Summary: Misaki is just your normal college freshman...until his senpai makes a bet. How can a boy, who has never even had his first kiss, sleep with who knows how many in just a month? Not only that, there is one that wants more than just a one-night stand...


Misaki blinked as he stared down at his textbook, Sex for dummies; all the answers to all the questions you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. He was in Sex Education, a compulsory College course set up by people who thought it was important to teach kids safe sex before some...bad things happened. Misaki was kinda clueless and did not know what to expect; when he was in High school, he was absent when they taught Sex Education. This was because, on that day, his parents had passed away in a terrible car crash, leaving Misaki's one and only older brother to look after him. Misaki was unable to attend school that day and missed out on his Sex Education class. A moment later, the teacher walked into the classroom. Misaki looked away from the textbook and gave his attention to the black-haired teacher, Professor Miyagi.

"If you have sex, you will get pregnant and die!" Professor Miyagi exclaimed dramatically, all with a bright grin on his face. Misaki nearly fell out of his chair in shock at the teacher's words. "W-What D...Die? Really"

The whole class looked at Misaki like he was a moron. Several moments of silence, and then Miyagi said, "Er...yes...yes, that's correct, Takahashi! If you have sex, you WILL get pregnant and you WILL die! So never have sex!"

Anyone would never believe such obvious lies...but this was Misaki. And Misaki and Takahiro Takahashi were the two of the biggest idiots you'd ever hope to meet. "O-Of course, sir! I...I don't want to kill anyone or anything! You have my word, I'll never have sex for as long as I live!"

Again, silence. All the students were staring at Misaki, who had meant every word. He was completely serious. Every one of the students were amazed at how incredibly clueless he was. sounds so unbelievable...but if a teacher says it, then it must be true! After that adorably stupid thought, Misaki then asked, "Um...if the girl dies from getting pregnant, what happens to the guy? Does he die too?"

"Actually, he doesn't die" Miyagi answered.

"Really, then what happens to him?" Misaki asked.

"His dick falls off" Keiichii Sumi, Misaki's one and only friend, replied with a wide smirk.

"R-REALLY?THAT'S TERRIBLE!" Misaki yelled out in shock.

A moment later, a book was thrown at Misaki. "And it's also not true, Takahashi! Anyone with a brain would already know that!"

"Huh?" Misaki blinked in confusion, rubbing his head, " you-know-what won't fall off if I have sex?"

"OF COURSE NOT YOU IDIOT!" The angry book thrower shouted and stormed into the room. This always-scowling and book-throwing of a man was Hiroki Kamijo, the other teacher of this class. "Miyagi, how many times must I tell you to not fill their minds with lies and nonsense? Stick to the facts, damnitt!"

"Awww, but I don't want to! And the reactions you get from the idiots are always so funny!" Miyagi said with a grin. At his words, everyone smirked and giggled at Misaki, who sank down his seat in shame.

"I don't care! You're a teacher, take your job seriously!" Kamijo snapped furiously and hit Miyagi over the head. Then he turned to the class and cleared his throat, opening the textbook, "Brats, pay no attention to anything this idiot told you; it is all lies. I will now tell you nothing but honest, reliable facts, please turn to page 210 of your textbook." Blushing, Misaki did what he was told, trying to forget everything that had happened when Miyagi was teaching them earlier.

Afterwards, at lunch, Misaki tried to eat his ramen, but everyone kept on staring, giggling and talking about him. His stupidity in Sex Ed obviously was not forgotten so easily.

"Sooooooooo...I take it you haven't had sex yet?"

Misaki almost choked; he looked up at Sumi smirking at him. "W-What"

"Well, it seems obvious by all of your clueless answers and questions in class're a virgin, aren't you?"

Misaki felt his face go hot and red with embarrassment. "N-No, I'm not! Of course I've had sex!"

"Oh really, is that so?" Sumi said in disbelief.

Misaki nodded his head a little too quickly, blushing, "Y-Yes! I've done it heaps of times, million of times! I..I...I'm really good at it! I'm so good at it, I'm with a new girl each night, the girls can't get enough of me, ha ha ha..."

Misaki then trailed off, laughing nervously, hoping against everything he had that his senpai would believe it- but, of course, he didn't; Sumi simply smirked wider, a fun idea suddenly making its way into his head. "Well then, if you're so smooth as you say you are, why don't we make a bet?"

Misaki gulped nervously, "W-What kind of a bet?"

"Oh, don't worry, it'll be fun! If you win, I'll do all your homework for all your classes for an entire year for free, no strings attached"

Misaki gasped, beaming, "Y-You will? Thank you senpai, you're a lifesaver!"

"I know. But if I win, you have to be my slave" Sumi added.

Misaki frowned, "...And do what?"

"Anything that comes to mind" Sumi replied.

Misaki stared suspiciously at his smiling friend. Being senpai's slave for a entire year? I don't know...I get the feeling that wouldn't be fun...

"Well, Misaki? What do you say?" Sumi pressed.

After several moments of thinking, Misaki sighed in defeat. "Fine...I'll do it. What's the bet?"

"Have sex with as many guys as you can in a month. The one who does it with more guys than the other wins!"

", then, I suppose..."Misaki said awkwardly. It took a moment for him to fully register the suggestion. His eyes went wide and he blushed like a tomato, "W-W-Wait, guys? We have to have s-sex with guys?"

"Yes. Is there a problem with that?" Sumi said, smirking at his reaction.

"Of course there is! I...I'm not gay! I like girls; I can't do it with guys!"

"Why not, it'll make things more interesting!" Sumi insisted. "Besides, you have to do it. You already said you would"

"B-B-But...senpai, I-"

"Unless..." Sumi smirked evilly and leaned forwards, whispering, "You really lied to me and you really have not had sex before..."

Misaki froze, blushing. His heart beat going like crazy, he stared down at his soggy ramen, "I...I didn't lie to you. No, I...of course I've had s-sex."

Sumi chuckled softly, "In that case, the 'sex month' begins next week. Good luck, Misaki, you'll need it." After a moment, the school bell rung suddenly and Sumi got up from the table, smirking, "Well, time for class." Then Sumi walked off, leaving Misaki alone, frozen with shock. He couldn't believe what had just happened.

Oh no...W-What just happened here?...I...I have to have sex with lots of guys in a month! This is terrible, what have I gotten myself into? I haven't even been with a girl before, how can I do it with a guy?

All of it was too stressful for the poor boy and tears started streaming down his face. He had dug himself into a hole he could not get out of and there was nothing he could do about it. He had no choice but to go ahead with the bet.