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Author's Note: I saw a picture of Pauley, Michael and Mark together and Pauley was covering her ears, Michael was covering his mouth and Mark was covering his eyes. I decided to have something like this happen to Abby, Tony and Gibbs. The picture is my avatar if you want to see, but it's not that great because it was chopped off a little bit.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil

Tony, Abby and Gibbs came out of the movie theatre Tony was carrying the second bag of popcorn. They had eaten the first bag when they were watching the movie and nobody got up to get it filled. They had gotten the large one allowing for another refill. Tony dipped a hand into the buttery popcorn and ate some of the popcorn. Abby too ate some of the popcorn too.

"I can't believe that you are both still hungry after all that popcorn and candy you ate."

"Movie theatre popcorn is good." They both answered at once. They looked at each other and grinned.

They walked to the car and they drove to Gibbs's house where Abby and Tony would spend the night. They got out of the car and as they were blinded by a bright light that was only there for a minute. Tony opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Abby looked around and then pointed to her ears. "I can't hear." She said as she looked at Tony. Gibbs blinked and tried to look around, but he still couldn't see anything. "I can't see." Gibbs said. Tony had pointed to his mouth trying to talk, but nothing happened. "Tony can't talk." Abby said to Gibbs.

They made their way towards Gibbs house and Tony and Abby guided Gibbs into the house and they all sat down on the couch.

"Call Ducky." Said Gibbs.

Abby grabbed her phone and texted Ducky to come to Gibbs house. When he stepped inside Abby told him that there had been a bright light and then she couldn't hear, Tony couldn't talk and Gibbs couldn't see."

"This reminds me of something I saw as a boy. It was a small statue of three monkeys with a plaque on it. One of the monkeys was covering his eyes, one was covering his ears and one was covering his mouth. The writing said See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. Now let me check all of you out. I actually remember a long time ago that this happened to someone else."

When he was done he was done with his check up he looked at the three on the couch. "It seems just like last time that this too will clear up in an hour. I don't know why this happened to all of you, but it will be gone soon."

As they waited Abby and Tony played cards while they talked to Gibbs. They made sure that he wasn't bored. Ducky had stayed with them and finally after an hour later Gibbs could see, Abby could hear and Tony could talk.

"Well that was hinky." Tony said.

"That was hinky." Abby replied.

"I wonder why that happened?" Asked Tony.

"I don't know." Ducky said as I said I've only seen this once before.

"Thank you Duck for staying with us."

"You're welcome, Gibbs. I should go now that you are all better."

When Ducky left they all looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and then turned the TV on and watched another movie.

The End