While Akihiko and Misaki continued their love-making and their forever-growing feelings for each other, Sumi was- of course- getting suspicious. And he had plenty of reasons to be suspicious.

Akihiko seemed quite attached to Misaki...too attached. The man was simply too possessive and protective of the boy to be a real tutor. Sure, Misaki was stupid and probably needed to be tutored... but somehow, Sumi highly doubted any kind of schoolwork was being done since his grades were not improving in the slightest.

Misaki was always flustered and much weirder than before.

Akihiko seems to be attracted to Misaki. When he was at Akihiko's house, Akihiko had let slip that Misaki was going to seduce him...and there was no way Sumi believed Misaki's excuse even for a minute, he didn't believe the excuse that Misaki gave him for living with the man either.

At the restaurant, Misaki was acting very weird and it did not look like food poisoning, it looked like he was under a lot of pleasure...maybe a certain someone was under the table making him feel good? Because it definitely had nothing to do with the food, Sumi had seen people going through pleasure in this month while he fucked them and Misaki was certain experiencing a lot of pleasure at that restaurant. Also, he didn't really think Misaki had paid for the meal; Misaki is too poor, someone incredibly wealthy definitely paid for him. And Akihiko Usami definitely fits that bill.

And if none of those reasons aren't good enough, Akihiko rejected him. And no one had ever done that before...why would they? He was just too good, there was no reason any man would refuse him. And Akihiko was constantly refusing him but always around Misaki who was stupid, had no experience, no money, no talent, and was simply ordinary and boring. The idea of a hot man like Akihiko choosing Misaki over Sumi was insane.

Something had to be going on between those two. They were not just mere tutor and pupil. Akihiko was either helping Misaki win by having lots and lots and lots of sex with the boy...or they were in a relationship. Either way, Misaki loses on the account of cheating.

But what if he was wrong? No, he would need a bit more time. He would need more info. Sitting at the cafeteria table with Misaki, Sumi smiled, "So, Misaki, would you mind telling me about all those lucky men you have slept with so far?"

Misaki almost choked. He stared at Sumi nervously, "U-Um...I-I...that...depends...what do y-you want to know, senpai?"

Sumi smirked, "Well, what are their names?"

"I...I forgot...I've done so many, I can't remember them all" Misaki said with a forced smile.

"Ah, I understand. Do you still have any of their phone numbers or addresses?"

"I lost them! I think Usa-...S-Someone deleted them off my phone!" Misaki claimed honestly.

"Do you remember where any of them live?"

"I forgot that too" Misaki said.

"How do they look? Are they hot? Are they ugly? What, Misaki?"

Misaki blushed furiously and averted his eyes, "Y-Yeah, they're all hot...and tall... ", he trailed off, mumbling things under his breath.

"Did it feel good when you slept with them?"

Misaki blushed even more, "Y-Ye...No, of course not! I'm not gay!" Misaki blushed eve more, his face now completely red and he admitted, "...I feel so safe when they hold me..."

In the end, Sumi concluded with, " can't give me a definite number of how many you've done?"

"T-That's right...I-I can't, I-I've done too many...sorry senpai"

Suddenly the bell rang and Misaki quickly got up. "W-Well, I...I have to go! Bye-bye!"

"Bye then" Sumi said, waving. All of Misaki's answers were so unclear and he was too nervous through the whole thing, it did not seem at all like Misaki was telling the truth to him. Smirking to himself, Sumi got up too.


Oh crap, this is bad! Very bad! Has senpai figured out that I have not been sleeping with lots and lots of guys?...O-Oh god, I have to make it look like I really am sleeping around or something bad will happen!

Misaki walked into the penthouse and saw Akihiko reading a book. "I...I'm home, Usagi-san"

Akihiko smiled, "Welcome home, my love"

Misaki jumped into it, "I –I need to do something. You probably won't like it but... i-it's what I need to do or I will lose the bet"

The smile vanished. "If you are talking about the sex, I am already helping with that. I will not allow you to have sex with anyone but me. We've already discussed this, Misaki" Akihiko growled angrily.

Misaki took a breath and walked towards the couch, sitting down next to his lover. "I know. I...I don't plan to ever have sex with anyone else...but I think senpai is starting to suspect something, so I need to make a show in front of him, something that will make him believe that I really am sleeping with lots of men"

Akihiko's next movements were so quick, you might have thought he was superman; within a matter of seconds, he had put down his book and grabbed Misaki's chin. And somehow, Misaki's clothes were gone. "What kind of a show?"

"I...I...I'm not sure, get a couple of guys to meet me outside the University and when Sumi and I comes out, they could come over to me and talk about how much they enjoyed having sex with me?"

Akihiko narrowed his eyes, "And what if that little plan backfires on you? What if they decide they want to have sex with you for real?"

Misaki blinked stupidly, "...U-Um...I'll say ' thanks but I'm not interested ' ?"

"You better turn down each and every one of them" Akihiko said. He stared at the boy suspiciously then pulled him into a possessive kiss, leaving Misaki breathless. When they let go, Akihiko bit Misaki's ear and whispered, "You go ahead with whatever you plan to do, but I will be watching and if any one of those bastards dares to touch what is mine, I'll make them regret it."

Then Akihiko made love to the boy right there on the couch.


So one day, Misaki approached a group of random men. "U-Um, excuse me, I know this is weird but...but I need you to help me with something!"

The one that was obviously the leader of the group- hottest one, of course- smirked and said, "Sure, what can we do for you?"

Misaki smiled appreciatively, "Thank you. W-Well, do you know M University? I need you and your friends to stand out there until I come out of school tomorrow and just talk...about how you f-fucked me..." the rest of his sentence was trailed off and very quiet but the leader heard every word and he smirked wider.

"You want us to fuck you?" a boy with golden/brown-ish hair asked with a glare on his face.

"N-No! I just need to you to say you did!" Misaki blushed and he bowed his head, "I-I'm sorry! I know this sounds really really weird! If you want, just forget it, I'll just leave and you never have to see me again! Sorry for being a bother!"

He tried to run away but the leader grabbed him. "I'd love to help you. Please explain further, I'll do whatever I can to help"

Some of his friends left because they couldn't handle this weirdness. But never mind, Misaki was relieved nonetheless, he smiled, "Really? Thank you so much!"

"You're very welcome. Why wouldn't I want to help such a sweet, adorable boy like you? It's my pleasure, believe me" he ruffled Misaki's hair and gestured towards his friends, "Meet Mizuki, Toudou, Shinobu and I am Ijuiin Kyo, at your service~"

Misaki felt his heart skip a beat. This man was so handsome and tall and was so nice to him. With such a kind, charming man helping him, this plan would work for sure. "I-I'm Misaki Takahashi, it's nice to meet you!"