Disclaimer: I don't own Assassin's Creed. It's Ubisoft's. I do own a copy of 1, 2, and Brotherhood though, so there's that.

Author's note: Alright folks this is my first Assassin's Creed fanfic. I'm doing what it seems a lot of people are doing, which is writing about an OC in the Brotherhood of Assassin's. I think it's awesome that the site is set up so that we can do so and indicate it so easily, and I think it's awesome that the Assassin Apprentice thing in Brotherhood makes this all possible.

Any names of the Assassin Apprentices are the names the game gave me for mine, except for my OC. Also, the second genre and the character thing are both subject to change. With that, here we go!

The boy was surrounded. His only weapon at hand was a dagger. His sword lay unreachable, between himself and the men who would take his life. He was backed up against a wall, a struggling man wearing the colors of the Borgia in his arms. He held his dagger to the man's throat.

"Get away!" shouted the boy of around 17. "Get back! All of you!" He didn't want to kill this man struggling in his grasp. But he'd been pushed too far, and he would stand his ground now. He didn't have much hope for survival, but he did not want to die. He wanted to live, but he could see know way out.

"You little bastardo!" shouted one of the three men surrounding him. "You had best let him go! Make it easy on yourself!"

"NO!" shouted the boy. "The Borgia have taken everything from me, and I won't stand it anymore!"

"Then I hope you have made your peace with God," said the man, advancing one step. It was at that moment that the boy noticed him. A man was approaching from behind. He was all in white, a pointed hood over his head, and a cape over his left arm. He raised his arm, and closed his hand into a fist, whistling.

They seemed to come from the sky. Two people, clad in white, jumped down on the men on either side of the advancing Borgia soldier. They landed on top of them, and suddenly the two men were bleeding from the head and neck. The man with the cape drew a sword and advanced on the Borgia soldier, who had turned to confront him.

"ASSASSINO!" shouted the man, charging. He raised his sword high and brought it down at his intended victim. The man in white deftly deflected the blade, and then ran the soldier through. The boy was shocked at what he was seeing. The man in his grasp took advantage of this and elbowed him in the stomach, breaking free of his hold.

He attempted to flee, but the man with the cape leapt at him and took him down. *Shing!* The soldier ceased his struggle, and the man in white stood up, a bloodied blade retracting into something attached to his vambrace. All three of the white clad persons looked at the boy.

The boy fell to his knees as the man, with a smile on his face, approached him. He extended his right hand. The boy grabbed it and kissed it. "Grazie, messerre, grazie."

"The Liberation of Roma has begun," the man stated.

"Please Messerre!" pleaded the boy. "Please teach me to fight! They have taken everything they could from me, and now they've tried to take my life!" The man knelt down in front of him.

"My boy," he said to him. "You may fight with us, if you wish. It will be dangerous, I must warn you." The boy looked into the man's eyes.

"I have nowhere left to go," he said. His voice was quivering, either from shock or fear, but his eyes were determined. "Take me with you."

"As you wish," said the man, nodding. He signaled to the two people in white. They nodded at him, and all three threw down round packets, which burst into smoke. When the smoke cleared, all four had disappeared.

I know, I know, it's short. All first chapters I write are short. It's just how I work. I'll have more soon, I should think. Til then!