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Sarutobi looked out at the ruins of the village and sighed. Looking back to his desk, he saw the sleeping form of his successor's son. Of course, adding in the events of the last several hours, one could also argue that he was the son of Sarutobi's predecessor. Less than a day after being born, and the new child was already a hero. Though Sarutobi wondered just how long that could last. He knew he had to make the announcement of what the boy was. He had promised the baby's father. However, as he had been sworn to secrecy of just who he was the child of, the village would no doubt hate the boy as they hated the beast he now contained.

"Kakashi." At the aging man's words, a young man appeared behind him. "I know this is much to ask of you, but there is nobody I trust with the boy more than you" he said, and the masked ninja turned toward the desk with the sleeping child on top, safely wrapped up and in a basket.

"Lord Hokage" he said. "I would love to take the boy in, you know that. I would die for this child. But I cannot take do it. Not with my life the way it is right now." Sarutobi sighed.

"Yes, I know. But the boy still needs a guardian...whether it be parental...or bodyguard" he said. "You know full well what I must do, and what information must be kept within...certain circles. Without knowledge of his parents, the villagers will more than likely be relentless in their hatred of the boy. He will need protection."

"Now that, I can do" said Kakashi, gripping the hilt of the sword on his back. "I will protect Sensei's son with my life" he continued. Sarutobi just turned and looked out the window once again.

"I know you will. I just hope you're enough" he said. "Dismissed." Giving the usual Anbu salute, Kakashi disappeared. Seeing the majority of the village gathered for his announcement, he sighed and took a step out onto the balcony of the Hokage's tower. Deep inside the mind of the infant, where the mindscape connected to the strange seal on his belly, there was a great rumbling as a giant beast kept wildly thrashing against the walls of his cage. After trying in vain to break down the seal, the monstrous being sat still.

"The boy reeks of my previous host" said the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox. "Even his chakra contains something...familiar. It figures I would be sealed away again, after only the barest taste of freedom. But if my suspicions are correct, anyone who finds out about my existence within the child could be...trouble. Perhaps I should offer the child some form of protection. After all, if he truly is related to her, I at least should be on my best behavior. No sense in ending up in a similar predicament to the one I was in with her."

"However...If I do use my power to help him, undoubtedly I will be sealed off even further. He'll need an abundant source of power that won't be detected. An energy source as abundant as..." Kyuubi's massive face contorted into a smirk as he finished his thought. "The sun. The sun will be the boy's power." Sending out a pulse of power, enough to start changing the boy, but not so strong as to be detectable, the Kyuubi got to work..

Five Years Later

Naruto let out a cry of pain as he was violently slammed into a wall. "Now then, you little shit" said the man who had done the slamming. "It's time to put you in your place. It's time to put you in your grave." Naruto gasped for air, his throat being constricted by the random villager that had attacked him. At least this time it wasn't a mob was the thought running through Naruto's head. Swinging his arms wildly, but not hitting anything, Naruto just glared at the man, wishing something would happen to make him let go. Suddenly, the man screamed as his forehead began to smoke, and two small dots appeared on his head as it looked like something was eating into it. He screamed in agony as his head burst into flames, and he dropped Naruto, who stared in bewilderment as the man collapsed and dies, his head having spontaneously combusted.

"What was that?" asked Naruto. His eyes widened in shock as a dark voice responded to his mentally asked question.

"It was you, young one." Naruto looked this way and that, trying to find where the voice was coming from.

"Where are you?" he asked. His next shock came from the voice's answer.

"Inside of you" it said. "And you can speak to me through thought, so stop talking to thin air as if you're a crazy person."

"But who are you?" thought Naruto, ducking into a small concealed spot to hide himself. "And what happened to that villager?"

"Who I am is unimportant for now" said the voice. "But you are a very special for reasons beyond even their comprehension. You have abilities that any shinobi in their right mind would kill for. If I'm correct, among them is your ocular heat beams, the ability to see through almost anything. As you continue to grow, you will grow even more powerful. Weapons will bounce off of you or shatter on contact. You will be able to crush a building with ease. Your senses will increase beyond all mortal comprehension, and if I'm correct, you will even attain the ability to fly."

"Whoa" thought Naruto. "I can fly?" The voice chuckled.

"In time, I believe you will, child. Your body absorbs sunlight and transforms it into your new power and strength. The sun is your power. Meaning you have a near limitless source."

"Wait" thought Naruto. "So I can't use my powers at night?"

"Yes you can. Your body stores the energy inside you. The stronger the sunlight, the more power you absorb at once though, so I suggest getting as much sun as possible. For now, just act as though all is normal. I have no doubt if anyone were to find out about your super-human abilities, they would undoubtedly capture you for study and more than likely kill you. Once you are strong and well versed in your abilities, only then should you reveal your true power to the world. But for now, I have no doubt they will blame me, and because of that, you will likely be safe."

"But wait" said Naruto. "Just who are you?" The beast just sighed, his voice fading a bit.

"In time, you will figure that out for yourself" it said, and that was the last Naruto heard of it. Peaking out from his hiding place, Naruto saw nobody around, and so he quickly ran home, ready to find out just what he could do.

Two Years Later

Sitting out by a small lake, Sasuke Uchiha looked at his reflection. The once proud Uchiha clan had overnight been reduced to only himself and his traitor of a brother. A mere week ago, he had had a family. Now it was only him, because his brother Itachi had betrayed them all, and slaughtered each member of his clan aside from him. A look of anger crossed his face, and he swatted his reflection, breaking it apart in the ripples of the water.

"Sasuke." The boy turned to see the blonde hair of the one boy he could actually call his friend.

"Hey Naruto" replied Sasuke, and his voice was filled with anger and sadness. Looking at his friend, he always admired him. Not for his skills, as Naruto was one of the lowest grading students in the shinobi academy. It was the fact that Naruto never had any expectations to live up to. He never had family to begin with, and while he knew for a fact that the boy desperately wanted one, he didn't have to feel the heartache of being a disappointment. And now he didn't even know the heartache of losing everyone he loved. Not only that, Sasuke admired Naruto for his immense strength. In a physical sense, Naruto was stronger than anyone in the academy. One of his faults however, was that he was far too reckless. He always jumped headlong into things as though nothing could hurt him.

"How are you holding up?" asked Naruto, sitting down next to his friend.

"As best I can" replied Sasuke, his face hung as he once more attacked his reflection in the water. "But the more I think about it, the more I really begin to see the truth.

"And what truth is that?" asked Naruto. Now he was curious as to just what his friend was talking about.

"That the safety and security we know is all a lie." Naruto had to admit, that was an answer he hadn't been expecting, but he himself, after all he'd been through knew Sasuke to be speaking the truth. "We live in a world with rules, and we think they protect us. The Uchiha clan spent their time enforcing these rules and laws. And yet those very laws that they kept, didn't protect them from destruction. My brother is somewhere. He will not go down, he will not be caught. He will never face justice because the laws themselves are separate from justice. In order to take down those who act outside the law, one must also act outside the law. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but that's what I've discovered."

"It makes perfect sense. In order to deliver justice, one must be free of law" replied Naruto.

"Exacly" said Sasuke. "But even still, Itachi was one of the most gifted shinobi in the village, and only an Uchiha will be able to take him down. I'm going to have to become stronger than him. And I think this village will only hold me back."

"How so?" asked Naruto. "Itachi got to where he is through this village, so why can't you get to the same level?"

"Because Itachi was always better than me. And if he was willing to overstep the boundaries enough to slaughter the clan like a bunch of animals, I'm pretty sure that maybe he got to where he is now through means outside the normal rules" said Sasuke.

"Maybe so" replied Naruto. "But maybe this village can at least be of use to you. You don't necessarily need to be stronger than Itachi. You can work to achieve his level, but even with power, you should work to be smarter than Itachi."

"And how do you propose I do that?" asked Sasuke, now thoroughly intrigued.

"You are the village's last Uchiha" said Naruto. "You have the power, wealth, and political pull to do almost anything in this village now. Put that towards something."

"Like what?" asked Sasuke.

"Something outside of the laws and rules. Sasuke, together, you and I, we can do things" said Naruto. "And without laws there would be no boundaries to what we can accomplish in bringing the true evils in this world to justice. Like you, I have something special about myself. Call it a bloodline technique or something different if you like. The point it, I'm already above these people and their laws, and so should you be. Together, we can stand up for actual justice in this world." For the first time in a week, a smile crossed Sasuke's face. However, this one was a less a happy smile and more like a cocky smirk.

"I like the way you think Naruto" he said, standing up as Naruto did the same. "Now then, care to show me this bloodline of yours?" This time it was Naruto who smirked.

Chapter end.

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