All characters © Amano Akira

Summary: The Varia finally meet someone who they cannot intimidate when a mission takes an unexpected turn.

The White Chrysanthemum


"Those fraudulent bastards," Gokudera crowed, waving the silk pouch containing the Gavani ring, "that's what they get for trying to screw us over!" He grinned triumphantly. "I can't wait to sue the ever-loving shit out of-"

But Tsuna wasn't listening, he being slightly preoccupied with the soft curves of Kyoko's form as they embraced. She smelled faintly of honeydew and grass, as she always did, and Tsuna kissed her gently. "I missed you," he told her quietly, hoping she couldn't tell how worried he had been. But she always could, in the end.

After the initial greetings and welcome home's, Tsuna pulled away and looked over his fianceé. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Kyoko smiled and gently smoothed Tsuna's hair back. "Yes," she assured him. "And I think we have the Varia to thank for that. Such nice boys."

Gokudera scoffed at overhearing this bit. Tsuna tried not to grimace, although he could hardly picture the Varia as "nice boys." Reluctantly, he agreed, "yes, we should send them some token of appreciation. Leave that to me."

"And me, of course," Kyoko added, holding up her finger. "I know what Xanxus-san likes."

"Are we talking about the same thing?" Tsuna asked at the same time Gokudera muttered, "so are you two pen-pals now or something?"


Xanxus felt his eyes slipping shut as the sun splashed across his study in golden patches and he listened to Debussy's La Mer. It had been a gift from the woman, an old fashioned record wrapped in lace, and it was simply splendid.


Xanxus slowly opened his eyes. It was rare for his second-in-command to use such a gentle tone upon interrupting him. This could either mean really good news or really bad news. Or, perhaps Squalo was just as entranced by the music as Xanxus was. Either way, Xanxus did not want to be disrupted for much longer. "Good news only, trash."

Squalo grinned, his smile somewhat less feral and more genuine than usual. "I think you'll like this," he said. Xanxus, who had his boots propped up on his desk (which bore similar scuff marks on its rims), planted his feet on the floor and raised his eyebrows.

"Sawada sent another gift," Squalo informed him. "It's downstairs."

Xanxus gave him a pointed look that silently asked why Squalo had not brought it up, which Squalo returned with a blink that said really? A moment later Xanxus saw why Squalo had not bothered; the box had to be about three feet long and looked rather heavy.

He opened the box, picking up one of the three bottles inside and rolling it around in his hands. It was cool to the touch, inviting, and Xanxus smiled at his reflection in it. Maybe, just maybe, it was possible that not everyone in the Vongola were douches.

Squalo whistled, impressed despite himself. "That's some high-quality tequila right there," he observed. Tequila was always good-good for everyone, since it kept Xanxus happy for a while.

"How the fuck did the little brat know I like Blue Agave?"

Squalo shrugged. "Intuition, maybe?"

Xanxus reminded himself to throw a glass of this at Squalo's head later. There were some things you just didn't joke about.

The End.