This one goes out to Clarry and Runaway Baby, for being super nice and amazing writers. Clarry wrote a fic where Logan goes into the past, and we found an interesting interview...The guys are time travelers. Logan said he'd go to the 50's, James would go to the future, Kendall to the 20's, and Carlos to the time of Pocahontas. the fic is Everything In It's Time, and its simply wonderful. Thanks guys, for putting up with my Disney nonsense. R&R!

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As much as everyone would like to think of the four boys of Big Time Rush, they had only once caught Hollywood fever. They were still the same four, down to earth guys that they were when they came to Hollywood. Which was why they decided to vacation in the wilderness of Virginia instead of some place exotic, like Cabo. It was actually Kendall's idea, after they were asked in an interview if they thought they could do well on Survivor. James bet him that he would die of starvation within the first week, and now, here they were, about to raft down the James River, one of the largest in Virginia. James, Kendall and Logan all felt a bit of adrenaline as they waited to boat the large yellow raft, but Carlos felt a little more frightened. He was leaning against a tree on the bank of a river, life vest securely on, helmet strapped down tightly. He bit his lip, kneading the soft flesh between his teeth in his nervous state. Kendall finally noticed, and approached his smaller friend.

"You ok there?" Kendall's eyebrows were deeply furrowed, and Carlos looked up with a small smile.

"Of all the things I have to be afraid of…" He shook his head, looking down at the space between their bodies. It was closed suddenly, and Carlos had his face smashed into the life jacket of Kendall. He giggled and embraced his friend, and the whole thing was awkward due to the vests. Kendall always seemed to have a soft spot for Carlos, and the shorter teen just shook it off as brotherly affection. He was the baby of the group, and was used to being treated with more affection from all of the guys.

"I've got you, Carlos. I'll even hold your hand," Kendall pulled back with the lightest of blushes on his face, and Carlos beamed, grabbing for the other's soft hand.

"Thank you very much, Kendall." The blonde finally pulled Carlos into the raft, James and Logan in front of them, and before they knew it, one of the two tour guides was pushing them off the river bank. They were taught some safety precautions and how to properly paddle and such. Logan and Kendall, who had once before gone river rafting with each other, were nodding along, knowing that if you were knocked from the raft you must float along with the current until you could catch onto a branch. James was only half paying attention, trusting the guide enough to save him and not flip the raft. Carlos was listening intently, and even asked him how to throw out the rope with the bag containing the life preserver more than twice. And when their guide, Dak, pushed them away from the rock that was keeping them out of the current, Carlos grabbed onto Kendall's hand until both their knuckles were white. The blonde gave him a raised brow, and a reassurance.

"Carlos, you need to trust us. You will be fine. I've got you, and you know what to do in case of emergency. Hardly anything more than a raft flip ever happens. And besides, you've got your trusty helmet to protect you," Kendall smiled and lightly tapped the black protection on Carlos' head with his paddle, which earned a pout from the Latino and what sounded like a scolding from the guide. There was about a half mile of easy cruising, in which Carlos leaned himself against Kendall, loosening his grip fractionally. And when the guide announced their first set of rapids, a type that was called 'champagne', Carlos sat upright, his back as straight as a plank, and his hand tightened around his friend's all over again. They of course, came out completely safe on the other side, but with a wet and glowering Carlos.

"Why the hell did I agree to go with you guys? That was completely insane; I demand that we pull this thing over!"

James and Logan snickered, and Kendall just sighed and patted his back. Dak told him that the ride was five miles, and no, they could not pull over. Carlos turned to Kendall with a fresh pout on his lips, and what looked to be tears forming in his eyes.

"He's right Carlos. Please try it. If you stopped worrying so much then you'd see how fun it is!" Kendall gave a cheery smile, and gave Carlos' hand a squeeze before turning back to the front of the raft, and to Dak announcing that the next set of rapids were coming up. This time, Carlos listened to Kendall, and his shoulder's relaxed, letting himself giggle a little as they got tossed around with the white rapids. He came out with a small smile for the four other males, and asked how much longer the trek was at this point. Dak answered with a vague '3 or so miles', and informed them that the currents were a little slow today, and this river was usually a Class II, or even III. Another set of rapids and Dak was paddling them towards a river bank with large rocks on either side of them. He told the boys that they could o swimming if they like, and James and Logan eagerly toppled themselves into the freezing water. Kendall got out slowly, swimming over to Carlos' side of the boat and helped him get out at an even lazier pace.

Carlos laughed as every crevice of his body was flooded with ice melted water, and Kendall pulled their bodies together for the second time that day. The younger teen could tell that Kendall's bootie-clad feet were touching the bottom of the small alcove of the river, but Carlos had to hold onto the blonde in order to stay on top of the water. In that moment, Carlos felt closer to Kendall than he ever had.

"Thanks, Ken," he grinned, and resting their helmet protected foreheads together. The blonde just smiled, and his face inched closer to Carlos'. They could feel the others hot breathe on their lips, and Kendall felt so close to tasting the boy he'd been pining over for years…

And they were hit by a wave of icy water. James and Logan chuckled, high fived and started herding the two blushing teens toward the slope of pebbles on the bank of the river. The brunettes sat with their legs stretched out in front of them, the appendages still in the water. Kendall had his legs crossed, and he stared into his lap depressingly until Carlos leaned against him till his back was against the blonde's chest. He brightened immediately.

Dak was still in the raft, and had maneuvered it until it was sure to stay against one of the large boulders. He took in the sight of Kendall and Carlos, and quirked an eyebrow.

"So, I'm assuming you guys are…like together…or something?" they flushed red before glancing at each other. Carlos shook his head no, and the older teen simply shrugged.

"A little fun fact about this place; it's rumored that over the next 100 square miles was the area of Tsenachommacah, otherwise known as the homeland of the Algonquian Indians. The king, or chief, of the Algonquian's, had many daughters. One of which was Pocahontas herself." Logan raised his eyebrows, impressed at the most likely rehearsed dialog, and locked eyes with the guide.

"So it's possible that I could be sitting where Pocahontas or John Smith or Chief Powhatan sat four hundred or so year ago?" The oldest of the band asked, and Dak nodded.

"We should probably get going, the current looks like it's picking up a little," The guide nodded to himself, and they were on their way within the next ten minutes. They went through a few sets of rapids, Carlos giggling openly now, but still holding onto Kendall. Dak was talking to James lowly.

"You know, rafting season is all year. The river should not be this low…" his tone was worried and he turned away to push away from a rock with his paddle. Logan and James exchanged glances, and looked back at their friends. They were still oblivious to the problem at hand, and the guide announced the second to last concentration of rapids.

Everything was going seemingly normal. The white water was determined to soak the five males, and dying seemed to be the last of Carlos' worries at the moment. Dak was focused on the water in front of their raft, making sure no rocks were in their path due to the low river level. And suddenly, there was one. He called back a command for the right side of the raft to start paddling, hard, and James set to work. The youngest member, however, froze. He couldn't do this, he was not meant to be on white water rapids. Kendall squeezed his hand, and released, and Carlos almost blindly attempted to help steer the raft out of danger. The river caught his paddle. It was ripped from his grasp, and he looked forward, stricken with a new wave of fear. Their raft hit the protruding rock. And Carlos was dislodged from his seat.

Kendall screamed, reaching out for him desperately, and Carlos was struggling to keep his head up, he had to keep his head up. Dak yelled back at him to relax and straighten out his body, that they would throw back the safety line once out of the rapids. The dark skinned teen crossed his arms over his chest, gripping to his life vest, and forced his legs in front of his torso. His heart was beating wildly against his rib cage, and he could nearly feel the fear from Kendall just as much as he could his own.

Dak had clambered his way to the back of the raft, and he was holding a rope with a bright orange life preserver on the end of it. The rapid's ceased, and he was grateful for the slow current at the moment. He called back to Carlos, instructing him to sit up to catch the preserver. Carlos reached forward, arms outstretched and eyes locked on the orange ring. Dak tossed it, and Kendall sighed in relief when his friend caught it and hooked his arm around it. The guide pulled him in slowly, and Kendall got a wet grasp on Carlos' hands. Dak grabbed the back of his vest, and together they pulled him up until one leg was securely on the raft.

What happened next was the most terrifying thing in Kendall's life. His hand slipped out of Carlos', and he lunged forward to regain some sort of hold on the teen. The sudden unbalance of weight tipped the raft, and Carlos was dunked back into the river, the current being quick to grab him. The life preserver was yanked out of Dak's hands when it caught on a jagged rock. Carlos was struggling to keep his head above water all over again, trying to regain the straight body position he had maintained before. Kendall was yelling at Dak, telling him to do something.

"Carlos! Stay relaxed until you can grab onto an overhanging branch or log! The life preserver is gone! Try to stay in one place, and we will come and find you!" Dak had somehow remained calm, and James and Logan were looking back with deeply furrowed brows and frowns. Kendall resulted to sit back, keeping his wet emerald eyes locked on Carlos. Their raft was caught by the last set of rapids, and the blonde barely caught sight of Carlos grabbing onto a fallen log that was attached to the east side of the river bank. He sighed in partial relief and bit his lip, letting Dak push him back into his seat.

Carlos was breathing heavily. His chest rose and fell in rapid succession, and it was taking his energy quickly. His arms pulled him onto the log, working his body toward the bank, and he collapsed on the pebbly slope. He lost Kendall. He couldn't save himself. He was hyperventilating, the air coming in raggedly and leaving too quickly. Carlos raised his arms above his head, remembering Logan telling him that it helped open up your air passage ways. It didn't. He covered his face with his hands, resisting the urge to go and puke in the damned river, and groaned. His dark brown eyes were blinking, and each time they closed, he saw white spots in his vision. He guessed due to lack of oxygen. With one shuddering breath, he blacked out.

Fainting wasn't a very manly thing to do in Carlos's opinion, yet out of his three friends and himself, he did it the most often. He accompanied the disembodied feeling with sleeping or day dreaming. But if Carlos compared this to sleeping, his experience certainly wasn't a pleasant dream.

The scene of his hand's slipping from Kendall's replayed over and over again. He could recall the gushing water; he felt the warm hands accidently releasing his wet ones. He felt the water pulling him in and pushing him under. It replayed.

Carlos knew something was different when the water decided to free him, and he saw himself collapsing on the bank of the river, and he knew that he was about to see himself pass out. It was the strangest out of body experience he ever had. When the other Carlos' eyes fluttered closed, he was yanked out. His own eyes fluttered open, and he was staring up into the tanned and painted face of a stranger. Apparently the stranger knew him, because he smiling and started speaking a language that was foreign at first, until it morphed into something he under stood perfectly.

"…He has woken up. You must not run off like that, Matoaka. Imagine what would happen if someone else had found you. You could've been kidnapped." His voice was deep and strong, but somehow held a under lining of care. Carlos blinked several times, and the stranger began to resemble his own father.

"Dad…my name isn't Matoaka…" he sat up and looked down at himself. He was no longer wearing a life vest or helmet. He reached up and felt a smooth band wrapped around his head, and what felt like several feathers tucked into it. The only clothing on his body was something that almost resembled a skirt, except the leather only covered his…private areas. A light breeze told him that it did not actually cover anything. The man nodded, as if remembering something. "My name is Carlos."

That brought a look of deep confusion on his face, and the man stood and grabbed his bare arm, pulling the teen up with him.

"Nonsense. You have always gone by either Matoaka or Pocahontas, and I will call you as such."

Horrifying realization dawned across Carlos' face as the dots connected in his mind.

He was definitely not on the banks of the James River anymore.