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Trudging into his bathroom, the young blonde boy could only look at his reflection in the mirror with a look of utter disgust. Looking up at his forehead, he sighed before removing the headband tied to it, the dull metal bearing the village symbol on it. In the low light of the room, he quickly placed it down, as though only holding it caused him pain. However, the gentleness with which he put it down seemed to say that rather than harming him, he held great respect for the headband. Rather, he seemed to find himself unworthy to touch the item. Looking back at his reflection with a pained look in his eye, he rubbed the strange whisker-like marks that adorned his cheeks. Before that night, he had found them cool. Something that made him different than the disgusting masses of people inhabiting the village. Now he could only think of them as symbols of what he was. A freak and a monster.


Naruto had managed to accomplish his mission. After failing his Ninja exam for the third time, the blonde had been given a make-up test to take. He had managed to sneak into the Hokage's tower to find a large scroll. The largest scroll contained in the Hokage's private jutsu library. Known as the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, it was said to complain knowledge of jutsu so great, not even the Hokage could master them all. But Naruto didn't need to master them all...just one.

Opening the scroll, he had come across a jutsu referred to as Kage Bunshin. Although clones were Naruto's worst jutsu, he didn't let it deter him, and set to work at learning the technique. And after approximately three hours, he had managed to do just that. As he lay on the ground exhausted, a rustling in the bushes caught his attention.

Sitting up, he watched as one of his academy teachers, Iruka Umino step into the clearing, getting a big grin from Naruto. "Sensei, I was just going to come looking for you" he said, but his face fell at the angry look Iruka gave him.

"Naruto, what could have possibly possessed you to do something like this? And what do you mean you were about to come looking for me?" asked Iruka. Naruto seemed confused, before he realized that Iruka may not have realized he was taking a make-up test.

"I learned one jutsu from this scroll" he said, jumping to his feet. "Now I can pass and become a Shinobi!"

"Naruto, who told you something so crazy as that?" asked Iruka. Naruto this time was even more confused than Iruka now was.

"Mizuki-sensei told me" replied Naruto. "He said that all I had to do was take the scroll and learn one jutsu from it as a make-up exam."

"Mizuki?" said Iruka, his eyes widening, before he heard a strange whistling sound. A very familiar whistling sound. Leaping away from his spot, he barely dodged a hail of kunai and shuriken raining down on him. Looking in the direction they had come from, Iruka narrowed his eyes in anger at seeing Mizuki, decked out in his Shinobi gear, complete with two fuma shuriken on his back.

"Mizuki!" he shouted. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Oh Iruka" said Mizuki. "I'm just giving young Naruto a helping hand. And speaking of, Naruto, all you have to do is to hand over the scroll to me and you pass."

"So that's it Mizuki" said Iruka. "Just using Naruto to get the Forbidden Scroll. Naruto, whatever you do, you must not let Mizuki get his hands on the Scroll."

"Don't listen to him Naruto" said Mizuki. "He's just trying to hinder your progress, like usual. Why else would he choose your worst jutsu every time to test on?"

"I do it because I won't in good conscience let him out into the Shinobi world unprepared" said Iruka, looking over at Naruto.

"Oh please Iruka" said Mizuki with a snarl. "We both know that you hate the boy. Naruto, give me the scroll now."

"I don't hate you Naruto" said Iruka. "He's lying to you."

"He's the one that's lying to you Naruto" said Mizuki. "He hates that you even exist."

"Why!" shouted Naruto, angry and confused beyond belief. "Why would Iruka-sensei, or anyone for that matter, hate me? Aside from my pranks, I've never done anything to anyone. And even my pranks were done because people hate me." Mizuki smirked a dangerous smirk and Iruka was worried.

"Oh, you want to know?" said Mizuki. "Well, since you asked, I suppose I can tell you."

"No" thought Iruka, as Mizuki began to reach for on of his fuma shuriken. "He wouldn't."

"Thirteen years ago, on the night of your birth, the Kyuubi attacked the village" began Mizuki.

"Damn it Mizuki" said Iruka. "It's against the Third's Law."

"Oh pipe down Iruka" said Mizuki maliciously. "He deserves to know just what he is."

"What are you talking about?" asked Naruto. "What law? And what does the Kyuubi attack have to do with me? The Forth Hokage killed it."

"Oh, he got rid of it, but he didn't kill it" said Mizuki. "He took it and he sealed it into a human form."

"MIZUKI, DON'T!" shouted Iruka. But his pleading fell on deaf ears.

"He turned it into a baby boy, that to this day mocks us by making him look like the Yondaime" continued Mizuki. "You are the Kyuubi, you brat. YOU ARE THE NINE-TAILED FOX!" Pulling the fuma shuriken off his back, Mizuki almost laughed as Naruto fell back on his ass in shock at the declaration, before trying to scramble up and run. Throwing the giant metal weapon, Mizuki watched with a certain satisfaction as it cut through the air at the blonde boy. He frowned however when Iruka jumped in its way to shield the boy, taking one of the sharp ends right in his back.

Naruto looked in shock. "Iruka-sensei" he uttered in the barest of whispers. "Why...I thought you hated me."

"I don't hate you Naruto" replied Iruka. "I have always tried to do what was best for you. You remind me so much of myself at your age. Naruto...I need you to take the scroll and run as fast as you can. Get out of here and warn the Hokage." Naruto could only look at his teacher in shock, before nodding and grabbing the scroll and dashing off. Iruka smiled a sad smile before he was knocked to the ground by Mizuki.

"Why do you defend this thing Iruka?" asked Mizuki. "After all, it's a demon that even killed your parents. It's a vile creature that deserves to be destroyed."

"Maybe you're right Mizuki. That is indeed the Kyuubi" said Iruka. Unbeknownst to either of the two, Naruto hadn't gone far, and was crestfallen when he heard Iruka's proclaimation. "But Naruto is not the Kyuubi" he continued and Naruto peaked out at the two from his hiding place at that. "Naruto is just a sad little kid that has gotten more crap than he deserves. He's more human than you Mizuki. And if you would even care to pay attention, the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi into a human child. The child itself was not Kyuubi. Perhaps if the idiots in this village would respect that..." He would have said more, but Mizuki leaned up on the shuriken in Iruka's back, making the man cry out in pain.

"Iruka you poor fool" he said. "It appears you're brainwashed by the beast. It's with a heavy heart I must end you before you become a threat to the leaf village." Bringing his hand back, Naruto saw a glint of a kunai, ready to pierce the skull of Iruka. Taking a kunai of his own out, he launched them at Mizuki, who realized at the last second and jumped away. Coming out of the bushes, Naruto's eyes flashed red for the barest of moments, and he spoke with a new-found animosity.

"If you ever lay a hand on my Sensei again, I'll kill you" said Naruto, quivering with rage.

"Oh really?" asked Mizuki, laughing. "You and what army?" As if to answer his question, Naruto put his hand in a strange, cross shaped seal that Iruka only recognized because of his studies. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" said Naruto, and the entire clearing and all the surrounding trees were filled with dozens of copies of himself.

Flashback End

Naruto had beaten Mizuki into a bloddy mess before Anbu had arrived and took the traitor away. Iruka had apparently been so impressed and grateful to him that he gave him his own headband and proclaimed that he was now a ninja. But Naruto didn't care. He could never look at himself in the mirror again, knowing what he was...what he contained. Walking out of his bathroom, he walked over to the chair in the very center of his living room area of the apartment. Sitting down, he sighed, before picking up a few pictures of himself and the Sandaime, Iruka, and Old Man Ichiraku and his daughter. Holding them close, he placed his hands in a seal and all around his apartment, several seal tags began lighting up, before sparking. A moment later, his entire building exploded, and Naruto was encased in the fireball, burning him alive in a blazing self-cremation.

What he didn't realize were the consequences of his actions as they rippled through time, like a boulder being dropped into a lake. Only one person did, if you could call him a person. Piercing red eyes opened as he looked upon the scene. All was an open book to the blue-skinned, purple-robed figure. As he watched the future unfold before him, his form continuously shifted between an adult form, to that of a young child, to an old, frail-looking man with a long white beard. He carried a long staff with two spikes at the top, a clock placed between them. His name was Clockwork, and he was the Master of Time itself. Looking into a swirling green vortex, Clockwork waved his hand and a number of events flew by at incredible speeds, as though time itself was speeding up to frightening levels.

He watched as the boy's village fell to a mass invasion of Sound and Sand ninja. Soon after, Orochimaru and his forces sought out the two other Sannin, completely destroying them. However, the Snake's victory was short lived, as he was soon killed shortly after by an organization known as Akatsuki. They had collected the eight remaining tailed beasts, still attempting to go through with their plans regardless of the destruction of Kyuubi. It was a disaster. Without the stability that Kyuubi, the most powerful of the beasts, provided, the statue they had used to contain the bijuu exploded, flooding the world with its raw power, utterly destroying the entire world.

With the destruction of Naruto's world, came the destruction of all worlds that were interconnected with it in a chain reaction. First, the land of the dead, the 'Ghost Zone' was destroyed, followed by every world the Ghost Zone was connected to, effectively unraveling all of reality into nothingness. Clockwork stroked his chin, trying to find the perfect events to set in motion to fix the timestream. While he had done it on occasion, Clockwork was technically forbidden from directly affecting the time stream. He could only get others to do the work for him. He would need to assign the boy a guardian to keep him from either being killed or killing himself. At least until the destruction of the Akatsuki organization.

"But who would be the perfect guardian for the boy" he uttered, still searching all possible alternate futures to the one that was coming, as he continued to shift ages. Opening his eyes and smirking as he transformed into his old form. Reaching to the top of his staff, he pressed a button at the top, before a bright blue light filled the room. When it cleared, a girl in her teens had appeared. She had pale skin, and wore a great deal of makeup around her green eyes and purple lipstick. Her hair was a bright blue that seemed to be almost flame-like, which framed her face in an almost 'M' shape, and was held back in a ponytail. She wore a black choker around her neck, and had a black, one-shouldered tank-top that left her midriff exposed. On her right arm she wore a black glove that covered most of the arm, and she had one black bracelet on her left arm. She seemed to be wearing black leather pants with a silver belt and skull boots.

She stumbled around for a moment, before dropping and using her guitar she had with her as a makeshift leaning post. Holding her head, she groaned a bit. "Ugh, what happened? Where am I?"

"You're in my domain" said Clockwork, still looking at Naruto's death as he continued shifting ages. "I have a little job for you."

"And who are you?" she asked. "Why should I do this job for you?"

"My name is Clockwork. I am the master of time itself" replied Clockwork. "And regardless of your contempt for authority figures, I require your assistance, Ember McLain. I need someone to keep watch over this boy, and perhaps teach him a bit." Ember looked on at images of Naruto passing before her. He seemed he was maybe three or so years younger than her.

"Well" she thought. "At least physically younger. After all, it's been quite a while since my death."

"Why?" she asked. "What's so special about this kid?" Clockwork merely waved his hand and the images ceased as he shifted into the form of a child.

"All you need to know is that every world depends on this boy's survival" he replied, getting a quizzical look from Ember.

"What do you mean, 'survival?' she asked, and before her eyes, the images began again, and she watched Naruto's suicide with wide eyes. "The kid's gonna off himself?"

"Yes" replied Clockwork. "And his death would cause a chain of events that would be trouble for all. Hence the reason why I brought you here. I want you to watch over him. He himself isn't a ghost, but because of...certain events...he has the ability to use ghost abilities, so if you would kindly teach him how ghost powers work as well. Ember was almost entranced by the fact the kid was committing suicide.

"Alright, fine" she said, picking up her guitar. "I'll do it. But not for you. For him. I won't let him make the same mistake-" she cut herself off as Clockwork waved his staff.

"I know all about that" he said. "After all, I know everything." In a flash of blue light, both disappeared.

Walking out of his bathroom, Naruto walked over to the chair in the very center of his living room area of the apartment. Sitting down, he sighed, before picking up a few pictures of himself and the Sandaime, Iruka, and Old Man Ichiraku and his daughter. Holding them close, he placed his hands in a seal and all around his apartment, several seal tags began lighting up, before sparking. However, when the building blew up, Naruto felt no pain, nor did he feel any heat. Opening his eyes, which had been closed in anticipation of the impending explosion, he was shocked to see his building blowing up. The only this was that he wasn't in it. Rather, he was flying through the air, away from the blazing inferno. Looking up, he saw he was being held up by a strange, pale-skinned, blue-haired girl. She seemed to be flying through the air while standing on something that looked very similar to a biwa. Landing outside the village gate, he put him down, before jumping off her strange instrument, said instrument flying into her hand.

"Who the hell are you?" asked Naruto, backing away. "What do you want with me?" The girl only picked up her instrument and plucked at a few strings.

"The name's Ember" she said. "I suggest you remember it kid, because you and I are going to be spending quite a bit of time together." Naruto stopped backing away, his face a mask of confusion.

"What kind of name is Ember?" he asked. "And what do you mean we'll be spending time together?"

"Listen kid" said Ember. "I've been designated your guardian. Until you're able to master your potential and defend yourself you're stuck with me." Naruto went wide eyed.

"My...guardian? Like a guardian angel?" he asked, and Ember almost blushed at hearing he thought of her as an angel.

"Kind of" she said. "Which means I especially don't wanna see you pulling another stunt like you did in your apartment. Do you understand?" Naruto let his head drop in shame, realizing what she was talking about. Ember figured by his look of shame that he did indeed understand and wouldn't be trying it again anytime soon. But then Naruto's head shot up.

"Oh crap!" he shouted. "I just blew up my apartment! Where the hell am I gonna live now?" Ember just shrugged before leaning back on her guitar.

"If you can't find something, I suppose I could just overshadow someone to make them give you a place to stay" she announced. Naruto looked at her like she was crazy.

"Overshadow?" he asked. "What the hell does that mean?" Ember just shrugged again.

"It means that I can temporarily take over someone's mind and body and make them do whatever I want" she said. "It's a ghost thing."

"Whoa" said Naruto, not even realizing her 'ghost' comment. "Can you show me?" Ember looked at him for a moment before grinning.

"Sure" she said, becoming intangible, though still slightly visible. "This is going to feel a little weird." Flying straight into Naruto, the boy felt a great tugging sensation on the back of his mind. A red aura enveloped him before he blacked out.

"Ugh" he groaned, rubbing his head. Looking around, he found himself in a strange sewer-like location, with ankle-deep water all over the floor. Looking down, he noticed he was laying on top of his new guardian, his face resting right on her breasts. Realizing this, he jumped up and stood against the wall. Hearing a groan, he saw Ember sit up and rub her head just as he had.

"Never had that happen before" she said. "Ugh, what was that?" A sudden breeze suddenly flowed through the dark tunnel they were in, and you could see their hair blow in the slight gust. Naruto and Ember looked at each other before the light breeze turned into a hurricane force wind that picked them up off the ground and sucked them through the hallways, making them crash into each other and the walls and floor. Eventually they arrived in a rather large chamber with a cage on one side, a tag with the kanji for 'seal' on it.

"Hahahahaha" chuckled a deep, and dark sounding voice. "Well well. I always knew about the Whelp. But it appears that we also have an ectoplasmic whelp to deal with. But the question is why?" Looking beyond the cage, they saw two crimson eyes staring at them both.

"You're Kyuubi, aren't you?" asked Naruto, backing away. Something that made Kyuubi grin within the confines of his prison.

"Ooh, you reek of fear boy" said Kyuubi. "And I must say, it's a smell that's just as pleasant coming from you as it is when coming from those pathetic human villagers." At Kyuubi's proclamation, something changed with the Blonde, and he began moving toward the cage instead.

"Oh yeah?" he shouted. "And what do I have to be afraid of? You? You're behind those bars." As he got closer, he heard a roar and several claws shot out from the bars, stopping barely an inch from his face, as Kyuubi had no more room to fit his hand through. Naruto yelled in fright and jumped away, only for Kyuubi to laugh yet again.

"Oh, there is nothing more amusing than proving your own power over others" the fox said between chuckles. Ember looked up in awe. She had seen some things since her death, but the fox was massive.

"What are you?" she asked. "Clockwork never told me about you." Kyuubi raised an eyebrow. And then began chuckling yet again.

"Ah, now I see" he said. "So the Master of Time has decided to alter whatever fate was to befall the boy, and thus made you his guardian. To answer your question, I am the Kyuubi. The strongest piece of the once whole Juubi."

"What's the Juubi?" asked Naruto, and Ember could only nod at his question, having been just about to ask it herself. The Kyuubi sat back in its cage.

"Before I or my brethren were created, we existed as one being, known as the Juubi. The Ten-tailed beast. When Juubi did battle with the man you humans call, the "Sage of Six Paths," the man activated a power which sealed away Juubi within him. Eventually, upon his death, the Juubi would have been released. However, using another power, he managed to seal the Juubi's body into the moon, while splitting its power into myself and the other tailed beasts."

"However, there is even more to the story. Back when we were one being, the Juubi was a power almost beyond comprehension. Just as Clockwork is the Master of Time, the Juubi was the Master of Creation. All life was created from Juubi and Clockwork. From animals, to plants, to humans...to ghosts."

"Hang on" interrupted Ember. "What do you mean 'gave life' to ghosts. Ghosts are dead, that's generally how people become ghosts."

"This is true. But, you little ectoplasmic whelp, there are ghosts who never lived, such as Clockwork, and then there is the soul of a human, comprised upon creation, that in turn moves on to become ghosts themselves. As for my brethren and I, only myself, the eight-tailed, and the seven-tailed even remembers any of this. And you being here has given me a delicious idea, that I'm sure Clockwork already knew I was going to have."

"And what is that?" asked Naruto, who was following very little of what was going on. As if in response, Naruto was suddenly blasted with a red energy that leaked from the seal.

"Juubi's power of creation was for the most part lost upon our separation" said Kyuubi, before blasting Ember as well, pinning both against the wall. "But I have just enough of it to give him the ghost powers that Clockwork no doubt sent you here to teach him, girl. I do apologize, but in order to give him these powers, I need to first infuse him with some of your ectoplasm as well as my own youki." As the flow of energy subsided, both Naruto and Ember dropped to the floor.

"So what?" she asked, panting. "He's a half-ghost now?" Kyuubi just laughed.

"Oh please" hesaid. "While he may have the powers of a ghost now, he is neither a phantom nor is he human. Consider him to be more of a...demon." The Fox began to laugh even harder as Ember passed out, too much of her ectoplasm drained from her. She needed to rest to replenish it. Naruto caught her fading from the mindscape, her ponytail having barely a spark left, before he too faded into unconsciousness, the Fox's laughter deafening in his ears.

This time it was Ember who awoke first, resting on top of the unconscious Naruto, using his chest as a makeshift pillow. Scrambling away before Naruto could awaken, she rested against a tree, breathing deeply. She could already feel her strength coming back, but she was far from where she was upon arriving. Looking down at the boy she'd been tasked with guarding, she noticed a few subtle changes. While she couldn't really tell while he was laying down, she thought he had grown an inch or two. His hair seemed to be a bit of a lighter shade of blonde, and his skin had turned a bit pale, though not nearly as much as her own. His fingernails had become sharp claws and his ears had become pointed ever so slightly. He shifted a bit, before awakening, and she saw that his eyes now glowed a bright green color.

"Ok, that hurt" he said, trying to stand. As he used his arms to push himself up, he suddenly felt a tingly sensation in his arms, before they sank into the ground, causing him to hit his face into the ground. Ember watched in interest as Naruto's arms became intangible and he got a face-full of dirt. She realized that Kyuubi and Clockwork were right. She was going to have to be a teacher after all. Getting up, she grabbed Naruto and pulled him out of the ground.

"Alright blondie" she said. "It looks like I'm going to have to teach you a thing or two about being using ghost powers." Naruto looked over his hands, not even paying attention to her, as he moved his hands through each other. Grabbing her guitar, she struck a chord, sending ectoplasmic fists flying in Naruto's direction, knocking him back.

"Hey!" shouted Naruto. "What was that for?"

"To get you to pay attention" said Ember, dropping to her knees again. She was already drained of energy from Kyuubi, and the chord attack had drained her even further. "You need to focus. These powers all all about focus. Without it, you can end up either failing whatever thing you're doing, or accidentally use a power, like you did when your arms went intangible."

"Got it, focus" said Naruto, practically hopping up and down. "So what else can I do?" he asked. Ember almost chuckled.

"Look down, because you're doing something right now?" Looking down, Naruto yelped at the fact he was levitating off the ground. The shock caused him to once more fall on his face, which this time became intangible, phasing through the ground. Sighing, Ember pulled him from the ground once again. "Focus" she said again, smacking him in the back of the head.

"Right, sorry" said Naruto, calming down, taking some deep breaths. All of these events were watched by Clockwork in his citadel outside of time. He smirked as he shifted from his adult form to his child form. That was one future that had been corrected. Now, it was time for the other thorn in his side. He turned to the swirling green vortex, where he saw the ruins of a city, a man with pale blue skin and white flaming hair stood, his red eyes looking out at the destruction he was causing, all while he laughed a horrible laugh.

Chapter end.

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