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Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Spoilers: Takes place after S2.

A/N: Written for the Glee Angst Meme on LJ. Will probably be 3 or 4 chapters. Thanks for reading!

In the past two hours, Kurt has changed his outfit 7 times. He's cleaned his room from top to bottom twice. He's looked out the window towards the driveway approximately 28 times, just checking to make sure it's still empty.

Kurt is a nervous/excited ball of energy because Blaine Anderson, his wonderful, gorgeous, amazing boyfriend, is spending a week at the Hummel/Hudson resident. That's right. Saturday to Saturday. A full week, while his parents are out of town in Ireland or Greenland or one of those other "lands."

"Kurt," Carole calls from downstairs. "Blaine's here."

With a barely contained squeak, Kurt dashes downstairs to the kitchen, where Blaine is handing Carole a bouquet of flowers – roses, carnations, and daisies.

"For you," Blaine says, "as a thank you for having me."

"Aw," Carole says, holding the flowers up near her nose. "They're beautiful, Blaine. Thank you." She turns to Kurt and motions to Blaine. "I like this kid."

"Me too," Kurt says, unable to contain his smile. "Hi, Blaine."

"Hey," Blaine says, smiling as well.

Blaine looks so different than he does at Dalton. Instead of his uniform, he's wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a neat polo. His hair is more relaxed and curly, less gelled than normal. His duffel bag is slung over shoulder. He's already barefoot, sandals left at the door. Kurt really, really likes this sight.

"Did you eat dinner yet?" Carole asks. "We had lasagna. There's plenty leftover and I can heat some up for you if you'd like."

"I'm not hungry," Blaine says. "Thank you, though."

Carole nods. "Let me know if you change your mind. I'm going to go put these in a vase. Kurt will show you where you can put your stuff."

"Come on," Kurt says, taking Blaine's hand to lead him up to the guest bedroom. Like always, Blaine's hand is warm and soft. Perfect. "You can put your stuff anywhere," Kurt says.

"Thanks," Blaine says, dropping his bag on the ground.

"So, what do you want to do? Go shopping? Get some coffee? Play a round of mini-golf?" Kurt winces. "Okay, that last suggestion was corny. I mean, unless you want to play mini-golf. Then that's fine. But I just meant…"

"Kurt," Blaine interrupts, chuckling slightly. "Do you think we could just hang out here and watch TV or something? I kind of have a headache."

Kurt slows down and smiles. Watching TV on the couch with Blaine sounds like a perfect evening. He leans in and plants a kiss on his boyfriend's lips. "Sure. Great idea."

They head downstairs to the living room and settle in on the couch. Luckily for them, Titanic is showing and they've only missed the first 20 minutes. "Such a classic," they both agree.

"Is your headache bad? Do you want some Tylenol?" Kurt asks.

"No, I'll be fine. I was just up too late last night. It'll go away." Blaine smiles and Kurt sits back to relax.

Rose and Jack are just starting to fall in love when Finn and Burt come home from whatever sporting event they'd gone to watch that evening.

"Hey," Finn says.

"Hey. How was the…hockey game?" Kurt asks, taking a stab at it.

"Baseball," Finn corrects. "It was awesome. A no-hitter."

"Cool," Kurt says even though he has absolutely no clue what a no-hitter is.

"What are you watching?" Burt asks. "Titanic? Oh, no wonder Blaine's asleep."

Kurt looks to Blaine and finds that he is indeed asleep, curled against the arm of the couch, lips parted slightly, breathing deeply. "He had a headache. That's the only reason he fell asleep."

"Sure. Hey, I'm starving," Finn says. "Is there any of that lasagna left over? You want any, Kurt?"

"No, thank you." Finn and Burt head into the kitchen, and Kurt turns his attention back to the movie, enjoying the fact that Blaine is sound asleep next to him.

Several hours later (because Titanic with commercials is even longer than the DVD version) the movie ends. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty," Kurt says, gently shaking Blaine's shoulder.

"Hm," Blaine grunts, shifting slightly but not opening his eyes. It's honestly completely adorable.

"Blaine? Do you want to go to bed?"

Blaine mumbles something that Kurt thinks is supposed to resemble, "Sleeping." Maybe.

Kurt sighs. It's obvious that Blaine isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He goes upstairs to the guest bedroom to gather supplies, then returns to the living room.

"Blaine," he says softly. "Here. Pillow." Kurt helps him sit up just enough so that he can place the pillow between Blaine's head and the arm of the couch. He lifts Blaine's feet (heavier than they look) and helps him stretch out on the couch. Finally, he covers Blaine with a blanket, and he'd be lying a little bit if he said he didn't tuck him in. Blaine's already sound asleep again, so Kurt presses a light kiss to his forehead, just beneath those dark curls. "Goodnight, Blaine," he whispers.

Then he heads upstairs to start his moisturizing routine.

Blaine wakes when he hears voices in the kitchen. He looks around and it takes him a minute to remember that he's in the Hummel's living room. He stretches and winces at the pain in his neck. Must have slept funny. As he sits up, he realizes that he still has a headache, too. Not the best start to the morning, but at least he's not at home alone, going crazy because of all the quiet in his parents' absence.

He gets up slowly, tugging at his rumpled and wrinkled shirt and shorts. He runs a hand through his hair before walking into the kitchen. Burt and Carole are sitting at the table, drinking coffee. Kurt's leaning against the counter with his own mug, wearing what looks to be designer pajamas. "Morning," Blaine says, his voice thick and slightly raspy.

"Good morning, Blaine," Burt says.

"Morning, Mr. Sleeps-Like-the-Dead," Kurt adds. "I tried to wake you and send you to bed after the movie ended, but you were out cold."

"Sorry about that," Blaine says, rubbing his neck. It really hurts. "I must have been tired."

"Did you sleep okay?" Carole asks. "Is your neck sore from the couch?"

"A little bit," Blaine says, shifting his head from side to side. "It'll go away."

"Coffee?" Burt asks, motioning to the pot.

"No, thank you. Actually, would it be okay if I take a shower?" A little warm water might help his neck and his head, maybe wake him up a little bit.

"Sure. Right this way."

Kurt gets him set up in the guest bathroom with towels and a washcloth. The heat and water help a little, but not much. After getting dressed, he just tousles his curls, not having the energy or desire to gel them into submission.

While he waits for Kurt to finish getting ready, Finn tells him all about the baseball game he went to the night before. Blaine gets the feeling he and Kurt don't talk sports very often.

"Hey," Kurt says as he joins them, fashionably dressed, hair perfect, smelling clean.

"Finally, dude," Finn says. "Did you save me any hot water?"

"Maybe a little," Kurt says with a shrug.

Finn mumbles something about needing to wake up earlier as he walks away.

"So," Kurt says, turning to Blaine, smile on his face, "what do you want to do today? Hit the mall? Or maybe Whole Foods? We could pick up something to make dinner for everyone tonight. Or there's supposed to be this art exhibit at the university. I don't know anything about it, but it could be fun."

All Blaine really wants to do is watch a movie, take a nap, get rid of this headache, but he can see how excited Kurt is. He's obviously been making plans and wants this to be a fun week, and Blaine doesn't want to ruin that. He forces a smile. "Mall first, Whole Foods later?"

Kurt claps his hands. "Perfect. I'll get the keys."

Shopping with Kurt is fun, probably because he has the most unique sense of style out of anyone Blaine's ever met. Or at least it should be fun, except for the pounding headache that just won't let up and the sore neck that's making him wish he would have slept in the guest bedroom last night.

"Am I right? Blaine?" Kurt asks.

"Huh?" Blaine asks, forcing his attention back to Kurt, who is currently holding a pair of boots that will probably be in all the fashion magazines next week.

Kurt sets the boots down. "You don't want to be here."

Blaine feels a stab of guilt. He's ruining Kurt's plans, but his head won't stop pounding. "No, Kurt, I do want to be here. I want to do whatever you want to do. The boots are great. It's just…" he trails off.

Kurt folds his arms over his chest. "Just what, Blaine?"

"It's this headache," Blaine admits, pinching the bridge of his nose. "It's getting worse and making me kind of spacey. Sorry."

"Why didn't you say so?" Kurt asks, putting a hand on Blaine's arm. "Come on. We'll go home, get you some Tylenol, and relax on the couch until you feel better." He smiles. "We've got all week to shop."

Relieved, Blaine manages a smile and follows Kurt out of the store.

Kurt and Blaine spend all afternoon on the couch. As much as Kurt wishes they were out having the perfect day as part of the perfect week, he can almost see the headache in Blaine's eyes. The Tylenol he took a few hours ago must not have helped.

"How's your head?" Kurt asks.

Blaine shrugs sluggishly. "Still hurts. Hopefully it will go away soon." He reaches up and rubs his neck, which he's been doing pretty often.

Kurt grabs the pillow that Blaine used last night and puts it in his lap. "Come here," he says, patting the pillow.

Blaine glances towards the kitchen, where Burt and Carole are making dinner.

"Don't worry about them," Kurt says. "They won't care. You're in pain. Come on."

Hesitating for just a second longer, Blaine lays down on the couch, head on the pillow. Kurt rubs Blaine's neck, trying to work out whatever knots are there. He tousles Blaine's soft curls. But when his hand brushes up against Blaine's forehead, he stops. "Blaine?" he asks softly, smoothing his hand over his boyfriend's forehead.

"Hm?" Blaine asks, closing his eyes and leaning into Kurt's touch.

"You're warm. Are you feeling okay?"

"Yeah. Just the headache."

Kurt nods even though Blaine can't see it. Maybe the extra warmth is just his imagination. Regardless, it's probably best to spend the rest of the day on the couch. Kurt settles back and continues rubbing Blaine's neck.

It's not the worst place in the world to be.