Chapter Twenty Nine

Julius and Angela

Song: Summer's Song by Chase Coy

Julius's POV

I hold my summer love in my arms, and I kiss her on the forehead, as we lie on the beach and watch the sunset on our final evening.

This summer is coming to a close

"I love you." I whisper, closing my eyes and pulling her tighter. I can feel her smile.

"I love you too. Thank you for spending this summer with me." She says.

And I'm starting to figure out, that I can't always live without you

"You're really special, Angela. I mean that. With all my heart...I just can't believe you go back to the island tomorrow. It won't feel right to live on the beach without you." I say, not taking my eyes off her. If I take my eyes off her, she might disappear forever, like a fantastic dream.

"I swear I'll never forget you. You have been the special one. You're Julius! You're...fabulous Julius!" She says, smiling bright.

"I am quite fabulous, thank you for noticing." I say, feeling a smug grin spread across my face.

"And your so very modest." She rolls her eyes.

"The most modest person you will ever meet." I say as we both start laughing.

I hope you're thinking of me, 'cause all the stars above me sing your name

I'll never be the same again

We walk back to her rented house on the beach. We are both standing on the front porch, just looking at each other. I love her. I love her so much. Everything about her, the simplicity of her style, her love for life, her thrill from nature. Everything.

We hug, and kiss, and whisper our goodbyes.

"Don't you dare forget about me." I say, feeling myself tear up.

Stop it, Julius! You're a Man!

I pull back, and look one final time into her eyes.

"I swear. I'll never forget you. No matter what happens, I will never forget you." She says, smiling weakly. I notice the tears slip from her eyes.

"Goodbye." I say, turning around.

So please don't forget to call me

Just to let me know that you're doing okay,

Miles away from me

In the morning, I wake up. For a second, I catch myself daydreaming about heading down to the beach after work with Angela, but then I realize what reality has in store for me. Fate has assigned me to a tailoring job, which I work seven days a week, and when I'm not working, I read. That's all my life is worth living for, now that Angela's gone. For some reason, I feel angry. I don't why, or what I'm angry at, I just know I'm angry. Maybe that I have returned to my dull, incomplete life, or maybe because I just realized I will never find a girl as daring and brilliant as Angela.

This summer was the best I'd ever had

I never want to see it end

I get up out of bed, and start getting ready for work. When I get to my job in town, I try my best to focus. I truly do, but out of habit, I stare at the clock, counting down the hours until closing time, and I would be able to run to my fabulous Angela, and we would talk and laugh and sing and dance in the few remaining hours of the day. All right there, on the beach. It was so perfect. It was insane at how perfect everything was when Angela was here.

Then I have to snap myself back into reality.

And reality is really...not fabulous. For a minute, I let myself go back to when the summer seemed endless. Back when my heart was at peace.

So let's pretend, that we're never going back

We're never going back home again

I cannot hold it in any longer. I put down the shirt I was mending, and I walk out the door. I hear my boss call my name. I don't care. I don't care anymore. I absolutely can't stand the hollow feeling I have in my chest.

I stop by the house, and quickly throw most of the clothes I own in the tiny suitcase that hasn't been used since I left home around three years ago.

I run outside the house, with my bags, and I head for the train station back in town. As I purchase my ticket to the big city, which has a port that will provide me a boat I can use to get to the island, I start to realize how much of an idiot I'm being. Angela and I said our goodbyes, last night on that final night. Any normal person would just accept the fact that Angela and I were only meant to love each other, just in this summer.

But then again, when have I ever been a normal person?

I'm sick of wasting time on these formalities

Please never leave my side

The train ride passes quickly, mostly because I'm still in shock to the events I'm causing to myself.

I find the boat easily, and I overhear an old man, which attire clues me in that he is the captain of the small boat, say something about how it only takes about a half hour to make it to Waffle Island, which is quicker then most days because it's nice weather.

A half hour to Angela.

So please don't forget to call me

Just to let me know

You're doing okay, miles away from me

I listen to the boat's horn blow, indicating our arrival. I rudely say nothing to the captain as I get off the boat. I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of the island. It's so quiet, and most importantly, it's adorable!

I walk up to a map, and try to find "Barn's Ranch". When Angela told me the name of her farm, I told her I was so impressed with her creativity. I memorize the map in my mind, and make my way up the path. Two children, one with pink hair, and the other with spiked blond hair, run past me, laughing. They stop when they see me.

"Who are you?" The pink haired girl asks, as her and her friend look at me. I'm used to people staring at me. It only means they're interested in my apparel. I sigh at the nosey children.

"I'm a friend of Angela's." I say blankly.

"Oh, you mean her boyfriend!" The blond little boy says, which makes the two kids crack up with laughter. I smile at the two, and make my escape up the hill to where the ranch is. I can immediately tell which one is Angela's. She always gave such great detail when she talked about her farm. She's so proud of what she has done. I notice the cows in the pasture. She would always tell me that they were the best cows in the entire world. We may both have a modestly problem.

Nah, we're both pretty much perfect.

I breathe in, as I climb the steps to her farmhouse. I raise my fist to knock on the door-

I'm startled when a teary eyed Angela opens the door, and jumps into my arms.

"How are you here?" She yells into my shoulder.

"Don't think about that. Just marry me." I say, not having a clue at what I'm saying. I tense up when I realize what exact words had just come out of my mouth.

"Yes! Yes, I will marry you! I love you!" She says, pulling back, giving me the sweet chance to look into her gleaming eyes.

Well, that worked out better then I thought.

So please tell me darling,

Why you're so far away

When I need you beside me, tonight

It was a happy ending in the end. Angela introduced me to the entire island, and we were married within days.

She was more then just a summer love. She is the love of my life.

So please don't forget to call me

Just to let me know

You're doing okay, miles away from me

Yay! Happy ending! I wanted to get this chapter up, 'cause I'm going on vacation for the next week. I know it's been about...three months since I last updated, but I'm still trying to get back into summer writing mode. Well, enjoy!