Chapter 1

The start of the error

Location Tataroo Valley

"Why did mom do this to me…" A girl with brown hair and blue eye's asked herself.

She was always pestering her to be a better demon "You should kill more people" she says "You should conquer worlds!" she says. This girl hated it.

Who cares if she was the daughter of the blue devil, she did not want to be like her, she did not want to be like Sara Kagayaku.

So under the moonlight, the girl simply glared towards the shining orb in the distance. Dreading the events that may transpire.

"Does she think sending me into a world at war will make me kill?" The girl spat to herself as she sat up in a night field, the flowers that surrounded her reflected light from the moon.

Such flowers did not exist in her world. It seemed they only bloom at night, such a calming fact was rather nice to have every once in a while.

Before the girl could enjoy the scenery a strange presence came over her, like a puppy gnawing on ones neck.

"…Monster" The girl then sighed, she twitched her fingers as each on gave it's own satisfying crack.

Monsters were much harder enemies then humans. Considering the fact they had no reason thus sparing them was much harder, humans would always run away at the first sign of trouble, this made the girl wonder, were humans smart or cowards?

The bushes started to shack and the brown haired girl entered a fighting stance, or what she called a fighting stance.

"I would rather not but if I have no choice." She sighed once more, she enjoyed fighting. But usually only against strong opponents, the weaker ones were such a hassle.

When the bushes parted instead of monsters it revealed a dark brown haired girl and a red haired boy entered the scene.

Both seemed to be around the age of sixteen or seventeen. It was hard to tell, since they didn't revel much about themselves.

"Humans!" The girl was over came with glee, now she didn't have to walk around to look for civilization, in the moonlight things seemed much clearer.

"Welp I guess I will be heading out!" A man in his early twenties with black hair and blue eye's said, as he slowly lifted himself from the seat.

The location was not something you could describe. A white holy presence filled the area as a woman glanced towards her guest.

"Leaving already?" A woman that looked about twenties five with blue eyes and brown asked, her white dress moving towards his direction.

It was an annoyance, how the man went around without a care. Of course the woman had to deal with such a person. After all he was her deliverymen

"Well I got a job to do, and you know how much I love my job!" The man chuckled, when one says they love their job, you know it isn't very nice.

The man rubbed his fingers through his black hair

"I assume you will be meeting with the necromancer and the sacred flame?" The woman asked, already knowing the answer.

After all, she did refer to the person's in question by their title rather then their name. Though names are a bother to remember.

"Well I like to call them asshole and half-shirt, but I guess your names are just as good." The man chuckled, taking his hat off the holder. It seemed as if he was preparing for a rather long trip.

So in the white room, he headed towards the blank door. It was something he always did all the time, so doing it again wasn't a big deal. Just like killing someone isn't a big deal.

"I assume you are planning the ten-thousand sacrifices again." The women stated, once again knowing the answer.

Why did she always ask such questions, was it to make sure everything was on track. Or maybe she was simply excited for the play that was about to unfold.

"Yeah, even though I managed to get the required kills (he) showed up and stopped me from restoring my powers, but hey what's yea going to do?" The mysterious man was obviously uncaring in his tone, this caused the womans eye to twitched.

It was sicking to see one of her friends act in such a crude manner. In truth this was probably one of her worst attendants. Lazy, arrogant and had such a vile tongue. One should crush his head for such an attitude

"If you wish I can restore your power…" The brown haired woman asked, with a small smirk of superiority over her face.

It was a simple task for here. After all she was the goddess to the devil, so giving power to a holy one wasn't a big deal. Even if the holy one in question was evil. But she knew that such a man wouldn't allow it. Was it pride? or sheer arrogance.

"Come on Karu we've been over this, it's more fun to do it the hard way!" The black haired man laughed once again, his red eyes seemed to reflect his true character rather well.

"I guess playing with the humans is fun…" The woman called Karu smiled.

Causing floods, sending warriors to make them pay for their sins. Even if the goddess sister was a demon, they both hated something. They both hated when other people kill people. After all, they always picked the most boring ways to do so.

"Also I need to change the order from ten-thousand sacrifices to one million." The black haired man smiled causing Karu to cough.

Such a idiotic number, but knowing the beast she was talking to Karu, didn't put it past the man. He always found a way to accomplish his goals. Even if it caused trouble for her down the road.

"That's quite the hefty order are you sure you can manage such a thing?" Karu asked pulling strands of brown hair from her eyes. One must question why a goddess didn't have perfect hair already.

"No worries if the past twelve loops have thought me anything is that the people of Auldrant aren't very smart." The black haired man laughed causing Karu's eyes to narrow.

Cowardice is one thing, but arrogance is another.

"So assume you are planning on using the Tower of Rem and the Fon master to magnify the soul stealer…" Karu asked, for once not being sure of the answer.

Such a device was rather sickening, describing it at the moment would be in poor taste. So Karu simply pretended that the red eyed man didn't have it on his person. But the smell was rather vomit inducing, like a dark swamp.

"You think I would use that piece of trash? Or more like fake trash,no I plan on using sack of potatoes!" The man laughed, at his cruel, but admittedly funny joke.

"By sack of potatoes do you mean God general Sync? And if you do wouldn't a piece of meat be more fitting a name?" Karu asked, killing the joke all together.

Meat. A term that would be offensive if used to describe a person. But flesh had a mind, and that was something Sync the Tempest was clearly lacking.

"Nope, he's too dumb to be a piece of meat so potatoes will have to do!" The black haired man nearly yelled as he spoke. It was after all a game to him, so play with his voice when describing someone so worthless was fine.

"But why him, wouldn't someone closer to the original be of greater use?" Karu asked bluntly as the man shrugged.

That at least made sense, the original is always better then a copy...right? Unless someone alters that copy then it should be an unchangeable law.

"You would think, but the Fon master body isn't sturdy enough to be a vessel but Syncs is perfect!"

"So… the gist of your plan is to restore your power with the first Ten-thousand sacrifices and with the remaining 9990000 unseal that. (ultimate weapon)"

"From there I will use the (Ultimate weapon) to destroy the planets core causing it to explode, the fireworks will be great!" The black haired man laughed, but one must question why he laughed.

Doing such a thing takes a large amount of work after all. Even then it had no meaning, unless he was doing it just to do it.

"Why do you want to destroy the planet anyway, Wouldn't it be easy just to get you're powers back, plus why cause a doom's day when you can just wipe the planet of all life?" Karu asked.

"To answer you're first question, Because it's fun! To answer your second question, if I just wiped out all the people then Van would get exactly what he wants' and for this to be an success every single one of them has to die angry at me!" The black haired man said, reveling his true colors.

To put it bluntly, he was an ass.

"Why do they have to die angry?" Karu asked not understanding her assistant at all.

"Because it's funny! I'm starting to think you don't get comedy…" The black haired man sighed as he closed one of his eyes.

"Very well but please before you blow up the planet make sure my niece is off of it…" Karu stated, knowing full well the sociopath would have trouble keeping a promise like that.

"Oh, you mean Sara's kid is there? That's odd but whatever, I will make sure she's out of the world before I destroy it."

"…Why do this… even if you destroy this world there is plenty of alternate ones from it you yourself knows this." Karu asked after the long drawn out conversation.

"Yeah I know but I have to find some way to kill time and I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone." The man chuckled

"Very well, I won't pester you about it any longer, but do please be careful if you keep altering the time, people and places in this world It may cause a Continuity error and that is not the best thing." Karu replied as the man shrugged once more.

"Why not, new worlds are born from Continuity errors, it's best just to go with it… now if you excuse me I must be off." The black haired man then warped from the location with a sphere of red and black, similar to that of a hole.

"Please try not to do anything foolish Kage for if you do then I will have to be the one to clean it up."

Location Tataroo Valley

"Who the hell are you?" The red haired boy asked, clearly not knowing the first thing about talking to others.

Actually the girl took note of his eye color as well. It was rather amazing to be honest. Humans always had the most wide ranges of eye colors. Probably one of the few perks of being one.

"I'm not the best person when it comes to manners, but I know that is not how you ask for someone's name." The brown haired girl replied in an irritated tone. Though it seemed getting angry wasn't really going to solve anything.

"I'm sorry for his rudeness, but we can't give you our names." The dark browned hair girl stated.

"Sheesh why do you have to keep secrets I'm not going to kill you or anything, if it makes it any better my name is Hibana, my last name is a little long so I'll just skip it!" Hibana smiled, as she introduced herself in a rather lack luster tone.

"That's a nice name, but I think it's best for us to be going now." The dark brown haired girl began walking away with the red head with each step pushing flowers away from their feet.

Actually, the flowers all had a odd glow to them. It seemed like they were one of a kind as well, though the moon probably had something to do with that.

"W-wait let me come with you!" Hibana nearly pleaded.

She had no way around the world after all, nor did she know the customs or the currency. Not like it mattered since she really didn't have any money with her anyway.

"Why the hell should we do that?" The red head yelled, causing Hibana's eye to twitch.

"Because I'm lost and you can't leave a beautiful girl like me alone in such a place!" Hibana said, stating a half truth.

"If you are truly lost then we can escort you in tell we reach the next town." The dark haired girl bluntly, causing Hibana to smile

"Sweet thanks…whoever you are!" Hibana to chuckle

"Fine whatever, just don't fall behind!" The red head shouted.

"Don't worry I won't!" Hibana laughed, mostly to keep her from snapping his neck

The trio then started to walk through the forest, the trees nearly covering their path, as the moonlight shined on them.

Night, the one time Hibana truly enjoys.

"I guess this is ok… for now" Hibana thought to herself. "I'll just stick to these two in tell I know a little more about this world, to bad I'll be stuck using 10% of my power in front of them, but then again this might me fun!"

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