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Two men were leaning over the side of one of the largest ships that London had seen yet. They passed a bottle of cheap wine between them, surveying the weeping families and the not-so brave, but arrogant, men that they were sending off. Bread, wine, water, and crackers filled crates were scattered on the deck, most of which having already been loaded into the lower cabin of the ship. One of the men, the taller one, took a swig of wine and passed it to the other, standing up straight and running a hand across his broad chest. The other simply drained the bottle, dropping it carelessly into the water than divided the boat and the stone dock. The first man slapped his shoulder, and he responded with a shrug.

"Do you know who's captaining the ship?" the second man turned around, leaning backwards on the railing and crossing his arms. The first man developed a shocked look, and then his eyes squinted up.

'You're an idiot. Who the hell else would be leading us to the New World other than Kendall Smith? You must also think the savages will be welcoming to us…" he rolled his eyes and pointed to the loading dock. "That's him right there."

A tall blonde man was striding up the ramp, a casual black vest over a loose white shirt and grey trousers. A shorter brunette was walking with him, looking half as put together and twice as inexperienced. An easy wave was thrown to the now arguing set of men, and Kendall chuckled.

"Calm down, Logan. No, I won't let the Natives attack you, no, I don't know what to expect of the New World. I'm sure it will be as interesting as London or even more so. I've seen a hundred new worlds. Every day you wake up is a new world, don't you think?" he mused mostly to himself, and Logan found himself bumping into Kendall's back as he had suddenly stopped. They were standing at the bow of the ship, Kendall with a puffed out chest and Logan staring down at his hands. They glanced at each other.

"Any which way you put it," Kendall threw an arm around the shorter man's shoulders and guided them away. "You're being far too nervous. I suppose with you being someone is so…logical, you don't see each day as a new world. This is a once in a life time opportunity to you. So don't waste it being over analytical!" Logan nodded, and with a slight push, went over to the railing to catch lines. They were to leave the dock at noon, and even without a watch he could tell that it was fast approaching.

Anyone on the dock or in sight of the ship could tell you that setting it sails and casting off was one of the most spectacular things ever. As soon as every heavy rope was thrown onto the deck, the men that had climbed high onto the masts dropped the canvas sails, and the wind caught them and pulled them out of the harbor with Kendall at the wheel.

Whereas the sleeping quarters of the swabbies were the least luxurious thing you would ever see, the cabin at the back of the ship that was occupied by Governor Ratcliffe was very nice. He had ordered some of the work men to haul on board his dresser, a desk with a large mirror attached to it, and a bed heavy enough to most likely stay in place throughout the voyage. Currently, he was stretched out on it, his assistant massaging his left thigh while straddling the other one. Needless to say, each time the assistant dipped his hips down the slightest, James' trousers tented up even higher. His long hand travelled down to the other man's waist, and he gave a squeeze so that the help would meet his eyes.

"Could you fetch Kendall Smith for me?" Although James couldn't remember the assistant's name at the moment, he thought he was a keeper, especially as the helps' hand brushed over his crotch on his way off the bed. James reached down and rubbed at himself, a low hum of appreciation in his throat before sitting up and gazing at the door to his cabin.

The assistant, Robert, as James now recalled, lead Kendall in, and left when the Governor gave him an off-handed wave. Kendall stood awkwardly in the door way, and James beckoned him over and pulled him into the spread of his legs. A hand clenched his round arse and Kendall pushed his hips back and tried to change the awkward look into a smile.

"We're well on our way. I left the wheel with the first mate, and it looks like easy winds and clear skies until the horizon."

James nodded and reached up, making to unbutton Kendall's shirt. The blonde starts popping out the buttons from the bottom and they met in the middle, James' eyes roving over his pale skin. The brunette leant forward and laid kisses along his torso, and Kendall's hand snaked into the brown locks. There was a sudden lurching, and Kendall fell sideways and slid till his back hit the wall. James looked stunned, and the furniture was shifting slightly. As Kendall scrambled to his feet, he threw a 'Stay here!' over his shoulder and bolted out of the room.

The first mate was still managing the wheel, and Kendall threw him an OK hand signal before rushing over to a group of men who were trying to secure the sails. The storm had been sudden and harsh; rain was pounding into his vision, wind whipped his hair around, and the sound of waves smacking against the side of the boat drowned out any other noise. Out of the corner of his eyes, almost in his blind spot, the captain saw Logan struggling to tie down a runaway canon. He was tugging feebly on a rope as stronger men rushed around him. On natural instincts, Kendall clambered his way across the deck and helped him slide the canon back into its cubby. Logan shouted a thank you over the storm, and before Kendall could even give him a 'no problem' pat on the back, the ship lurched again, and Logan was tumbling over the side of the boat.

Kendall let out a scream, looking around wildly. Logan was getting further and further out of sight, being pushed under the brutal wave's and-there! The blonde sprinted back to the second mast, hooked a looped rope around his ankle, and dived off the stern of the boat. The main halyard line that was tied around his ankle controlled the back sail; as the waves forced him back and he swam toward Logan, the large canvas sail was being pulled up, taking care of two problems at once.

Somehow Kendall had kept an eye on Logan, and a wave forced him under, and Kendall dived, stretching an arm out to the flailing male. Once Logan realized what was happening, he wrapped all four of his appendages around Kendall's body, and the blonde burst to the surface of the water, waving his arms in the 'HELP, MAN OVERBOARD' way that they had been taught so many times. Kendall caught sight of two burly men, one brunette and one with red hair that stood out even when wet, grab onto the line and began towing the sobbing Logan and gasping Kendall back in.

After what seemed like an hour, but must have been only minutes, the men were collapsing against the deck. Kendall coughed, noticing dully that the storm had lessened, before turning his gaze to Logan. The event was clearly more traumatic for him, as he was coughing and sputtering, and fuck he was going to start hyperventilating. The captain rolled over, a knee on either side of Logan's waist, and he forced Logan's shaking arms over his head.


Logan tried nodding weakly, a sob escaping his throat and the shouted command from Kendall did nothing as his breaths were stilled ragged. He finally got control, now panting slightly under Kendall, and the blonde stepped up and away from Logan. The small man on the deck choked out a 'thank you', and Kendall rolled his eyes and turned around, right into the broad chest of Governor Ratcliffe. The blonde blushed, realizing now that his shirt was still hanging open and that he was sopping wet. James picked at a shoulder of his soaked vest and raise a brow.

"Explain, Kendall."

"Well, Logan went overboard, and I thought that if I pulled the main halyard line with me when I went for Logan that it would pull in the sail. And it worked, Governor." Kendall gave a small smile, and looked around. The skies had cleared, and if he looked to the east, where they had just come, he could see dark storm clouds. A warm and dry hand directed his head and gaze to the bow of the boat, and his eyes squinted against the sun. Was that…land?


Carlos had found Kendall again. He was standing on the edge of a small slope, overlooking the bank of the river where a huge boat was anchored. Apparently when he had seen the blonde earlier, he was doing a small scouting trip with James, and now the pale skinned man was gazing across the land. Carlos was smiling lightly, crouched behind a large bush and peering through the branches while idly petting a raccoon that had been following him. Kendall suddenly turned around, rubbed his belly, and extracted a round cracker from his pocket. Before he could even put it in his mouth, the raccoon had perked up and scampered forward at the sight of food.

Carlos attempted to not gasp as Kendall leant down and offered the food to the raccoon. The animal took it hesitantly, looking back at the bush that Carlos was hiding behind.

"Do you have another friend back there?" the blonde's tone was soft but still accented, and Carlos almost stopped to listen before. He couldn't decide whether to run or stay and remain quiet. Kendall was not supposed to see him, but another part of him wanted Kendall to find him, to see his reaction when he saw his future best friend hiding in a blackberry bush. But as Carlos was mulling this over, the captain had already stepped forward and was looking down in shock at Carlos.

"A…a savage. Were you spying on me?" his wonderful voice became accusatory, and a hand went to the bet that held a shining knife. Carlos gasped, shook his head, and scrambled backward before bolting away from Kendall and his very surprising knife.

Ever since Carlos noticed the changes in his body, they became more and more pronounced, and he knew he could outrun the English man. He ran the opposite direction from the boat, stumbling down a slope and coming to a stream. There were perfect stepping stones across it and Carlos leapt from each one, looking back and realizing he had engulfed himself in mist. He heard light foot steps behind him, and he ducked down, feet slipping into the stream. Kendall finally came to stand directly in front of him, eyes peering through the haze and taking in Carlos' appearance.

What Kendall saw surprised him. The Native, obviously younger than him, didn't look primitive or grimy. He was…he was beautiful. While James had a sort of esteemed, groomed type of handsomeness, this tan male in front of him carried a natural beauty, with an even skin tone and soft features. Kendall almost dared to think that he was more attractive to him than James was. The boy started slowly backing up, a panicked look sweeping over his face, and Kendall dropped the knife.

"I won't hurt you, I promise!"

But Carlos was already running away, dashing between trees and going deeper and deeper into the forest. Kendall cursed, following after him and trying to keep an eye on his tan back. They finally met each other, Carlos ending up backed up against a tree, Kendall with a hand on either side of his head in order to keep him where he was. They were both panting slightly, and the Englishman was the first to speak.

"I don't mean to harm you. I was just using my defenses. Can you understand me?"

Carlos could understand him perfectly. Every word was clear English, but he wasn't so sure he could respond. He had continued to have an odd sensation fill his mouth every time he spoke, and he knew that he hadn't been speaking English the last two days. What did Pocahontas do in the movie?... Oh yeah. Just listen, Carlos.

His brown eyes closed hesitantly, not wanting to look away from Kendall, but needing to communicate with him. So his eyes closed, his breathing slowed, and his senses struggled to dull back to those of Carlos Garcia, not Pocahontas. When his eyes opened, he knew exactly how to respond.

"Yes, I can understand you…" he whispered, and smiled slightly at the comfortable way the words sat on his tongue. Kendall smiled back, and brought a hand down to brush over Carlos' cheek. The Native was already so intriguing, and yet he didn't even know his name. An hour later found them lying next to each other, cloud watching through a gap in the leaves of the large trees.

"Why did you come here, Kendall?" Carlos asked, reaching for his hand.

"Well, I came over with a large crew and Governor James Ratcliffe, and we are supposed to search the land for gold and cut down trees in order to build a colony."

The smaller of the two furrowed his brows; that didn't sound like Kendall at all. Of course it didn't, but any Kendall that Carlos was going to tolerate was supposed to be caring and neutral to his environment, not wanting to cut down trees in order to build a house. He sat up.

"But why? It's so pretty, the land. I couldn't imagine a city or colony on the bank of the river, could you?" Carlos quirked his eyebrow this time, and Kendall sighed, sitting up as well.

"I'm simply following orders. We were instructed to build a town and search for gold, and kill any savages that get-"

"Savages? Why would you call us that? And there's no gold here, just earth." The word's flowed easily from Carlos' mouth, and he didn't know where they were coming for or why he felt anger at the term 'savage'.

"Oh, I suppose we use the term savage to describe…well… how you live. In England we are much more… uptight and sophisticated, if you would."

Carlos rolled his eyes; of course Kendall Smith would say that, but he would have to learn a lot in order to be accepted to Carlos. As accepted as his Kendall was to him. Instead of fighting back, he just sighed and decided on a different tact.

"Have you ever really looked at nature? How birds fly, how the grass ripples, how trees reach down to you? Or how animals are not naturally fearful of humans? Or how the wind is…whimsical and colorful and the whole world is beautiful. You pale people shouldn't ruin it with your buildings and by digging holes, looking for something that's not there," Carlos said this all in one or two breaths, and Kendall looked stunned. The raven haired teen pulled the captain and him to their feet, leading him to the edge of the woods.

"Now just breathe, and listen."

What Kendall felt next was some sort of exhilarating. The hues around him brightened, and the sounds developed a tune, and the air smelt of water and grass and pine. Carlos' arms were wrapped around his chest, and a face nuzzled into his neck.

"Can you paint with all the colors of the wind, Kendall Smith?"

The blonde turned around in the embrace and smiled.

"It is beautiful. But I'm not sure which is more attractive; nature, or you."

Carlos, embarrassed, tucked his head under Kendall's chin, and they remained like that for a while, Carlos listening to Kendall's heart beat, and Kendall listening to nature. When the blonde spoke again, Carlos felt it on his nose and cheek.

"When can I see you again?" Carlos pulled away and looked into the questioning green eyes. The answer came easily.

"Tomorrow. At noon. At the same slope where you found me first."

Kendall nodded and stepped away fully, taking Carlos's hand and smiling. He laid a kiss on the back of the tan hand and started retreating. Carlos sighed in contentment; oh yes, this romancer, the handsome blonde, was so close to being his Kendall in that instant.