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Merlin woke up when the alarm went off and hit the snooze button, leaving Arthur to have five minutes more and leave him to turn the alarm off. It was what they did every morning. Merlin would wake up first and hit the snooze, leaving Arthur to have an extra five minutes and then the next morning, Arthur would get up and hit the snooze letting Merlin have five more minutes.

Merlin went to get out of bed but the legs tangled up with his and the strong arms around him were stopping him from moving. Merlin managed to get his legs free, but sighed when the arms around him only tightened when he tried to get free.

"Ugh. Stay still Merlin."

"Arthur. Let me go."

"I'm comfy." came Arthur's muffled voice as his face was buried in the back of Merlin's neck. Merlin smirked and turned around in Arthur's arms and moved his hand down, taking Arthur's cock in his hand and began to stroke it slowly. "Ah Merlin." Arthur moaned, letting go of Merlin and laying on his back.

As soon as Arthur's arms left Merlin, he let go of Arthur's cock and jumped up out of bed. "Thank you. I can take a shower now."


"You love me really."

"Lucky for you that I do." Arthur looked at the time and moaned. "Merlin. Why set the alarm for half seven we aren't in class until half ten. We have three hours to kill. What are we going to do with three hours?"

Merlin poked his head round the bathroom door, his hair wet, water dripping on to his face and shoulders that were wet. Merlin had obviously stepped out of the shower to answer Arthur. "Sex in shower?"

Arthur jumped out of bed and went over to Merlin, picking him up on his way to the shower. "Lets get this sexy arse of yours back in the shower." Merlin laughed and let Arthur carry him back to the shower.

Gwaine knocked on Merlin and Arthur's door, when he got no answer he went to open the door but was stopped by Percival. "Gwaine. You can't just walk in their dorm."

"Why not? They walk into mine all the time."

"After you invited them, but Merlin and Arthur don't even know you are coming."

Gwaine faced the door when he heard a loud moan. "I'm not Percy, but from the sounds of that, someone is." Gwaine said, smiling as he opened the door and walked in before Percival could stop him.

"Oh fuck Merlin."

"I thought you was doing." Merlin said, smirking. Arthur quickly changed that and Merlin groaned out loud when Arthur roughly thrust into him. "Ah. Fuck. Ah yes Arthur. More."

Arthur started to pound furiously into Merlin who was moaning, "ah, ah, ah, oh yes, more." with every thrust.

Soon Merlin was cumming, spilling all over the shower wall whilst Arthur emptied himself inside of Merlin. After they both washed themselves down, they stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around them before heading into the other room.

Arthur, who followed Merlin out of the bathroom, bumped into him when Merlin came to a stop. "Merlin. Why have you just stopped?"

"How long have you two been here?" Arthur looked to where Merlin was looking and his eyebrows shot up when he saw Percival sat on Merlin's bed looking sorry and Gwaine sat next to him with a big grin on his face. When Merlin saw Gwaine looking him up and down with a smile on his face, he blushed and pushed back past Arthur and shut himself in the bathroom causing Gwaine to laugh out loud.

"Must you wind him up? And I catch you checking Merlin out again I will wipe that smile off your face. He's mine." Arthur sighed. "How long have you two been here?"

"Round about the time you shouted 'oh fuck Merlin.'"

"What are you both doing here anyway at this time in the morning?"

Percival stood up and pulled Gwaine up with him. "We came to see if you wanted to kick some ball about but it's fine. We will leave you to it." Percival said.

"We will?"

"Yes Gwaine. We will. Apologise to Merlin on behalf of him." Percival said, looking at Arthur before dragging Gwaine from the room. Arthur chuckled and shook his as he walked over to the bathroom door. "They're gone Merlin."

Merlin opened the bathroom door. "Why does he do it. He knows it makes me uncomfortable unless it's you doing it."

"It's because he's Gwaine." Arthur said, putting his arms around Merlin. "That's why."

Arthur and Merlin had been sharing their dorm since they started uni. At first they did nothing but insult each other, but as time went on, insults had less heat behind them, as though they weren't bothered anymore, friendship took over which after getting drunk one night and Arthur and Merlin waking up naked in the same bed with Arthur still buried in Merlin from the night before they were now boyfriends.

Because everyone knew everyone in uni, it wasn't long before everyone found out that Merlin and Arthur were an item. The only people who didn't know was Arthur's father and Merlin's mother.

Arthur, no matter how much he wanted to, couldn't tell Uther about Merlin being more than a friend as he insisted that one day he was to marry one of his friends daughters. Not wanting to risk the thought of giving Uther a heart attack they both decided it was best not to tell him.

Merlin on the other hand, wouldn't dare tell his mum because he knew she wouldn't approve.

Arthur had just collapsed on top of Merlin after his climax, panting into Merlin's neck who felt Arthur's warm breath. "That was amazing." Arthur panted. "It always is."

They both jumped when someone knocked on the door. Before either of them had a chance to ask who it is, Uther's voice travelled through the door. "Arthur? I know you are in there. Open up."

"Shit!" Arthur cursed under his breath. Merlin quickly rolled them both over and and lifted himself off Arthur and scrambled about the room looking for his clothes.

"Arthur!" Uther voice sounded again.

Merlin fastened his jeans and threw his top over his head and looked at Arthur. "You're not very well." Merlin told him before answering the door. "Mr Pendragon sir. Good to see you again." Merlin said, smile plastered to his face. Uther looked Merlin up and down. "Don't suck up." he said before making his way into the room.

"What are you doing in bed Arthur? You were supposed to meet me this morning so I could introduce you to someone." Uther stopped when he noticed the state Arthur was in. In bed, covers covering very little that clearly told anyone who had eyes that he was wearing nothing underneath, his hair plastered to his head, sweat running down his face. "What's wrong with you?"

"He is not well Mr Pendragon."

"I can see that."

"Why ask then?" Uther turned round and looked at Merlin, who just seemed to realise what he said. "Sorry." Arthur started to laugh at Merlin but when Uther turned back to face him he turned his laugh into a cough.

Behind Uther, Arthur saw Merlin shaking his head. Idea coming to mind, Arthur, not caring that his father was there, threw the covers off him and walked into the bathroom. "Need a piss." he mumbled, smirk on his face when he caught the sight of Merlin's face going red.

"Arthur!" Uther scolded. Arthur stopped and turned to face Merlin and Uther. "What?"

"Cover yourself up. You have company."

"Father. 1: We are all male and 2: It's nothing you haven't seen before."

"When you was a baby yes."

"And 3: Merlin has seen me in all my glory loads of times." Arthur finished before turning and going into the bathroom.

Uther turned on Merlin. "Why have you seen him naked?"

"I er. We share a dorm. The amount of times I have walked in when he is with someone in bed."



Arthur came out of the bathroom wearing some boxer shorts. "Merlin has told me why he has seen you naked loads of times."

Arthur glanced at Merlin. "He did?"

"Yes. It's nothing to be ashamed of Arthur. I know know why you keep saying no when I try and marry you off so quickly."

"You're not mad?"

"Why would I be?"

"Well I didn't think you would approve of me being gay."

"No Arthur." Merlin sighed.

"GAY?" Uther yelled.

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