S5, gapfiller, Lyta Alexander

Standard disclaimer applies; not my characters or settings or backgrounds. But they are my words.

They'd held her briefly in Security for debriefing. There was some discussion of holding her overnight in one of the cells, but that suggestion was over-ruled by Captain Lochley. It was all she could do to remain seated and calmly answer their questions. She wanted desperately to get away from the toxic mix of pity and condemnation that they unconsciously thrust at her. It was deafening and unrelenting. She was so very tired.

Afterwards they offered to escort her to Medlab, but she firmly declined the offer. There was nothing wrong with her that Stephen Franklin or anyone else could fix. When she finally left Security, Zack walked beside her for a while, but he had pointedly turned off to go to Medlab and check on his fallen personnel. She let him go without a word.

The walk to her quarters was familiar and strange all at once. It was the third place she'd lived in the three years she'd been on the station. Of late, she had been staying in Brown sector with her family. Her mind blanked in self-defense for a moment, but she tracked and pinned down the memory, letting it burn inside her. She'd been staying with her family, and with Byron. And she never would again.

Reaching the door to her quarters, she placed a cool hand on the entry pad beside the door. It snicked open, sliding up and to the right, revealing a small tidy room that smelled of emptiness. Entering, she looked at the simple furnishings...a table and chair, in the room beyond a narrow bed. It wasn't home.

Lyta Alexander had no home.