Fox outta Hell

Hey everybody. I was unsatisfied with the way this story was going. So renamed it and started at a different point in the series with other major changes. I couldn't come up with enough ideas for a decent story line so this is the result of a complete overhall. I also wanted to try a Naruto/Zoe pairing because I can't find any of that pairing. And before anyone says anything yes I know That Zoe's "e" has symbols above it but my computer can't do those so sorry for that. Hope you enjoy my new story.

Ch.1: The begining and maybe a new family

"Person speaking"

'Person thinking'

"Monster speaking"

'Monster thought'


A eight year old Naruto could be seen running for his life again. From what you might ask, well the very people that were supposed to protect him from the mobs, which were chasing after him as well.

Suddenly he felt something rap around his legs and make him fall on his face. He looked back and saw four white animal mask staring back (just some random ANBU). One was holding the end of the wire wrapped around his legs.

He tried to wiggle his way out of it but before he could the mob had caught up to him. The ANBU just waited until he was near death to break it up. "All right you had your fun now get out of here." The crowd quickly dispersed because no one messed with the ANBU.

"Heh. What do you say to a little jutsu practice." If you could see the others faces they would all have evil smirks on them. They all ran through the hand seals and called out:

" Fire style: Dragon Fire Technique"

" Lightning style: Lightning Dragon Missile"

" Earth style: Great Earth Dragon Release"

" Wind style: Great Breakthrough"

" Water style: Liquid Bullet Technique"

But before they can hit a huge earth wall rose out of the earth and stopped the attacks. The ANBU paled and took a step back, why? Because the Hokage was on top of it with a very pissed off look.

That's all Naruto remembers before passing out from blood loss.

Two hours later he woke to find himself on the couch in the Hokage's office. He looked to the desk to see the Hokage shooting fire ball after fire ball at the stake of paper on the desk only to be put out every time by small water balls coming from three shadows in the room. He sweat dropped at the scene before him


There were two chuckles and a giggle from the shadows.

"Sorry no can do. You have to do the paper work just like the other kages" Said the shadow that giggled. Just as she said that one of the fire balls made it through and hit the pile.

"Yes. I did it I did it. I am the second kage to ever defeat the dreaded paper work. Dame you Minato for not leaving your secret but oh well." He started to laugh insanely, that is until the fire died down to reveal an untouched pile of paper, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!", and with that the Hokage fell to his knees and wept.

Another giggle before the voice said, "Did we forget to mention that all of the papers are protected by jutsu wards just in case this happened. Besides, Naruto-kun is up." After hearing the last part the Hokage jumped up and dusted himself off.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, how are you feeling."

Naruto sat up and rubbed his head before saying, "My head hurts but other than that I am fine." He stops and just stares at the wall for a while until he asks what has been bugging him for the past two years, "Old man, why does everyone hate me?"

Sarutobi was about to start spouting his hole 'forgive there ignorance thing' and how it wasn't Naruto's fault but then he got another idea. He thought about it for a minute before saying, "Fuck it. I am sorry Naruto I can't tell you that." The boy had an angry look on his face before Sarutobi continued, "But I can set you up in a place that you can find out. Would you like that?" He got an eager nod, "Alright, Cat that Naruto-kun to this address, and they go and get his things from the orphanage." With that an ANMB with purple hair came out of the shadows and took the slip of paper.

"Hai" is all she said before disappearing with Naruto.


Outside An Apartment

"This is it Naruto-kun. Take a look around while I go get your things." With that said she disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto entered his new home and felt a small tugging towards a lose floor board. He walked over and moved the board over to the side to revile a small scroll with his name on it. Now Naruto wasn't the dumb blond everyone thinks he is so he put two and two together and realized this is what the old man was talking about when he said a place where he could find out why everyone hates him.

He opens the scroll and reads:

Dear Naruto,

I'm sorry I have to do this Naruto, but it's for your safety. My name is Hades Greek god of the underworld, and the dead. You must be wondering who your mother is since i'm your father. Well your mom, Uzumaki Kushina, caught my eye and I fell in love with her. Now I was under a guise during my entire stay. My name was Namikaze Minato, so yes you are the son of the Yondaime Hokage, and we were deeply in love with each other. At first I wanted you to try to have a normal life in your home but as things turned out differently than I had hoped I wish for you to come to my world and go to a camp for other Half-bloods such as yourself. It will keep you safe. Also Zeus would of killed you if he found out I had a kid, old sibling rivalry and such. I asked the Saindaime to watch you because he seemed the wisest person there. I also told him to send you to this apartment when he thought it was time for you to know. Son this is probably a lot for you to take in, but I want you to now I will and always will love no matter what you do. I'm going to tell you why this village will most likely hate you is because the Kyuubi had broken out of it's prison in the Pits of Tartarus. I sealed him in you because only you could hold him and he will more than likely help you with your training due to the facts of the demon not wanting a weak host and not wanting to die. Now in this scroll is a teleporting technique only beings with the blood of a god or goddess can prefore. Also because of me being your father one of your elements is going to be fire. Ask the Sandiame for some chakra paper to determine your other elements if you have any. Your mother was a very skilled ninja when she was alive a left you all of her jutsu for you. While from me you can use the flames of Hell as well as being able to raise the dead. I also left a scroll sealed in this one for all of these things. You can also command the lesser monsters among other things. With them comes more things in this scroll: books on English and Ancient Greek, books on mythology, a summoning scroll, some of our world cloths that will fit you when you decide to come because of their magic, and instructions on how beings with god or goddess blood teleport. Either if you come here or stay where you at we will always be proud and believe in what you believe in.

From your caring Father and Mother,

Hades and Kushina.

He heard the cat ANBU coming in and quickly hid the scroll. He needed to think this through before doing anything.

That Night




Naruto awoke in a sewer looking at a huge cage with a slip of paper on it that said seal.

" Where the hell am I? " Naruto asked looking around the gloomy sewer that keeps letting water drip.

"So I can finally call my container," said a voice inside the cage as a giant fox stepped forward, "About damn time, I've been in here forever with nothing to do dumbass." It groaned.

"So you're the Kyuubi right. Thats what the scroll said." He asked in an all too calm voice, "You don't seem so scary to me."

"Good, you found the scroll so this will be much easier. As for the comment about me not being scary..." With that said he releashed a sudden burst of his demonic killing intent. Naruto could barely breath due to the invisible pressure bearing down on him.

Naruto shook his head after Kyuubi released it and regained his composure.

"Look I don't like our arrangements so I'm going to make you a deal." Kyuubi said with a growing smirk.

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "What kind of deal? This better not be a trick." He warned the demon, but was also interested in what he had to say.

Kyuubi let out a desturbing chuckle before continuing. "Simple you let me free and me and all other Kitsunes I command will act as your summons and only ones of you blood will be able to sign the contract." The great demon laid all of his chips on the proverbial table and waited for a response.

Naruto became enraged. "I knew it! You're just gonna get out and say you'll give me that contract but I won't survive the seperation. Why you lowly.." He didn't get to finish.

"Quiet whelp! I am going to leave you with a tail of chakra so your body has time to ajust to not having me in it and you'll also keep your healing abilities so don't even try that lame ass excuse. But it will also make your chakra slightly demonic. Nothing major but you'll gain some feral qualities." Kyuubi all but roared. He was upset a mear child had questioned his word as a demon lord.

Naruto thought it out for a couple of minutes. "Fine Fox you have a deal. When will this happen?"

"Right now. The process will be done by morning, but you'll be in extreme pain for a few days so take it easy. I'll leave a scroll containing your training schedule that you are to practice every day until you leave and even after that. If you slack off any skils you may gain will fade away if not constently practiced. You ready kit?"

Naruto took a deep breath before giving Kyuubi the go ahead. Then he felt pain he had never before and blacked out.

The next Morning

Naruto awoke to his body shouting in pain. Every muscle screamed for him to stop moving but he ignored them and reached for the scroll on his night stand and began to read.

'Kit Inside the seal is the Kitsune summoning scroll. I only expect you to call me whe you have absolutely no other choice or if ya just wanna have a drink.' Naruto sweatdropped at that. 'I've put a summoning tatoo on your left shoulder reaching to your elbow. It allows you to use less chakra when summoning us.' He turned his head to see a tatoo of a nin-tailed fox preparing to pounce with tribal mrkings around it. Naruto then got a twitch on his forehead. How could he have missed that? 'And below is your training schedule, enjoy.'

Training schedule

Gravity weight( wear all times )

5:00-7:00=Stealth (can be pranks )

7:00-8:00=Chakra control

9:00-11:00=Ninjutsu and Element training

11:00-12:00=Practice with Trench knives

12:00-1:00=Fuinjutsu ( sp? )


2:00=Fire manipulation control

3:00-4:30=ninja studying

4:30-6:00= Greek Mythology Studying

6:00-7:00=Training with summons

7:00-8:00=Survival skill and Endurance

Naruto paled, 'He is a fucking slave driver but I am going to need it to survive in the long run.' thought Naruto,' When the time comes I am going to leave the elemental countries and go home." This was the start of demi-god Uzamaki Naruto.

Eight Years Later

Naruto was now 16 years old and was about 50 miles from the village getting ready to do the dimensional spell. The last 8 years had been rough to say the least. Kyuubi's training program had worked him into the ground day in and day out. He could proudly say he was at least Mid Kage Level. He told the old man what he wanted to do and he had said just to drop by to say hello once in a while. He made a mental note to drop in a see the old man.

He never joined the academy saying it would get in the way of his traing so he had nothing to hold him back here except the old man, and the ANBU dog, cat, and Weasel. (Itachi never killed his clan).

Naruto had long, blond, spiky hair in a low pony tail reaching between his shoulder blades with black streaks in it . He was 6'1' and built like a swimmer. He wore black shirt with a red skull with its mouth open(1) on it and black jeans with black and red combat boots. It was all topped off with a black trench coat that was unbuttoned. Under the cloak were about 20 Trench and throwing knives in all shapes and sizes. On his hip is a Pistol full of celestial bronze bullets for all sorts of situations and more in scrolls in his cloak. His Kitsune summoning scroll was hung on his shoulders hanging off his back.(Like jiraiya wears his)

"Good by old man and hello Dad." He said as he finished his last hand seal. There was a flash followed by a low boom and he was gone .


Unknown Location

Naruto groaned and opened his eyes and saw an at least seven foot tall man. The immortal was an imposing figure, with his pale complexion and coal-black eyes. His ebony hair, straight as an arrow's shaft, flowed down to his shoulders, framing his face and giving it a shadowed look. He wore a classic rock outfit of the darkest onyx making him look similar to Mcjaggar. If one looked carefully, then they would see that the throne behind him would shift and one could almost make out the faces of the many tormented souls sewn together to make it.

"Hello son. It is good to see you." Hades stated with the smallest of smiles. Then he frowned a little. "I thought you would have stayed at your home where you were safe?"

Naruto gave a deadpan look to his father. "Dad that place was just about as safe as the lowest levels of the Underworld. And you should know the only one I cared for was the old man and he was okay with me leaving. That place wasn't my home." Naruto finished.

Hades nodded in understanding. "Aside from the obvious what happened to the Kyuubi?"

Naruto just smiled and pulled around the Kitsune summoning scroll. His father's eyes widened slightly before returning to normal. Hades smiled slightly again before speaking to his son. "We're at war with the Titans again Naruto and we need all the help we can get. Now before you ask I wish for you to go retrieve your two half-siblings from Westover Hall in Bar Harbor, Maine. Right now your in L.A."

Naruto's eyes widened. "W-w-wait. Isn't that like a weeks worth drive at least how much time do I have to get there?" Naruto was getting frantic yet also excited at the prospect of having younger siblings.

Hades chuckled dryly. "You have to be there by tomorrow. And before you say anything I have a gift for you that'll get you there in time. After your get them I want you all to head to camp Half-Blood. I know some heroes are all ready on their way but I trust you more with this Naruto. Now say hello to the Hell Bike." He said as he presented his gift.

A sea of flames apeared in a circle around a motorcycle. It was your standard Harley bike. Its wheels were on fire, literally, and it had a metal skull on the front with flames in its eyes making the bike look demonic. Needless to say Naruto was happy.

"Cool dad. So this'll get me there in time?" Naruto half asked as he inspected the bike.

Hades chuckled yet again. "Yes and this will transform into something less conspicuous when you give it a mental command. Here you'll also need this." He said as he handed his son a necklace with a black chain and what look to be a tiny sword hanging off of it.

"What does it do?" Naruto asked as he put it on.

"All you have to do is place a finger on it and give it a mental command to prepare for battle. I have a feeling you'll need it."

"Alright dad I'll go and pick 'em up and head to that camp you told me about. What are their names?" Naruto got on his new ride and was about to leave when Hades stopped him.

"Now Naruto, safetly first. And their names are Nico and Bianca Di Angelo." He said as a helmet appeared on his head. It was black with the same smiling red skull that was on the back of his trench coat. Naruto grumbled something unintelligble before taking off.

With the Olympian Gods

The Olympians, no matter where they were, felt a powerful being coming through a dimensional rift. When they tried to locate it all atempts failed. They became curious except for Hades who knew it was Naruto that had cuased this ruckous. No one noticed his discomfort except for Athena and Zeus who were analyzing his reaction. The other gods were talking among themselves wondering what it could be.

"This being is strong, maybe as strong as a minor god. We will monitor this being later and see what the fates hold for it later. Back to your duties. " said Zeus in a non-caring manner in a message he sent to all of the Gods. The other gods went back to their business with Hades hoping Naruto wouldn't cause too much trouble.

'Sigh, Naruto I have a feeling this is going to be a whole lot of trouble.' Hades thought to himself before heading to meet his brother Zeus about setting up a meeting with all the other Olympian Gods to inform them of Naruto.


With Percy, Bianca, and Nico being lead off by Dr. Thorn

"What are you doing, Jackson?" hissed Dr. Thorn. "Keep moving!"

Pecry kept shuffling. "It's my sh ulder," He lied, faking being extremely miserable."It burns." Percy had black hair and green eyes. He was an average size kid for a 13 year old. Nico and Biancaboth had ebony hair, Nico's was messier than Bianca's, and coal-black eyes with pale skin. Nico was 10 and Bianca was 12.

"Bah! My poison causes pain. It will not kill you. Walk!" Thorn herded them outside. Percy was desperately trying to tell Grover he was in trouble through their empathy link.

"Halt." Thorn said after they had reached a cliff outside the woods. Thorn started fiddling with something and said, "The package is ready to deliver."

Percy started looking for a way out and saw the sea behind him but he could only save himself if he jumped and he wouldn't leave these two to the mercy of Dr. Thorn.

Suddenly Percy was hit by an invisible force that pushed him down. "Watch out." was said to recognized the voice right away. It was Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, Who had saved had blonde hair and stormy grey eyes. She looked like any girl her age would at 13.

Thalia charged from he hiding spot with her spear and sheild, Aegis. "For Zeus!" She shouted.

As the group tried and failed to defeat the Manticore a clear piercing sound: the call of a hunting horn, resounded through the woods.

The Manticore froze. "No," Thorn said, "It cannot be-" His sentence was cut short when something shot past the group like a streak of moonlight. A glowing silver arrow sprouted from Thorn's shoulder. He wailed in agony.

"Curse you! This is Direct interference! It is against the Ancient Laws!" The Manticore shouted as the Hunters came out of the woods and aimed their bows towards him. One hunter asked something. "Lady Artemis permission to kill?" She was tall and graceful with coppery colored skin. Unlike the other girls, she had a silver circlet braided into the top of her long dark hair, so she looked like some kind of Persian princess. She looked to be around 16 years old.

"Not so." A girl said from the group. The only one who hadden't drawn her bow. She was a little younger than most of the girls in her group. She had auburn hair gathered in a ponytail and strange, silvery yellow eyes like the moon Her face was beautiful but her expression was stern. "The hunting of all wild beasts is within my sphere. And you, foul creature, are a wild beast." She turned to the oldest girl in the circle. "Zoe, permission granted."

But just before the hunters fired their arrows everyone heard a new noise. It sounded like an engine, and something flying through the air. Without warning a giant obsidian blade with a skull at the end of the handle flew right past the hunters and struck the Manticore dead center of his chest. Everyone was stunned even Artemis. Then a Hellish looking motorcycle broke into the clearing and charged straight for the Manticore. Still in his shock he didn't move. The rider pivoted his bike so the back flaming wheel slammed into the Manticore's face while one o his hands retrieved his blade. The force of the blow threw Dr. Thorn off of the cliff. And all finaly got a clear view of the one responsible for the act, He wore a black helmet with a smiling red skull where his face should be and had on a black trench coat and cargo pants and black combat boots. The figure squeezed his blade's hilt and it turned into a necklace. He then got off and took his helmet off. It was Naruto Uzumaki. Blonde hair and all.

The sound of the chopper that had arrived snapped them from their stupor. Artemis turned it into a bunch of birds. Then everyone noticed the new arrival walking calmly towards Nico and Bianca. Percy acted without thinking and got in front of them with his blade Riptide ready to defend them. Then Naruto suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Percy not even breaking in his stride toward the Di Angelo children. This stunned everyone, including Artemis, who was surprised a mortal could move with such speed. Naruto stopped right in front of the Di Angelo children and stared at them with an expressionless gaze. Both squirmed under it. Naruto then smiled widly and crouched down to Nico's level, who was quite a bit shorter than him.

The stranger spoke softly but everyone heard him due to the unnatural silence. "Nico and Bianca Di Angelo... Children of Hades, My siblings. Welcome to the family. My name is Naruto and i'm your half-brother."

At this point everyone's eyes were wide as saucers but none more so than the Di Angelos. Bianca gained her voice first. "What do you mean brother?" She asked. "And what do you mean children of Hades?"

Naruto kept smiling a kind smile, or it looked like it as no one could see due to his mask, and answered her and everybody else's unasked question. "Exactly as it sounds. We have the same father but different mothers. The Greek Gods and Goddesses are real. One of them, Lady Artemis, is standing right over there. Our Father is the God of the Underworld and Dead, Hades. And he sent me to make sure you both made it. I just recently met him and he asked me to escort you both to camp Half-Blood and stay there with you. Besides I always wanted a family. This'll be my chance, I'll be your big bro and take care of you guys, that is if you'll let me. What do you say?" Naruto asked with a kind smile but there was a hope in his eyes that wished they would accept his offer for him to be their big brother.

Nico almost cried. "Yes, yes, yes, yes I always wanted a big brother. And a family." The last part was wispered but Naruto and Bianca heard him. Naruto only smiled wider and Bianca looked a little shocked. They both turned to her hoping for her to chose to be a part of the family they were trying to form.

Bianca looked conflicted. On the one hand she really didn't want to believe him but another part of her knew he only spoke the truth. She was tired of always being responsible for her brother. Not to say she didn't love Nico she was just tired. Now she had a chance just to be apart of a family and not be the one in charge.

She looked up resolution in her eyes. Everyone leaned in to hear her answer.



Cliffhanger no jutsu!

(1) The basic Gears of War skull but entirely red.

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