Dear…this is a war you cannot win."

Mr. Burke watched Alice's lips trembling as she felt the warmth of his whisper upon her face.

'Your words may reject me, but your body doesn't.' He thought in his head, and it was true. Alice's words did not match with her body. Her body reactions contradict what she kept saying. If she was truly disgusted by him, she wouldn't lean onto his touches. Her words were just spouting out things that made Mr. Burke believe that she enjoyed being overpowered. Oh, Alice.

"N…No…I haven't lost the game yet…" Alice muttered quietly. Mr. Burke stared at her.

"If you are silly enough to view this as a game, then let me tell you this. You are a lone pawn on a field that is of a chess board. You're surrounded by hungry eyed soldiers ready to attack you, and they wait patiently…watching your every move…preparing to strike. So struggle all you like as you will soon taste the bitter sweetness of your defeat." His eyes lowered to her chest that was moving up and down quickly in both fear and expectation. He wanted to just make the clothing that covered her mouthwatering body to disappear. Alice was lagging things with her stubborn refusal. He was tired of this and wanted to break her. He will make her reveal her true desires for him.

"Besides…" Mr. Burke spoke teasingly. "If you really don't miss the smell of my hair, the heat of my breath and the taste of my saliva…why would you be leaning onto my touches if you were to truly loathe me like so? How contradictory of you, dear."

"Please…" Alice spoke quietly, making Mr. Burke look back up at her, trying to hide a slight excitement that was building up in his chest. Has she already given up?

"Please what?"

"Please stop spouting out so much foolish nonsense!" Alice yelled right at his face. Mr. Burke glared down at her. This girl certainly knew how to fire up this bull's temper.

"…Why do you detest me as much as you do, my dearest Alice?" Mr. Burke growled lowly. Alice felt her heart skip a beat as she heard her name being uttered by him. This was merely the second time he ever spoke of her name - which means he must be deadly serious. But before she could do anything, she heard the sound of clothes ripping in the air and a sudden cool breeze upon her chest. She quickly tried to cover her bare chest, when she felt her wrists being wrapped by Mr. Burke's forceful fingers to paralyze her from fear.

"I've been patient with you when you spew vile words towards me that can possibly ruin my day." He spoke lowly as he ripped off the part of her dress that covered her stomach. Alice whimpered in fear.

"I've been tolerant when you refuse to obey me even when I've given you an order which makes me bulk up my anger." Another sound of clothes being ripped echoed into the air as the last piece of clothing was removed. Alice was completely naked now. Mr. Burke sat up on her stomach to remove his clothes whilst Alice's body was clamped in between Mr. Burke's legs so that she wouldn't be able to run off. "I'm done playing with you, Alice. It's time to end this foolishness and bring forth the sweet conclusion by clearing things up. Profess your love for me."

Alice looked up at Mr. Burke. Her face was completely red in embarrassment. How can he even be serious? How can he have so much confidence within himself to believe that his captured lamb would develop feelings for this hungry beast of a man? The thought was disgusting. He was disgusting.

And yet…

Alice could not say any of the words she was thinking in her head. Her heart wouldn't stop beating so quickly. As much as she wanted to yell vile words at him, she simply couldn't. Where was the disgust she longed to feel when she looked at this man? Why can't she feel the same words that are created in her mind? Where was the burning hatred in her chest when he humiliates her like this? None of those feelings where there. All she could feel and think about were Mr. Burke holding her in his arms, Mr. Burke speaking softly into her ear, Mr. Burke making her silently beg for him. This was very hard to swallow, but everything just pointed to this horrible truth.

Alice had fallen for this horrible man.

She couldn't vocalize this, though. She just couldn't. He couldn't possibly feel the same way towards her. He had an unfair advantage for being so good at peering into people's heart so easily. He solved the labyrinth to the core of her heart within a glance. Alice, however, felt as if she could never reach over to his heart no matter how hard she tried. He was always so distant and cold. She couldn't admit any of this. She rather perished in this bed than to reveal her true nature.

"Do you really think you've captured my heart by treating me like this! Why would you even think I would ever be in love with a narcissistic fiend like you?" Her body wasn't trying to push him off anymore, despite her headstrong tone of voice.

Mr. Burke had just finished stripping off the last of his clothing and was looking down at the reddened-faced Alice with a grin. She was breaking, and he can hardly wait to take advantage of her the instant she accepts her defeat. "Because I am a man, and I have so much wisdom. It's not because I have an ego as you say, it's because I'm simply a great man. I don't think there's anyone quite like me. You should love me because I know that I am more than worthy to become yours, and only yours. Yet, you forget all this and continue on with your stubborn ways. Dear beloved Alice….don't speak of the wrong answer and have me merely treat you as my favorite toy. I am not one to tell you that you are mine. I own you. I play with you. Thus, you are my toy and favorite toy. We wouldn't want to have that, now will we? I think we have been together long enough that I can confidently say that you are more than just a toy for me. So give in…just give in already, Alice." The grin on his face disappeared. He meant it. He didn't see her as a simple toy he could play with whenever he wanted. He couldn't deny it anymore. However, that was something he couldn't say out loud. He needed to keep his heart in the dark. That is why he needed Alice to say it. He needed Alice to say what he felt for her.

Alice remained silent.

Mr. Burke leaned forward, cupping her breasts into his hands as he kissed her neck gently. He felt Alice quivering in delight. He began kissing lower and lower down her body until he stopped and looked at the area betwixt her legs. He didn't get the chance to look at it this closely last time since he spent all his concentration on holding her down and attempting to solace this wild mane. This time, Alice seemed to have calmed down quickly. In the corner of his eye, he could see Alice's cheeks warming from embarrassment. He flashed a warning glare at her as he noticed her legs trying to close. She took one look into his eyes before feeling her body tense up in terror. Mr. Burke leaned his lips closely to the pink slit before whispering with his heated breath, "Let us begin."

He began fondling her breast quite roughly, squeezing the nipple which was located in between his middle and index finger. At the same time, he began licking the slit in front of him, allowing his tongue to dance across the soft wet field of her sensitive flesh. Alice's groans continued to fall from her lips. Mr. Burke smirked as his tongue licked deeper and rougher against her. Alice never experienced such pleasurable experiences like this, and he was glad to know that he was her first. He felt her hips rising towards him as he continued tasting her delicious juices. She must not be aware that she was giving off obvious signs like this that she was enjoying every moment of it all. Mr. Burke stopped to Alice's dismay and reached over to grab her arm, pulling her up so that she was facing him. Alice was looking at the bed sheets, noticing that it was wet because of her. Mr. Burke reached over to place her hair behind her ear.

"It's time you learn your place and to return the favor."

Alice looked up at him curiously before feeling her eyes widen slightly as she watched Mr. Burke hold his hardened member up at her.

"I want you to taste this." He ordered. Alice shook her head and looked away. She expected Mr. Burke to utter something that would scare her to do it. Instead, she felt him grabbing her hand and placing it on his shaft. Alice slowly turned to see that she had already grabbed it from reflex. She looked up at Mr. Burke, who was licking his lips in satisfaction already. Her soft skin felt wonderful on his hardened member. Alice leaned over hesitantly, not exactly sure how to pleasure him at all. She didn't want to make him mad since she lacked skills to do this, but she knew he would be even more furious if she didn't bother doing it at all. Alice began licking the entire thing vertically, trying to pinpoint the spot that pleasured him. Mr. Burke did not even give off a sigh. He was silent. Alice was worried. He had so many relationships with women, so how can he expect her to pleasure him at all? She was only recently deflowered and she did not do a thing during that time. Alice gave off a soft moan she felt herself being fingered by him. He must have gotten bored from waiting.

"You seem tense, so I assumed this would help you satisfy your hunger for my touch." Mr. Burke spoke playfully. "You should try placing it in your mouth."

It was already difficult to please this man. Now she had to do it while her body is weakened from being pleasured by him. She panted a bit as she took his advice and tried to slide his shaft into her mouth. She was unable to fit the whole thing in her mouth, and it seemed odd that his member was still showing in her viewpoint, so she covered the remaining rest with her hands. Alice could not breath well like this, and almost felt it stop completely as she felt his fingers inside her moving faster.

"Ah, good girl. Now suck on it."

Alice did not need to look up to see the wide grin plastered on his face. Alice tried to move her lips and tongue against his shaft, sucking as much as she could. This is how Mr. Burke's flesh tasted like. She could feel it pulse lovingly in her mouth as she drenched it all with her saliva. She accidently moved her hand at the same time, causing Mr. Burke to grunt lightly. Alice realized he must have enjoyed that tiny motion. Alice began rubbing and sucking him gently. She felt his hips moving against her mouth and almost choked from feeling the tip hitting the back of her throat softly. She tried to move her head away from him, but felt his hand on her head, pushing her to suck deeper. She noticed he was no longer fingering her.

"Just a bit more, then you…may swallow the rest."

Alice was confused from what he meant until she felt it. A huge load of cum flooded her mouth. It was just filled with a mixture of saliva and his cum. She admitted that the taste of Mr. Burke was glorious and it remained on the tip of her tongue while she coughed out the unexpected load of liquid out of her mouth. Although she did enjoy his taste, she simply could not devour all of his juices in one swallow. She looked at the bed that was covered in Mr. Burke's juices.

"Well done, Alice. Masterfully played." Mr. Burke spoke lowly while wiping the sweat from his forehead. "You enjoyed that just as much as I did, didn't you."

Alice felt as if she was mute, and it wasn't only because she felt too weak to speak since she has yet to catch her breath from the activity just now. Her vocalization was paralyzed the moment she wanted to blurt out something cruel to him. She didn't feel fear, but rather she simply did not feel that way. How horrible that she actually – enjoyed it. She just couldn't bring herself to insult him.


She looked up at him. He was waiting. She knew what he wanted to hear, but she just couldn't do it. She was trapped in between her pride and what she really felt. She felt Mr. Burke's finger caressing her chin, and that made her heart pound quickly against her chest. He was acting so gentle to her and she just wanted more. She knew he would continue if she would just say it.

"I…" Alice started to say, but stopped immediately. She felt as if she was going to have a panic attack from how fast her heart was pounding. She wasn't used to feeling like this, and she definitely did not want to feel like this with someone like him. She always dreamed that love would be a beautiful and precious experience to her that would make the rest of the world bleak in comparison. She dared herself to allow the feeling of this strong acceptance closer to her heart while inside, she was still clinging onto the distrust and rage she stubbornly felt for him. But just this once…she will swallow her conflicting feelings.

"I love you."

Her words lacked a meaningful tone, but it was enough for Mr. Burke to smile. They both knew this was a premature feeling and she may not even mean it wholeheartedly, but all he wanted was to hear those words from her. He leaned over to give her a deep kiss before laying her back down on the bed. He pulled his lips away slightly to tell her:

"The game is over."

Alice's eyes narrowed, but felt them widening again as he was already inserting himself into her. Alice was wet enough to accept his size, and her breathless whimpers were music to Mr. Burke's ears. He frowned a bit as he noticed Alice avoiding eye contact with him. It was understandable how coy she may be feeling right now from admitting something embarrassing, but he needed to look into her eyes. Right now. He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him, but she pulled away again.

"Don't you dare allow your eyes to wander right now." Mr. Burke warned, but Alice refused. How could she look into his eyes after such a difficult confession?

"I-I'm sorry but—" Alice began, but was quickly interrupted.

"If you're sorry then show me those eyes. Not the eyes of disgust as if you have just seen a pile of vomit. Those eyes that longed only for me."

Alice could not believe he wanted to look into her eyes that badly. This was the first time anyone has begged for her to look at them instead of the other way around. Alice slowly turned her head to look at him. She shivered slightly as they looked at each other while he was thrusting himself against her. Alice's breaths quickly became loud moans. Mr. Burke lifted her legs over his shoulders as he pounded quicker and harder, seeing how her eyes desperately peered into his. He could easily see how much she wanted it…how much she wanted him. Alice began screaming in enjoyment as she was close to climax, as was Mr. Burke. Alice's screams reached the skies as they both felt each other's cum flooding and combining with each other. They were both panting in exhaustion and Mr. Burke held her as he kissed her ear gently.

"Mr. Burke…do you love me?" Alice spoke quietly. Mr. Burke did not expect such a question. He remained silent. He could not tell her what she wanted to hear. It wasn't because he didn't feel that way, but it was because of his reputation that would endanger her if anyone were to know how he really felt. She must be trying to break apart the love and is trying to search for a flaw within it. He knew Alice was so insecure about everything like this.

Alice looked at the bed sheets and spoke solemnly. "Am I just another pawn in your game? I don't have the skills and mentality of the thousands of other girls you've been with."

Mr. Burke could not keep quiet about this. It seems as if this was a millionth time he had to tell her that she was more significant than that.

"I don't need a thousand girls. I just need you."

Alice looked up at him. He was not telling her that he loved her, but he was telling her that she is the only girl for him. She was still afraid and was still doubting him, but she was thankful for him to be the first ever to accept her as she is. She smiled at him, making Mr. Burke's heart race lightly. The sweet combination of her eyes looking at him whilst a smile was formed upon her delicate face was the perfect scene. They both watched each other as they enjoyed the sensation of having each of their needs satisfied that night.

This was it. The game was over, and Alice was not the winner. Yet, they were both happy.

Little did Alice know, there was someone out there waiting to take that happiness away .