Here's the start of a new story. This is a bit different for me than most of my stories, as I don't have it completely plotted out. I have scenes that I intend to put in, many of which match the Mature Rating of this story. But some things will just come to me in time. So I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. :)
Also, I don't own these characters. If I did, they would have their own game series by now.

Married. I'm not a young girl anymore. I'm not Daddykins' little baby anymore.
I am a married, adult woman.

Wendy sighed, letting everything sink in. The truth, for her, was not like a current, but a leaking stream of sorts. Some facts came easy; I'll finally be queen! I can get anything I want! Some can hard, jerking at her heart; I don't love this man. I agreed to this for Daddykins. But I won't see him much anymore. Or my idiot brothers...

She turned her head in the direction of the rising tide. This was supposed to be her honeymoon, but her husband, King Otur of the Water World was busy with his council. Her honeymoon was thus being spent with six of her brothers. Only her youngest had returned to the castle in Darkland with their father. Her mentally unstable state of mind combined with the light of the sun on the water made distinguishing the five figures of her brothers playing in the water impossible.

Wait.. Five? There should be six... She growled as she blinked her eyes a couple times. When I can see which one of those losers left me here., I swear I'll - - -

Her mental ranting was cut short by the feeling of cold glass against her neck. She squealed loudly at the chill, her arm swinging out in reflex. Only when she heard a voice behind her did her body come to a jerking halt.

"It's cherry soda. That is your favorite, ja?"

Ludwig. Her oldest brother. So looks like all six are here after all. She silently laughed at herself as she took the bottle from his hand. Thanking him, she stared at the label for a moment before screwing the lid off with her claw. He took a seat beside of her in the sand before popping the lid off of his own bottle- which looked like vanilla soda, though Wendy didn't bother to pay too much attention- with his front fang. They sat in silence for a moment, watching their brothers goof off in the water.

" I will not force it out of you," he began in his calm voice, "but I can tell that something is upsetting you."

"Nothing's wrong," she lied half-heartedly. Why does he have to be so observant and smart and shit? "Nothing that concerns you, anyway."

"You are lying. But I won't force you to be honest with me if you do not wish to."
Her gaze turned to the sand beneath them. She fought inwardly with herself- Should I tell him the truth? I know he wouldn't tell anyone that I'm in a loveless marriage, or that I... How can I even say it to myself- that I'm going to miss him and the others?
"How can you tell that I'm upset?"

"Simple. If nothing was bothering you, you would be in the water with the others." His tone was so matter-of-fact that it almost scared her. She should have expected it from him, though. He was most certainly observant, and she knew that he was always keeping an eye on her and her brothers. He could probably list several facts about each of them- including her own love for water.

"Guess I'm just not in the mood for swimming," she lied again.

"Ach... Ist das so?" He continued to gaze at her in silence for several moments, trying to read her eyes, but her direction toward the sand made it hard even for him. The sun was beginning to set, and her expression seemed to become more solemn as the light faded. It was almost like a beautiful painting- an artificial imitation on growing sorrow in a beautiful subject. But it was real. This wasn't just a result of brush strokes. This was his only sister, falling slowly in despair. But it wasn't in his nature to pull her close and comfort her. Hell, the fact that he was acknowledging her pain and showing any sort of concern was quite uncharacteristic of him.

That's not to say he didn't usually care. Of course he did, not only about her, but about all of his siblings. He just often found no reason to show it. Somehow, though, he didn't mind showing the slightest bit of concern now. Perhaps it was because his sister was going away? Because she was a married woman?

"Ach Gott... I feel old." He allowed himself to laugh at his own thoughts. For the most part, his laugh was reserved and gentlemanly. A couple 'kooks' of sound did, however, escape here and there, making Wendy smile at a sea of memories.

"Do you remember when we were kids," she loosened up toward Kooky, seeing as how that side of her brother was still very much alive. "You and I had planned on running away from the castle. We wanted to make something out of ourselves... Not just live as prince and princess. You always said you were going to make so much money off of your inventions that it would make King Dad jealous."

"You always swore that you would come live with me. Off of my money, that is." He laughed a bit more honestly now. "And we nearly succeeded... but you had to go and start crying the night we left because you left your favorite necklace in your room."

"Funny that we were able to sneak out of the castle, no problem... But we got caught going back in!"

The two laughed for some time, lost in memories of younger days. They now payed no mind to their brothers or anyone else on the beach. Wendy finally sighed. She then allowed herself to lay her head on Ludwig's shoulder, to which he raised an eyebrow but was too busy laughing to protest.

"I really wish we could go back to those days..." She managed to fight back the tears, not wanting to seem as helpless as she was.

"That would be pleasant." He managed to calm himself. "Back then, the thought of you as a bride would have never crossed my mind."

"And if it did, I'm sure you wouldn't have thought that I would get married before you, right?" She smirked a bit, returning to her snarky self. "I mean, for a future king, you sure don't have an impressive list of potential queens."

"What can I say? I'm too busy with my music to think about things like that."

Smiling, Wendy stared into the moon that was becoming more visible with each minute. Maybe things weren't as bad as she she first thought. Sure, she didn't love Otur- he was even more of a nerd than Iggy! But she would still see her own family every now and then.
At least I could hope. More so for their own sake than mine, of course!


Frantically, one of the koopa guards that King Bowser had relocated to Water World to keep an eye on his only daughter ran from the Castle to the Beach.
"Oh my grand star! Oh my grand fucking star!" He panted in disbelief of the news he had just heard. The terrible news he was now instructed to relay to his matriarch. "Dead! Our king is dead!"

He didn't know the specifics. All he knew was that some time shortly after Bowser had returned to Koopa Castle an attack against the kingdom took place. This attack, by whom he had not heard, had claimed the life of the great koopa king. As for the prince and other members of the Koopa Troopa, nothing was known. He really did not want to listen to the cries that his lady was likely to make... But he had his duty. He would remain loyal to the Koopa Family, no matter how much it hurt his ears. To be honest, though, his heart was already hurting more.
It's not the servants job to show any pain. He reasoned with himself as he fought back his own tears.

When he approached the shore, he saw that Queen Wendy- that very name in and of itself tearing at his heart- was not alone, but that Prince Ludwig was by her side. Not only that, but the other princes- the other 'Koopalings', as the seven often referred to themselves by- were walking toward the two.

Seven birds with one stone? Or just that much harder...? The koopa thought to himself. It didn't really matter. He had to do it. Calming himself, he marched up to them.

"Well... Excuse me, Princess. I mean Queen. And Princes. I have urgent and tragic news..."

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