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Logan's POV

Man I need a list of people to invite on this trip. I mean I know I said I wanted to invite everyone but a lot has changed in the last month and I only have one week until finals and winter break so this has to be finished today. But I've never been good at remembering names I need to call someone to help me but who. Chase is on a date with Zoey so those two are out. And Michael had some family thing so that's three people who can't help me and I can't listen to Ember talk anymore today or ima blow my brains out. But who could I call that would be helpful to me. Wait you know what I need the most talkative person I know. She knows just as many people as I do and I'm sure she will be excited to help. I need Nicole she's the perfect person to help.

Nicole's POV

I heard my phone ringing but I didn't know where it was. I hate having a phone sometimes I always end up losing it somewhere in this house. I started searching my dresser and my book case but still couldn't find it. Where the hell was this stupid phone? Finally I found my way over to my bed and there it was wrapped up in my cover with a lot of other stuff I've lost today. I pressed the green button quickly.


"Hey Nicole" it was Logan. I didn't really expect that but whatever

"Oh Hey Logan what's up"

"Well I have a favor to ask you"

"Yea and what might that be"

"Well I was wondering if you would help me with this list"

"A list for what"

"For the trip I'm planning for everyone."

"Well ok I guess. When did you need me to help?"

"Well I was thinking today"

"Uh ok sure"

"Ok so can you come over right now?"

"Uh yea sure just give me like 20 minutes and I'll be over there"

"Ok cool see you then"

Zoey's POV

"Chase I don't know if I should come in."

"Come on Zoe. Quinn isn't even here she's at some therapy thing tonight and you know my parents are never home. Please"

He looked at me with the biggest puppy dog eyes and I just melted. The combination of those eyes and that bushy hair sent me reeling.

"Ok fine but just for an hour we have school tomorrow."

"Ok an hour's fine"

I walked in and the house looked the same that it always did. A part of me missed being in this house. Being in that room up the stairs the furthers to the right but that had ended a long time ago. She still wasn't talking to me and a part of me thought it wasn't that big of a deal.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

"Uh yea sure whatever you have is fine"

"Ok you can go ahead and go upstairs ill bring it right up."


I walked up those stairs and I couldn't help myself I had to look at the door. But I had to shake it off Chase was on his way up and I didn't want him to think anything was wrong. I walked into his room and it was surprisingly clean for a room that a guy was suppose to live in. I guess he figured I would say yes and he made sure the room was spot less before he left.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing I was just looking at how clean your room is"

"Are you shocked?"

"A little"

"Well Maybe I'm just a clean guy"

"Or maybe you're a guy who wanted your girlfriend to think you're clean"

"Ha funny. Here I got you fruit punch"

"Thank you"

"So what do you want to do" I asked him

"Well we can watch a movie"

"Ok or we can do something else"

"Well what do you want to do instead?"

"I have an idea"

I took the drink out of Chase's hand and put them on his dresser. I walked back over to him and pushed him back until we feel on his bed.

"Zoey what are you doing"

"This" I leaned in and kissed Chase with all the passion I could. As time went on my shirt disappeared and so did Chase's. And little by little more clothes made their way to the floor.

"Zoe are you sure you want to do this"

Looking at Chase in that moment I knew I didn't want to do anything else.

"Chase I love you and I'm ready" the look Chase gave me told me I said the right thing.

"I love you too"

Logan's POV

"Ok so let's get this list started"

"Ok well how many people can you invite?"

"Well I don't really have a limit my dad rented the whole ski lodge so we could fit the whole school if we wanted"

"Well obviously we don't want the whole school so maybe we should just start with our closest friends"

"Right. Well Chase and Michael of course"

"And if you invite them you have to invite their girlfriends"

"Ok so Zoey and Lisa"

"And Zoey's brother"

"Right Dustin got him"

"Oh and Del Figgalo, James and Vince"

"What. No. Del Figgalo is weird why would I invite him"

"Because u play football with him and his funny when he gets drunk"

"Ok fine what about that hot girl you hang out with"

"Who Dana"

"Yea her"

"Ok fine invite her"

"Cool so that's 11 people including you and me"

"Well I got one more person you can invite" By the look on Nicole's face I knew she was going to say the one name I did not want to hear.


"But she's my friend and besides you already invited her"

"I also invited that jackass Josh at the time also but that damn sure ain't happening now. Besides I'm pretty sure she knows that offer is revoked"

"But it doesn't have to be. Look Logan whether you want to admit it or not you still love Quinn so maybe if you invite her you guys can talk."

"It doesn't matter how I feel besides I have a girlfriend remember."

"You mean the girlfriend you haven't even wrote down on the list yet"

I looked down the list to see if I saw Ember's name and I didn't. How could I forget to put her down? I mean she has been getting on my nerves lately so maybe that's why I forgot. Yea that's it she's been irritating me so I just pushed her out of my mind all together.

"Well that's a problem that can be solved right now"

I took my pen and wrote Ember's name in big letters.

"There see. Easy fix"

"Well fine but I still want to invite Quinn"

"I said no"

"Look if you invite her I'll keep her away from you the whole time"

"Not good enough Bristow"

"Ok fine ill invite all the cheerleaders to"


"And I'll try to hook you up with Dana"

"Ok Fine"


"Yea sure why not just remember I'm gonna hold you to those promises."

"Hey fine with me"

This trip is gonna be perfect even if I have to look at Quinn the whole time"

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