Shades of Love II

Epilogue: Married With Children

Fifteen years after the wedding...

Teddy drove his car up to the house he and Sweetheart shared. He had come a long way from his days as a warehouse worker. He now held the position of supervisor, which carried with it a substantial pay increase. That, combined with Sweetheart's doctor wages, allowed the two a measure of financial security, enough to buy a nice house, and a fancy car.

Whistling nonchalantly, Teddy got out of the car, and made his way to the front door.

"Daddy's home!" He called as he entered the house, being tackled shortly afterward by two blurs of color.

"Dad! Dad!" cheered the pair. They were Teddy and Sweetheart's children: Kodiak, who had his mother's white coat, but his father's eyes and distinctive mohawk mane, and Trueheart, with her father's blue coat and her mother's eyes and curly pink mane. Kodiak was ten, and Trueheart was eight.

"Hey, guys!" Groaned Teddy as he got back on his hooves. "What's mom been feedin' you two?"

"Nothin' yet." Shrugged Kodiak. "Dinner's still half an hour away."

"Right, right." Nodded Teddy, lifting up his daughter in his forelegs. "Where is mom anyway, sweetpea?"

"In the kitchen." Trueheart pointed.

"Thanks, sweetie." Teddy kissed her on the forehead. "I owe you one."

Teddy sauntered into the kitchen, greeting his wife with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi honey, I'm home." Teddy smiled. "Did you miss me?"

"Oh, Teddy bear." Sweetheart nuzzled up to him. "I always miss you."

As they kissed, Kodiak and Trueheart, who had followed their father into the kitchen, grimaced at the sight before them.

"Eeewwww!" They gagged.

"By the way, Starlight called." Said Sweetheart. "She and Ace are throwing a party on saturday."

Over the years, Starlight had achieved two childhood dreams; She had become a teacher, and shortly afterwards, she had married Ace. Meanwhile, Ace had become a renowned soccer player, even opening several soccer camps across the country. The two had a son, Striker, who was Kodiak's best friend.

"Sounds like fun." Smiled Teddy. "Is the whole gang coming?"

"They sure are." Nodded Sweetheart. "Melody, Bon Bon, Patch, Clover, Bright Eyes and Lancer, and all their kids."

Melody and her band, The Rockin' Beats were still popular among the masses, even after all this time. A tryst with Chords, a fellow rock star, had produced a daughter, Harmony, and a son, Strummer. Bon Bon now owned her own bakery, and had married Logan Barrington, the two having twins, Cuisine and Lingon. Patch had gone into stand-up comedy, sometimes working together with her husband Dandy, their daughter, Stitch, always cheering them on. Clover had followed in her big sister Meadowlark's footsteps, and become a star ballerina. She had married Buddy, and they had a daughter, Heather. Bright Eyes and Lancer had gotten married not long after Teddy and Sweetheart did. They were both scholars, and their daughter, Iris, was Trueheart's best friend.

"Then we can all go together." Nodded Teddy.

"Awesome!" Cheered Kodiak.

"Everybody's gonna be there." Trueheart smiled. "Iris, and Cuisine, and Lingon..."

"AKA the pony you have a monster crush on..." Smirked Kodiak.

"Shut up!" Trueheart blushed. "Anyway, you have a crush on Heather!"

"Do not!" Kodiak blushed back.

"Do too!" Giggled Trueheart.

"Do not!" Kodiak countered.

"Do too!" Replied Trueheart.

"Okay kids, that's enough." Sweetheart said firmly. "Go set the table, please."

"Yes, mom." The two nodded.

After dinner, the afternoon passed by quickly. After putting the children to bed, Teddy and Sweetheart went to their own mattress.

"Good night." Teddy kissed Sweetheart.

"Night." Sweetheart kissed him back.

As they snuggled under the covers, Teddy reflected on how wonderful his life was. Having a wife who loved him, children who adored him, it was the best feeling in the world. He couldn't believe he was once afraid of those very things.

'Life is good.' Teddy thought to himself, before descending into slumber.

The End.

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