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For clarity: Vince & Dom were 39 during Fast Five, so Mia will be 35 and Letty will be 34.

Los Angeles, 1989

When Grace Toretto died the state said that a widower with two teenagers and two struggling businesses was not considered a desirable foster home, so the three kids living with them at the time were sent to other families. Letty was 12 when she went from sharing a room with Mia, living in the only foster home that had ever treated her like more than a paycheque, to a group home on the other side of the city. After the group home was one foster home after another – she never lasted more than six months before she got kicked out or had to do a stint in juvie. The day she turned sixteen she packed everything she owned into a single backpack and crawled out her window before the three girls she shared the tiny room with woke up. Her foster mom didn't notice she was gone until, for the first time in the 4 months she was there, someone called the house looking for her.

Berlin, present

Han and Giselle ducked into the first pub they came to on the dark, narrow street. They were soaked but happy, laughing and kissing as they bumped into a table and knocked over a glass.

"Watch the fuck out," hissed the table's only occupant, a tiny woman in dark clothes and a baseball cap pulled low over her face, as she shoved the table into them.

"Sorry, sorry, my girl has had way too much to drink," Han laughed good naturedly as the table caught him in the hip. "I'll buy you another drink," he said, the last word trailing into shocked silence as he locked eyes with Letty.

Letty's blood ran cold as a flicker of recognition flashed across her face. Without a word she slammed all 130 lbs of her into the table, catching Han & Giselle off guard and knocking them to the ground. Before either of them could react she had left money on the table and slid out the door. She ran through an alley until she couldn't breathe, finally slumping over in a dark doorway and sobbing until the first glimmer of the sunrise peeked over the building in front of her.

Los Angeles, 1993

Mia slammed down the phone angrily. The woman on the phone took a solid minute just to figure out who Leticia Ortiz was. What the hell kind of place was Letty in?

It had taken months of listening to rumors about fights and stolen cars for Mia to finally track Letty down. The social worker from Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall had given Mia the phone number of Letty's new home when Mia showed up to visit her a month after her release. She was lucky that she and Letty had enough similar features to pass herself off as Letty's older sister, Marcela.

Letty had been in juvie for stealing a car. She just needed to get away from that foster home, that man. If she stole a car she would leave town or go to juvie – either way, her sick fuck of a foster dad wouldn't be able to touch her again. It was when they sent her back to the same home after she was released that she knew she needed to get out permanently. She waited until she was sixteen so that she could drop out of school the same day – as long as she wasn't registered anywhere that people would look for her she was in the clear.

The first place she went was back to the neighbourhood she grew up in. She sat across the street watching someone else's kids play in the front yard of the house she lived in until she was eight. It was the house she had lived in when she first met Mia and Dominic, the house where her father had killed her mother and the police had killed him. She smiled sadly when the kids waved to her, pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, and hurried down the street.

South Pacific, present

Dominic Toretto woke up to the sound of his cell beeping. His head pounded as he felt around for the phone – when his fingers clasped around it on the hard tile he realized he was on the bathroom floor. Again.

"What," he grumbled into the phone, not bothering to check the caller ID and not noticing the 23 missed calls in the past four hours.

"Dom, buddy, it's Han. I need you to wake up and listen to me," was all he heard before a wave of nausea hit him.

Han grimaced as he listened to his friend throw up for a couple of minutes. When Dom picked up the phone again he was breathing heavily, but grunted that he was listening.

"Giselle and I are in Berlin," Han started nervously, realizing as he tried to find the words that he had never actually brought someone back from the dead before, "and so is Letty."

Dom stared, unfocused, ahead of him. He knew he had heard Han wrong, he just couldn't figure out what Han had actually said.

"Are you listening to me? Dom, she's here. She's not dead. She wore at me and knocked me on my ass. It was her."

Los Angeles, 1993

It had been three months since Mia had called the only number she had for Letty. She watched everyone who went past the restaurant, hoping to recognize one of them, but she was slowly starting to give up. Her father and brother had no idea how hard she had been looking for Letty. They had both been sad when she was taken away but she wasn't their best friend, she was Mia's. And all of the kids in and out of the house, all of the work convincing social services to let Letty stay with them instead of going to a foster home in a different neighbourhood where she didn't know anyone, that was all Mrs. Toretto.

Mia sighed as she threw the phone number in the trash. Those awful people had started hanging up as soon as they heard her voice on the phone. Obviously she wasn't going to find Letty with their help. Mia wiped the counter as the door to the café opened.

"Letty!" Mia screamed, climbing over the counter and tackling her friend, "I've been looking for you for months and you just walk in here! Where the hell have you been?

Berlin, present

Dom walked down the steps of his chartered plane and let out an 'oof' as Giselle launched herself at him. He felt his arms encircle her in a loose hug back but beyond that he was numb.

A few hours earlier

"Go get her, Dom," Elena told him softly, with a sad smile on her face, "if my husband came back from the dead I'm not sure I'd wait long enough to tell you I was leaving before I was gone. I'm sad and more than a little envious, but I'm not going to get in your way."

Dom just nodded, silently thankful for her understanding, as he threw clothes into a duffle bag.

"I'll be gone when you get back. Just don't let her go again."

Dom kissed her on the forehead before rushing out the door and taking off towards the airstrip in his Challenger SRT8.

Han, Giselle and Dom were silent as Han drove to their hotel. They had so little to go on that none of them knew how to start looking for her.

"Take me to the pub instead, Han," Dom said quietly, the first thing he had said since they picked him up at the private airfield.

Han nodded as he changed lanes.

Los Angeles, 1993

Letty was near giddy as she and Mia walked into DT's. She smiled when she saw the sign – Anthony Toretto had always promised his son that the shop would be named DT's as soon as Dominic turned 21 and became an equal partner with his father.

Her breath caught in her throat as Dominic Toretto rolled out from under the car beside her. He wasn't 17 anymore – he was a grown man, all muscles and shaggy hair.