I thought that going back home for Christmas would allow me to escape Lavender, but it turns out I can't even do that. No, even then, she finds a way to make sure I don't forget her. If she wasn't so bloody annoying now, I'd probably be flattered. But I'm not. Truthfully, I would really like to get rid of her. I just don't know how to.

Yeah, she gave me this stupid necklace thing for Christmas that said "My Sweetheart" on it. Does she really think I will actually wear something like that? No other girlfriend in the world would do that. Seriously, why me? I would have been happy with a box of Every Flavour Beans or something (like I sent her). I am not wearing it! And if Fred and George ever found it...

Any interest I may have had in Lavender has definitely worn off now. She is always around me and I can't do anything unless it's with her. She is really, really annoying. I'd rather have no girlfriend for the rest of my life than go out with her for any longer, but I have absolutely no idea how to tell her that.

Besides, I had all these ideas that going out with Lavender would make Hermione jealous, but that isn't working at all. She doesn't really care, so there is really no reason for me to go out with her anymore.

I mean Hermione seems to be really angry with me (she's still not speaking to me) but she's not jealous. And I heard she's going out with McLaggen now, anyway. It wasn't that long ago she told me she thought he was disgusting, but now she's dating him.

Even if I saw Hermione only as a friend, I wouldn't want her being with him. She could do a lot better that Cormac McLaggen. I think I'd be happier if she was with Harry (and I really, really don't want that to happen). He's the most irritating, annoying, disgusting, vile person in Gryffindor.

But it's my fault, I suppose. If I hadn't started this whole, stupid thing with Lavender, then we could have gone to Slughorn's party together (like she asked) and then who knows what might have happened. Something might have happened. But now she's with this stupid McLaggen bloke and I am stuck with Lavender and her stupid necklace (I have nothing nice to say about her right now. I just want to be rid of her).

Harry did say he doesn't think her date with McLaggen went all that well, but I'm not so sure he was telling the truth. Maybe he's just trying to be nice (I think he knows).

But he didn't seem to care all that much about who Hermione was going out with anyway. Ever since getting to the Burrow, he has been obsessed with something he overheard Malfoy and Snape discussing. The Unbreakable Vow, he claims. It's really annoying. I have more important things to worry about at the moment than what Malfoy is up to.

Though, it does seem a little odd, especially if Snape did make an Unbreakable Vow to help Malfoy in whatever he is planning. We know that much is true at least. Malfoy is planning something, we just don't know what it is.

But from what Harry could gather, Snape doesn't even know what it is. Malfoy won't even tell him. It's a bit strange, all of this. I would rather not become involved. You know what happens when we do become involved. We end up getting ourselves almost killed most of the time.

And top it all off, just to make matters worse (and my mood) Percy decided he wanted to show up for Christmas. Maybe if he had come back to apologise, I mightn't be so angry with him (still), but no, he had absolutely no intention on saying anything to any of us.

No, he only came along because the Minister wanted to speak to Harry. I don't understand Percy. He was there and everyone now knows that Harry was telling the truth. Why can't he just admit he was wrong and say sorry? I hate him. I really, actually do hate him.

While the Minister was off, trying to convince Harry to team up with them (as if he would, they've done nothing to entice any member of the Order of the Phoenix), Percy sat there and said nothing to any of us. He's a stupid prat. He shouldn't have come.

Fred and George did test out a few of their joke shop ideas on him, which everyone but mum and Percy found hilarious. I think I saw dad laughing, too, even though he tried not to show it. Serves him right if you ask me. He shouldn't be such a prat.

But I think when mum saw him, she kind of thought he was here to apologise, but as soon as the Minister realised he wasn't going to talk Harry into being his puppet, he left the Burrow pretty quickly and so did Percy.

I still can't believe he never said a word to us. Any of us. I said it last year: I hope to never see him, or speak to him again. I wouldn't even care if Death Eaters got to him. He would deserve whatever fate they had in store for him. And probably worse, if Fred and George had their way.

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