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Some people called it Binghamton. Some people called it the School. Everyone knew it as a place of terror.

It was in two different sections that never knew of each other. One was the genetic mutations. The other contained the Alphas.

But one of the genetic mutations, (her name's Maximum, I believe you know her) was interested. She wanted to explore the place, if she couldn't escape.

She had someone she was fond of (I believe you've heard of him as well, his name's Iggy) create a diversion in the shape of fire.

And when the alarms went off, Max ran. The first door she came to she opened.

And ran right into a transducer. Max had her wings out, but folded them back self consciously.

He stared at her. Max was used to disbelief when looked at, so this didn't surprise her. What did surprise her was when he held out his hand and said, "Hi. My name's Gary, who're you?"

She was stunned by this, and it took a bit of time before she said, "Maximum. You can call me Max, I don't care. Just please, please don't call me Mum, or Imum. That would suck majorly."

This was not like her, but she wasn't used to being asked about herself.

"So… You have wings…?" Gary asked.

"Yeah. Why are you here?"

"The government said I was dangerous. Actually, they said the whole team was dangerous." With this, he reverted to the world of Wi-Fi and security cameras.

They were put in awkward silence for a bit.

"Why do you do the hand motions?" Max asked, honestly interested.

"I see stuff."

"So you're… insane?" she asked as nicely as she could.

"No. No. I'm autistic. There's a difference. I'm an Alpha."


"We're special. I'm not supposed to say anything." Gary resolved, and started watching TV in his mind.

Max sighed. She was obviously not going to get anything more out of him, and decided not to try.

When the whitecoats brought Max back to her cage, it was over.

But she always wondered about Alphas…

-To be continued-

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