Fox outta Hell

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Ch 13: Beginning of the End

"Person speaking"

'Person thinking'

"Monster speaking"

'Monster thought'


Last Time

Inside Hoover Dam

Percy had wandered off while the rest of the group was getting some much needed food. As this was happening Annabeth asked a question that had been bugging her since the start of the quest.

"Naruto?" She asked. The blonde shinobi looked at her as he took another bite of an enchilada and nodded for her to continue.

"Well, I was wondering as to why you haven't used your motorcycle yet? I mean, it would speed up travel." The others looked at him as well for an explanation. The more they thought about it the more they wondered as to why he hadn't used such a helpful tool yet.

Naruto swallowed the bite he had taken and sighed slightly, he seemed to be doing that a lot more lately than he would have liked.

"Simple, I can carry, at most, two people on it at a time. And splitting our forces is almost never a wise move." They nodded their understanding and were about to resume their meals when Percy rushed towards them.

"We have to go."


Inside Hoover Dam

"What the Hell?" Came the deadpan reply of Naruto. To be fair the scene he was watching deserved it as well as the uncontrollable twitch his right eye was having.

The group had turned to see Percy running, and on occasion shoving, through the crowd of people seperating them. Not a moment later the screaming started with the clattering of skeleton teeth. As the others dropped their food and pulled out their weapons Naruto remained where he was and continued to munch on his enchilada.

"What are thy doing?" Zoe hissed as she knocked an arrow and took aim at one of the skeletons. All around them the cafe windows on the observation floor gave them a beautiful panoramic view of the skeletal army that had come to kill them.

Naruto counted two on the cast side of the dam road, blocking the way to Arizona. Three more on the west side, guarding Nevada. All of them were armed with batons and pistols, just great more guns.

However the immediate problem was a lot closer. The three skeletal warriors who'd been chasing Percy in the turbine room now appeared on the stairs. They saw Naruto across the cafeteria and clattered their teeth.

"I'm finishing my damn meal. Incase you hadn't noticed, today hasn't exactly been stellar for me so far. Besides you guys can handle figuring an exit." Naruto replied as Zoe was ready to turn around and reprimand him but Grover beat her to it.

"Elevator!" He shouted. The group bolted in that direction with Naruto covering the rear after he finished his food. But the doors opened with a pleasent ding, and one more warrior stepped out. Every warrior was accounted for, minus the two Naruto killed in New Mexico. They were completely surrounded. Then Grover had a brilliant, totally Grover-like idea.

"Burrito fight!" He yelled, and flung his guacamole grande at the nearest skeleton. It knocked his skull clean off of his shoulders. The group wasn't sure what the other kids in the cafe saw, but they went crazy and started throwing their burritos and baskets of chips and sodas at each other, shrieking and screaming.

The skeletons tried to aim their guns, but it was hopeless. Bodies and food and drinks were flying everywhere. In the chaos, Thalia and Percy tackled the other two skeletons on the stairs and sent them flying into the condiment table. Then they all raced downstairs, guacamole grandes whizzing past their heads.

"What now?" Grover asked as they burst outside.

No one had an answer. The warriors on the road were closing in from either direction. They ran across the street to the pavilion with the winged bronxe statues as Naruto put a bronze bullet through a skeleton's head that too close to annabeth for comfort. But that put their backs to the mountain.

The skeletons moved forward, forming a crescent around them. Their brethren from the cafe were running up to join them. One was still putting its skull back on its shoulders. Another was covered in ketchup and mustard. Two more had burritos lodged in their rib cages. They didn't look happy about it They drew batons and advanced.

"Four against eleven," Zoe muttered. "And for some reason only Naruto can kill them."

"About that," Naruto muttered back. "I've been thinking that has something to do with me being a son of Hades. And nice job with the burrito Grover, great shot."

"Thanks. Its' been nice adventuring with you guys." Grover said, his voice trembling.

And leave it to Percy to ruin the moment.

"Whoa," He said. "Their toes are really bright." Ah, the statues, so that's what he's talking about.

"Percy!" Thalia said. "This isn't the time."

But Percy couldn't help staring at the two giant bronze statues with tall bladed wings like letter openers. They were weathered brown except for their toes, which shone like new pennies from all the times people had rubbed them for good luck.

"Thalia," Percy said. "Pray to your dad."

She glared at him. "He never answers."

"Try it," Naruto said. Thalia turned and glared at him now. "It's not like we can lose anything by trying. Besides, we're running out of options."

Thalia was still glaring at him but took a second to look around. Annabeth and Grover were silently pleading with her while Naruto and Zoe had formed a human wall between the two groups so the rest of their group could have some breathing room.

"Fine." She gritted out.

Thalia closed her eyes. Her lips moved in a silent prayer. Percy put in his own prayer to Annabeth's mom, Athena, hoping that it was her that he had met in the elevator- that she was trying to help save her daughter.

And nothing happened.

The skeletons closed in. They prepared their weapons and got ready for a fight. Then a shadow fell over them. Then they realized it was the shadow of a pair of enormous wings. The skeletons looked up too late. A flash of bronze, and all five of the baton-wielders were swept aside.

As the others aimed their guns at them Naruto grabbed Zoe and moved in front of her, ready to take the hit. She was stunned, even though it wasn't necessary. The other skeletons opened fire but the bronze angels had stepped in front of them and folded their wings like shields. Bullets pinged off of them like rain off of a metal roof. Both angels slashed outward, and the skeletons went flying across the road.

"Man, it feels good to stand up!" The first angel said. His voice sounded tinny and rusty, as if he hadn't had a drink since he'd been built.

"Will ya look at my toes?" The other said. "Holy Zeus, what were those tourists thinking?"

As stunned as everyone was they got over it really quickly. They kind of had to with everything they had experienced on this quest so far.

The skeletons were recovering though. A few of them were getting up again, reassembling, bony hands groping for their weapons. Naruto took two quick shots and two heads exploded into golden dust.

"Trouble!" Percy said.

"Get us out of here!" Thalia yelled.

Both angels looked down at her. "Zeus's kid?"


"Could I get a please, Miss Zeus's Kid?" One of the angels asked.

"Please!" Was Thalia's panicked reply.

The angels looked at each other and shrugged.

"Could use a strecth." One decided.

The next thing anyone of them knew what happened, one of them grabbed Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, while the other grabbed Thalia Naruto and Zoe. Then they flew straight up, over the dam and the river, the skeleton warriors shrinking to tiny specks below them and the sound of gunfire echoing off the sides of the mountains.


"Tell me when it's over." Thalia said. Her eyes were shut tight. The statue was holding on to them so they couldn't fall, but still Thalia clutched Naruto's arm like it was the most important thing in the world. Something Zoe didn't exactly like.

"Hold still." Naruto said as he gripped a pressure point on her neck and put her to sleep. He noticed Zoe's questioning glance and decided to elaborate.

"This way she doesn't freak out for the rest of the flight." She nodded as it made sense. Thalia would still try to kick his ass when she came to. She wouldn't succeed, but she would definitely try.

"We are in the Sierras." Zoe said as she tried to break the ice. She wasn't sure how to approach the subject of him throwing himself in harms way for her. "I have hunted here before. At this speed, we should be in San Francisco in a few hours." Naruto just nodded, she was getting used to him being silent unless it was important to the quest.

"Hey, hey, Frisco!" Their angel said. "Yo, Chuck! We could visit those guys at the Mechanics Monument again! They know how to party!"

"Oh, man," The other angel said. "I am so there!"

As Percy started to converse with the angels and the others Naruto turned away from the beautiful mountain view.

"So," He began getting her attention. "Are we going to talk about what happened or are we going to continue to pretend nothing happened?"

Zoe froze up for a few seconds before lowering her head so her eyes were shadowed.

"Why?" She whispered, knowing he could hear her. He knew what she was confused as to why he was willing to take a bullet for her.

Naruto was silent for several moments as he contemplated his answer. Sure he only knew of familial love, but that was only because of the few good people he had bonded with. Old man Sarutobi, Kakashi, Itachi, Gaara, Killer Bee, and Tsunade after he convinced her to come back and be Hokage so the old man could retire. That wasn't counting the others he had healthy relationships with like Anko and Kurenai. But love of another person, he had never been in love like that before. He didn't really know if he ever would be. But one thing was for certain.

He cared for Zoe more than that of a familial bond.

In the end he decided the truth was the best option. Besides, if she didn't feel the same way that was the worst thing that could happen. He'd get over it anyway, he always did.

"I'm not quite sure to be honest. I've never been 'in love' with anyone before. But...I do care about you, more so than that of anything else I've ever felt."

He waited a several seconds for her to respond, and finally she raised her head to look him in the eye. Her eyes were watering as she reached out and grasped his hand and gripped it tightly. His eyes softened as he returned it and waited for her words.

"Please...Don't make me regret this." She said softly.

Before he could question her though she did something even he hadn't expected.

She kissed him.


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