Chapter 60

Tempest part 2

"Gah!" With a loud splash, Sync emerged from the black sludge.

He struggled, and struggled to break free from such a thing, and the fruits of his labor were payed off when he managed to pull his body from the pool of meay.

Sync coughed, the sludge was no longer pulling him down.

"One minute I was falling down, then next..."

Sync continued to cough as he looked around the area.

Wind blew through his hair, as crimson painted the sky, it seems the whole area around the tower was infested. No doubt about it, Sync the Tempest was on top of the Tower of Rem. The sky above him was simply distorted.

Sync pulled both of his legs from the sludge , as he looked around the platform.

Black sludge seemed to cover every inch of the area, at the center, some sort of bowel like object in the middle of the endless sea. What made it odd was the fact it looked like a flower pod with an open top.

"This is..."Sync bit his lip as he looked at the grotesque plant like creature.

Though, creature was a rather loose term, it was closer to something that simply should not exist.

"Ah, sack of potatoes, you made it." A familiar voice filled the air.

An underlying sense of dread filled Sync, something that constantly banged on his head.

Whatever the reason, Sync knew this would be horrifying.

"Working for someone is rather cheap, don't you have any dreams of your own?" Yulia closed one of her eyes as she looked at the woman named Inku.

The setting was as basic as possible, a red and black room, covered in flesh and mud. With each step, the flow seemed to let out a satisfying squishy noise.

"Did you cut yourself into two pieces again, or is this the whole you?" Yulia cocked an eye as the black haired woman let out an impressive laugh. It had a hint of glee and bitterness to it, it seems she was no longer playing around.

"This is all of me, I know the scope of your power, you aren't someone who I can half ass." Inku closed one of her eyes, as a large pool of goop surrounded her.

"Ah, such empty complements, okay I'll get a little serious as well." In a span of less then a second, Yulia summoned more then two dozen lances around her, all orbiting her like separate moons to a planet.

"Yeah, this will be good enough."

"What do you mean, your other half..." Hibana glared at her opponent, as Kage simply smiled.

This was nothing to him, as long as one half of him survived Kage could regenerate.

The tower itself seemed to be shifting, as if it was preparing for something. But what was it preparing for?

"Yes, can't you tell Hibana, surely your friend Sync will be used for the core!"

Such thing was horrible, cruel in fact.

Hibana clenched her fist.

She really did hate the fact that Kage was dragging Sync into such a thing, she hated the fact that Kage was always smiling, she hated the fact they were stuck in such a disgusting place. In the end the thing Hibana hated to most was Kage himself.

"Bastard, does messing with other people lives really get you off that much." Hibana hissed. Threats weren't going to solve anything, but that is all that Hibana could think of at the moment.

Kage laughed, he laughed at the word people. He seemed to think such a word was meaningless, or at least the way Hibana used it.

"Lives? You think something like him has a life." Kage cackled, he held his head at such a thought, the absurdity of saying such a thing was astounding.

"Listen girly, how can something that was created with humans hands have a life?" The question itself wasn't supposed to be answered.

Hibana eye twitched, she bore her fangs as she readied her claws, surely she would plunge into the mans neck the first chance she got, but Kage was not done with his explanation.

"If something was created by human hands, then it is obviously meant to be a tool, nothing else." The holy one said such a thing as if it were a fact.

"Shut up, just shut up!" Hibana's voice rose as Kage snickered

He had never seen a demon defend a human before, at least not in a debate of character or the right to exist.

"Ha, you actually consider him a friend, how sad. You should be happy that you are on top of the food chain, but yet you complain when I tell you the truth about the replica...weird." Kage shrugged, as Hibana took a single step forward.

Anger wouldn't solve the problem in front of her, and she knew anything she did wasn't going to kill him for good.

"So, I'll just damage his body to a point that it will take a while to regenerate." Hibana thought of such a thing and simply sighed

"You said something that you shouldn't have, I simply can't let that pass." Hibana closed one of her eyes as she bit her lip

It was a situation she would have rather avoided, but at this very moment, she didn't have much of a choice.

"Okay, I'll use something like that..."


Sync gritted his teeth as a wave of sludge chased him.

Escape was rather meaningless, the whole area was covered in the liquid as Kage simply smiled. Of course he was, there was no chance that the Tempest would reach him.

Yes, it was a fact that Sync the Tempest cannot reach Kage without any help.

So no matter how fast Sync ran, the sludge would follow his movement perfectly, it was to be expected however. The entire floor was covered in a primordial sea.

It was a simple problem, everywhere Sync foot landed the sludge would react in such away that it would grip his limbs.

So making an advance towards Kage was impossible, not as long as he had his eye on Sync.

"I just have to reach him, then I should be able t-"

Sync was not able to finish his thoughts as he tripped, landing face first in the sludge like sea. Such a horrid time to make such a mistake.

Scrabbling on his hands, he tried to lift himself from the muck, but that too seemed impossible.

It seemed like the ground had took a liking to Sync, as it would not seem to let him move. Mud encased his limbs as Kages simply smiled, putting a hand behind his back.

"Rejoice, Sync the Tempest. At this very moment, you are the most important person in the world." Kage laughed once more as the wave of sludge devoured Sync.


That is the main function base of both demonic and holy weapons.

The beasts were torn to shreds, as spears of light cut through them.

However this meant nothing, Inku was still smiling and Yulia was still glaring at her. The room remained unchanging as the red eyed demon finally spoke.

"This is meaningless."

Inku was right, no matter how many beast were summoned, no matter how many lances were fired. The battle would continue on in an endless loop.

Even so, in a domain such as this one. Yulia would be defeated. This was not something that could be argued, it was an absolute fact.

The battle itself would take sixteen hours, but Yulia Jue will get tired, however the demon known as Inku would not.

The shape of their current reality barely made it possible to kill Inku, let alone allow her to become tired. After all, this was Kage world, and as long as he allowed it she could continue forever.

"Ah, I guess that is true, but I doubt you want to waste time with me." Yulia crossed her arms for a moment.

Such a situation was not profitable, but running would be in poor taste. Plus she had a song to sing.

"Rei va neu croa tue rei rei." It was the only verse sung, the very last one.

Inku simply cocked an eye. As she recalled the last verse of the hymns had no effect, only when it is sung in a complete song does it have any effect.

Not only that, but...

"Aren't those hymns a little dated by themselves?" Inku smiled as she pulled a large mass of sludge from the floor as Yulia sighed.

"Maybe, but since I created them, it would be a shame to toss them out like that, plus I wasn't singing for you anyway." Yulia pointed such a fact out as Inku, as the black haired woman bit her lip.

A person simply does not cast a spell for no reason, and even if it had no visible effect in the current room, it must have done something. After all Yulia is not one to show off such a simple verse.

But in the end, such worthless thoughts meant little overall, Inku even started to wonder why she was worrying about someone who will soon be dead.

The pillar of sludge pulled from the black ground wrapped around the demon known as Inku's arm. What happened next was simple, the sludge split the demons arm open.

Without hesitation, a large red hole appeared in the gaps of flesh.

"Ah, you see Yulia, I have something that cannot be blocked, at least not here!" Inku cackled as a red hurricane covered her right arm.

Yulia eye twitched. Something like that simply could not be blocked, not by a normal fonic shield.

The waves of black and red flowed amazingly through the air, as if being crushed into a single point.

"This is for my life, die well!"

This is horrible, depressing even.

Nothing but a void of black, not a single speck of light was shining through such a place.

He thought he was is some sort of orb, but the walls were closing faster and faster the more he thought about it.

Sync the Tempest will be crushed in minutes by this unknown substance.

"Ah, it might take you a bit longer then Ion to break down since you have a stronger body, but I was planning on that."

Was that Kage voice, Sync didn't care, he could barely feel anything in the mud. Let alone respond to any of it.

"Geh!" Sync managed to get some of his voice out, but in the end he didn't have anything to combat this.

There was a sudden sickening feeling, there was a pretty good chance that he was going to die.

It was funny actually, he always said he didn't care if he lived or died, and now presented with the situation he really hated not being able to do anything about it.

"Damn, I don't want to die, not like this." Those were his only thoughts, as he used the little room he had left to feel his body. Trying to find something, anything that would allow him to leave such a situation.

The only thing he had was the useless knife Yulia gave him.

It sucked, right when he thought living wasn't as crappy as he first believed, this happens.

Hibana said she enjoyed being with him the most, she said that she was happy that he was born.

Katto said that he wasn't that bad of a person.

Arietta apologized for something that wasn't even her fault.

Even Yulia said, whatever he was fighting for was worth giving his life.

That was obvious, he had nothing else to give. No that was wrong, there was nothing else he was willing to give up.

Not Hibana, Not Arietta, Not Katto, and not Yulia. Maybe Zoki, but no one else.

And, even if he was willing to give his life, he would not allow someone to simply take it from him.

"No, that's no good, I can't let someone like him take that from me."

Even with those thoughts, Sync the Tempest would still be crushed.

Despite how much he would reject such a things, the orb was closing, and he would be broken down into a flesh like core.

"Gaeah!" Once again he struggled, but no worked was done.

Was it hopeless, maybe, was it a waste of time?

Yes, but he still struggled, there was no reason for him to die, so the Tempest would fight in tell the very end.

A small speck of light shined from Sync's shirt, just a small speck that grew. Something that the maker of the score gave him.

"Ah, something like this." He spoke, the walls were no longer closing, so the dead end had been avoided.

So in the egg of darkness, light started to shine through, as if it was cracking. Perfectly and seamlessly.

And in that instant the orb shatter, Sync landing on the ground, without a moments rest. He dashed towards the enemy. Who at this very moment had an unspeakable amount of confusion on his face.

"Wh-at?" He hesitated, the holy one known as Kage hesitated, he paid no mind to the splash of mud coming closer.

"That knife, how did yo-!"


The one who overestimated himself could not finish his statement, a large dagger was lodge in the area where is heart should have been.

And so he staggered back, the knife still stuck in his chest. He only took two steps back, however Sync would not allow himself to lose the advantage.

Sync closed his fist, only for a moment before opening his palm, a cluster of the third fonon gathered in his hands. It looked like a miniature tempest.

Sync took a single step forward.

"Gale!" That was the arte Sync used, and arte no one else used. With an open palm, he pushed the dagger deeper into Kage as a large burst of light shattered the weapon.

That was half assed.

Yulia knew that was a half assed defense for such a thing, that was why she was covered in blood, a horrible state to be in, even more so in front of her foe.

Inku laughed, he arm still split open, the round orb of red in between the flesh, it seemed like she was immobilized when she was taking such a large amount of fonons from Kage.

Yes, immobile.

"Idiot, I doubt you have any spells to block something like that! It would be easier just to give up and die." Inku nearly snapped as Yulia frowned.

It seemed as if someone was underestimating her, she couldn't have something like that. However, Yulia was not foolish, she took note of something small.

The demon known as Inku could not move in the middle of her attack, not even a step.

So, Yulia took a deep breath, and focused on the core of the planet.

The image of two weapons appeared in her head. One buried with her, the other with in the planet storm itself, the name of such items were well known.

The Unicorn Horn, and the Key of Lorelei.

And so, the weapons were pulled from their homes, with little other then to help with such a small battle.

While shameful, it was for the best.

Inku looked at the two weapons, they held no meaning for a demon. So she simply dismissed them. Like stated before, no shield may block such an attack.

Yes no shield.

"You can summon what ever you want, in the end it won't do you any good. You'll die by my hands Jue!"

Once again, swirls of madness enveloped Inuk's arm, as Yulia started to sing a familiar tune.

Croa riou ze tue riou rei neu riou ze

It was indeed the second hymn, even if it was a little old. It was very reliable.

As Yuila held up the staff that was attached to her name, Inku laughed.

No point, there wasn't any point to what the woman known as Yulia Jue was doing.

At that moment, Inku released an indescribable wave of black and red. This truly was a demon attack as it could easily destroy anything in it's path, regardless of defensive capabilities.

As the tunnel closed the distance between it and its target a wall of light similar to a dome covered Yulia.

Inku grinned.

"How ignorant can a holy one be? Didn't I tell you that you cannot block."

As tunnel of energy stuck the dome, something impossible happened.

The attack started to split open, tearing through the room with ease, the dome that surrounded Yulia Jue remained whole as if Inku's attack was just a passing breeze.

The fonic arte Force Field, is not one of protection, but one of nullification. As soon as the tunnel hit the dome, it was if it never existed.

Yulia took a step forward, the dome still protecting her from Inku's attack. At that point she simply started to sprint towards her opponent, the staff known as the Unicorn horn attached to her side as she clenched the legendary sword in both hands

As for Inku, she was stuck. She would have to wait in tell the duration of her attack finished. So the only thing she could do was stare.

"Resound, gather, transform into a blade that destroys all!"

"YUILAAAAA!" That is what Inku screamed as a large downward swing came into view.

"Holy breaker!"

"Gah!" Hibana winced as she was blown back against the wall.

It was a pretty crappy situation, but she still wasn't done preparing yet. Not only that, she never summoned the moon indoors before. It would be awkward, but there was no avoiding it.

Kage simply smiled, or at least this half of him.

Despite all the marks and scaring on his body, Kage was simply smiling through it all. Why wouldn't he be, as long as he was in the tower nothing could touch him, and even if this girl was able to tear him apart as long as half of himself remained. He could never die.

"So, lass how are you going to go about beating me, the strategy you've been using so far had been great so far, really it has." Kage clapped as Hibana did not respond, she closed her eyes as if she was casting something.

It was almost finished, even if it was small it would still be enough to light the room.

There was no need to worry, she'll reinforce the dim areas. Hibana would concentrate all of her energy for an amazing light show.

Picture the moon.

Picture a castle in the snow.

Picture your home, recreate that which you can alter.

And so, Hibana simply smiled as she spread her arms above her head.

A brilliant blue light shined down upon the room, as a blue tint covered every corner.

And in that instant, everything belonged to Hibana.

The blue moon, no matter how small alters reality to fit Hibana's mind. So she could mold the current room as she saw fit. Even if the moon took a half an hour to prepared, once summoned the moon makes the opponents chances of victory a flat zero.

"Eh, damn what a shame. I wanted to play a little longer, but I can't beat you like this." Kage let out an annoyed sigh as he shrugged.

His other half should be finished crushing Sync by now, after all. Sync the Tempest cannot defeat Kage the holy one without any help.

So, he took a deep breath, preparing to return to rejoin his other half, but a horrifying realization came upon Kage.

He had no where to return too.

His face, once full of confidence turned into fear at this realization.

That was impossible, flat out impossible. Sync could not have defeated his other half. He was a human, more then that, he was a fake human. So it would be impossible.

"...Ah, what a shame, it seems like our time together is finished." Hibana had little emotion in her voice as Kage took a step back, clenching his fist.

"Damn...this." He hissed such words as Hibana merely pointed towards him.

And at that moment, the moon pulsated, and in that instant Kage was ripped to shreds.

Hibana took a deep breath as the blue tint vanished and the distortion of reality ceased.

"I should probably go find the others."

Inku simply blinked, half of her body was destroyed and battered, and from the looks of it. She probably wouldn't be able to regenerate from such an attack. It was a shame, but she would die here.

"Bah, I guess crying about it wouldn't do any good." Inku gave a short huff as Yulia stared at her foe.

"It is a shame, it was fun messing with you guys though." Inku's feet was turning into some sort of black sand, as she smiled.

"If you have something to do I recommend doing it quickly. At least before Kage finishes."

The demon waist was completely gone, as she gave a truly soft and genuine smile, to who? Not a single person knew, but it was a smile non the less.

"I thought dying would be a little more amazing, but to be honest is something like a dream."

And with those words, the demon known as Inku faded away without incident.

"Hey...sack of potatoes, where did you get that knife anyway?" Kage coughed as he looked at the night sky. The moon was surprisingly calm as Sync backed away.

"I got it from Yulia." That was the Tempest response as the black haired man snickered.

"Ah, I see, So she must have obtained it from Sorrow. I let that girl live on a whim, man I should have thought more."

Kage took one final deep breath as looked at the green haired boy, he gave a light chuckle at the idiocy of the whole ordeal.

"Ah, never thought you would be the one to save a whole bunch of people." Kage said such a worthless thing as Sync simply blinked.

The Tempest did not know what to say, so he simply shrugged and stated something rather odd.

"Eh, I know it kind of sucks." Sync groaned.

He knew he probably wasn't going to be marked as a hero, since no one but him and the others knew about the events up to this point, and he actually like it that way.

"Hmph, maybe I should have used the other replica, you know the other you." Kage smiled as Sync sighed once again.

He was obviously annoyed at Kage for clinging to life, but just crushing his head would be in poor taste, plus the God-general had something he wanted to get off his chest.

"I'm me, no one else is Sync the Tempest. And that is all the confirmation I need."

"...Well ain't that cute."

And with those last words, the holy one known as Kage faded away.

And at that very moment Sync collapsed.

"D-damn, am I really so tired for doing so little. Bah whatever, I'm so the others will get me or something."

Sync couldn't help but shutter at the thought of Katto carrying him or worse, Hibana. But it wouldn't be so bad, as long as none of them could hear his thoughts he would be fine.

"Yeah, if anyone actually found out that I enjoy their company, then none of them would let me hear the end of it."

Those were Sync's thoughts, and he was glad he had them, even if they were useless things. They had a small bit of meaning to him.

"So I'll sleep for a while, and I'll wake up later."

And so Sync the Tempest slept.



A rather annoying voice filled the Tempest ears, that of a young girl.

Sync winced, as he opened one of his eyes, to be greeted with a pink haired girl staring him in the face.

Sync wanted to yell, but he really didn't have the energy for such a thing. So he settled on a cruel glare, Arietta's response was to simply look at him.

It seems his eyes had little effect on anyone that traveled with him anymore. It was to be expected, the demons did talk about mutilation a lot, so a death glare probably wouldn't be very effective anymore.

From the looks of it, he was in the bottom room of their ship, thinking back on it. None of them ever really checked out the whole ship at any given point in time, at least none Sync remembered.

The Tempest looked out a window close to the bed, It seemed like the sun was out at the current moment.

"Yeah, you slept all last night." Arietta pointed out as Sync groaned.

"Get of off me you idiot." Sync hissed as Arietta blushed ever so slightly.

"S-sorry about that." The girl quickly left his bed as she gripped her doll.

A large silence fell over the two before Arietta started to speak.

"Well I-"

"Oy! Sync, you're awake!" And Arietta was properly cut off by someone kicking open the door, of course it was none other then the demon girl Hibana, and the rest of the freaks.

Sync couldn't help but sigh, he knew things were about to get much louder and annoying with for others in the room, luckily for him they weren't really yelling over one another.

"So, you ended up using the dagger?" Yulia asked such an obvious question, as Sync simply nodded.

"Yeah, but it shattered."

The woman simply shrugged as she smiled at the green haired God-general.

"It served its purpose, I'm just happy to see you are alive, but I'm getting in the way of more important people now." Yulia step aside as Katto stepped up.

"Man, you got to kill Kage lucky you." The killer sighed, obviously annoyed at his low kill count.

He was a killer after all, so killing was his pass time. In the end he gained nothing from this experience at all.

"Trust me, the feeling isn't all that great."

Sync wasn't afraid of killing people, but he really didn't get a lot of enjoyment out of it, just something he had to do once in a while. But that was meaningless in the current conversation.

"Bah, you guys hurry up and finish your sappy crap so Sync can rest." Hibana nearly screamed over everyone else.

To be honest, Sync had no idea why the girl enjoyed his company so much, he may be a genius fighter, but when it comes to normal life things Sync was rather average.

"I didn't want to talk to the bastard anyway." Zoki shrugged before stating a rather random fact.

"Also, it seems like the other humans were successful at lowering the land." Sync eye twitched as the silver haired girl said such a thing.

That meant Van failed, it was a mixed bag. He really didn't want the commandant to but still..

"Damn it Zoki, no one cares about Von or what ever his name is, we need to let Sync rest. So I can play with him later." Hibana snickered under her breath.

The girl was surely thinking of all the fantastic and cruel games she and the Tempest could play, like demon ships, and tag...Hibana was a very simple minded girl. Most likely due to her upbringing.

"Actually, I have a question to ask all of you." Sync paused for a moment as the room fell silent.

It was rare the the Tempest was interested in anything the others did let alone ask questions about, however judging from the look in his eyes it was a question he want answered.

"Why do you guys hang around me anyway?"

That was the question, nothing more was added, nothing more needed to be added. Just a simple question from the person known as Sync the Tempest.

The other looked at him with an odd look, a look that was basically telling him he was stupid for even asking such a thing and they were probably right.

"Really Sync? We hung out with you all this time and now your asking something like that, you must be challenged or something." Hibana snickered as Arietta nodded, still holding her doll.

"Sync, you don't have to ask something like that, I know that answer even if I can't say it." Arietta gave a light smile as Hibana continued her answer, the other three being rather annoyed they didn't have a chance to speak.

"Yeah, because even if you are a short green haired asshole, you're our friend. We wouldn't ditch you even if you blew up a city or something. If you make a mistake, then it's our mistake. Well maybe not Zoki's since she hates your guts." Hibana snickered before shaking her head.

Sync eyes were rather wide, it seemed like a meaningless answer. One without any substance to it, but it was nice to hear no matter how much thought was put into it.

"So Sync, don't go around wondering why we hang out with you, just accept it. Isn't life easier that way, humans always make things so complicated."

With those words Sync let out a sigh and smirked, it really was pointless, but...

"Thank you."

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