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Merlin was on the field watching Arthur train. Merlin was a bit distraught after that mornings phone call and Arthur suggested that Merlin get some air and convinced him to watch them train.

Merlin watched Arthur train and couldn't help but smile. Arthur was right. He did feel a little better, that was until he saw his mother walking over to him. Arthur spotting this, called for a five minute break and the team made their way over to Merlin and his approaching mother.

"You know why I am here Merlin."

"I do mum."

"I am guessing the other week it was your boyfriend under the covers."

"It was."

Hunith looked at the football team. "Which one is it?"

Arthur moved forward and placed a comforting arm around Merlin. "It's me Mrs Emrys."



Hunith took Merlin's arm and led him away from everyone. "How could you not tell me that you was gay. And the thing is Merlin, you only told me over the phone because you thought it was someone else and not me. It hurts that you feel that you can't trust me. Your own mother."

"I'm sorry."

"It's a little late for that Merlin. I am disappointed at how you have gone about handling this, from the scene just then it seems as though they all know that you are in a relationship with another boy. Does everyone know you are gay except me?"

"I was scared of telling you."

"What did you think I was going to do to you Merlin."

Merlin sighed. "I break up from uni for two weeks next week. When I come home I can explain all then."

"No Merlin. I think it's best that you don't come home."

"You don't want me home?"

"Not right now." Hunith patted Merlin on the shoulder and turned and walked away to leave without even saying goodbye.

Merlin slowly walked back up to Arthur. "Merlin. What did your mother say? Merlin?" Arthur put his thumb and finger on Merlin's chin and lifted his head up. Merlin looked into Arthur's concerned eyes and slowly shook his head as the tears made their way down his cheeks.

"Baby." Arthur held Merlin close to him and felt useless as Merlin sobbed into his shoulder.

Behind Arthur Percival grabbed Gwaine's shirt and pulled him towards him. "This is your doing. Fix it now, or I will fix you."

Gwaine loosened Percival's grip on him and moved away from everyone and went jogging ahead in order to catch Hunith before she left. Hunith was just getting in her car when Gwaine spotted her. "Mrs Emrys." he yelled.

Hunith turned at the sound of her name and saw Gwaine jogging up to her. "Are you alright Gwaine?"

"Not really. Can you walk with me please? There are some things you need to know." Hunith seemed to think about it before she nodded her head and locked her car up before walking with Gwaine as he made his way back to the field.

"So, Merlin saying what he did on the phone to me, he only said it because you changed it so he thought it would be you and you only did that because of the prank my son and Arthur did to you last night which was only them getting their own back on you for what you did in the first place."

Gwaine paused for a minute to try and work out what Hunith said before nodding.

"But it is the lying I can't get over. I brought Merlin up where he knew he could confide in me about anything and here he is not even telling me that he is gay.

"To be quite honest Hunith. Merlin didn't even know he was gay. When he first met Arthur he hated him, but they learned to get along because they had to share a dorm. Arthur wasn't even gay until he met Merlin. They just fell in love. I don't know what that's like but I can imagine it's scary to fall in love with someone who you thought you never would, growing up thinking it would turn out different to how it actually turned out."

Hunith smiled. "It is scary Gwaine." They reached the field and Hunith saw her son being comforted by Arthur who was brushing Merlin's hair back from his face and placing kisses on his forehead. "They really do love each other don't they?"

"They do Hunith." Hunith turned and faced Gwaine, smiling at him. "Thank you." was all she said before making her way over to Merlin.

"Merlin son?" Arthur tightened his hold on Merlin whilst looking at Hunith. "I don't think it's a good idea right now."

Hunith gave Arthur a small smile and looked at Merlin. "Merlin?"

Merlin looked up at Arthur and gave him a small nod and turned to face his mum. Arthur looked at his team mates. "That's enough training today."

Taking the hint, the others cleared the field within seconds, leaving just Hunith, Arthur and Merlin.

"I don't hate you nor am I disappointed with you for being gay. Yes It came as a shock but it was the lying to me when there was no need to that got to me." Hunith looked at Arthur. "Do you love him?"

"I do."

"Merlin do you love Arthur?"

"Yes mum."

"Then I am happy that you have found someone you both love. Have you both had sex?"

Merlin paled, knowing where his mother was going with this. "Mother, it's different."

"What's different?" Arthur asked, not understanding.

Merlin looked over his shoulder at Arthur. "Mother is a big believer in no sex before marriage."

"Too right I am. And how is it different?"

"Mother you have to move on with the times. Not everything is done now how it used to be. When you see some young couples now with children, most of them aren't married."

"But I bet they see themselves being together always. Do you see you spending the rest of your life with Arthur."

"Yes I do. I don't know what I'd do without Arthur. To me he is my everything." Arthur looked shocked at Merlin who seemed to forget he was there.

"Yes we are two men so the most we can do is marry. I know we can't have children but as long as we have each other mum I wouldn't want anything else."

"We could adopt Merlin." Merlin jumped and turned to face Arthur, blushing as he remembered Arthur was stood there and heard every word. "I feel exactly the same. I don't seem to work without you." Arthur staring into Merlin's eyes, forgot that Hunith was watching with a smile that was slowly forming on her face.

"You are the sole reason I get up every morning, knowing that I will be greeted with that gorgeous smile of yours. You are reason I go to sleep with a smile on my face every night, knowing it is you, and always will be you in my arms."

Hunith cleared her throat making Merlin and Arthur jump and face Hunith. "If you really feel that way about each other then I think it's best if I meet your parents Arthur. After all, we will be spending a lot of time together once you have both finished uni to organise your wedding."

"You approve?" Merlin asked.

"Very much so son. And I expect you home in two weeks."

"Merlin will be coming home with me Hunith and you are more than welcome to stay as well, there are plenty of rooms to choose from."

"If your parents are fine with it Arthur then thank you very much. I shall look forward to it." Hunith hugged Merlin tight, whispering 'sorry' in his ear before hugging Arthur. She bid them both goodbye and left.

Merlin and Arthur walked into their dorm and stopped when they saw Gwaine, Percival, Lancelot, Leon and Elyan in there. "Well?" It was obvious that Gwaine had told them the full story whilst they waited for them both to return. "She approves and is happy for the both of us." Merlin answered, causing everyone to jeer and crowd around him and Arthur, congratulating them.

Gwaine pulled Merlin to one side. "I'm sorry mate. I didn't know it would get as bad as your mother finding out when I swapped the names on your phone."

"It's alright Gwaine. I saw you go after my mum and bring her back so you made it right. Thank you."

Gwaine held his hand out. "Truce?"

Merlin slapped his hand away and hugged him. "Truce."

"Hey!" Arthur wound his arms around Merlin's waist and pulled him from Gwaine's hold. "Mine." Gwaine chuckled and left the dorm along with the others leaving Arthur and Merlin alone. Merlin turned and faced Arthur, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Yours." he whispered. Happy that he could finally be with Arthur openly anywhere he wanted without looking over his shoulder in case his mother saw.

"Always." Arthur whispered back, placing a kiss on Merlin's lips once more.

The end.

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