A/N: This was written before the last season of Greek came out. I'd forgotten all about it until the other day when I found it on my computer and decided to post it. The story takes place a few years after they have all graduated. It follows the show up until Casey and Cappie break up over spring break at the end of season 3, and then goes a somewhat astray from cannon. It's all pretty self explanatory, but please ask about anything that confuses you. I'll be happy to clarify. Thanks!

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It's tragically ironic in this moment—when all her dreams have come true—she realizes she's still in love with him.

So much for having moved on she thinks sarcastically.

She just got the call from her agent today. After months and months of negotiation, the contract to turn the highlights of her blog Flirty Fashionista into a book is finally official.

Of course, her best New York friends took her out to celebrate at the newest, most exclusive club. And she is currently sitting across from current male underwear model sensation Gustav. No last name; just Gustav. Like Pink or Madonna or Fabio. Only rather than be ridiculously excited to be sitting in the hottest, most happening club with the most sought after guy, she wants to laugh at Gustav's tendency to misuse words. He's nice, he can name the brand of shoes she's wearing, and still be manly. The man is all muscle after all.

He understands her job and her lifestyle. He could understand her if she gave him the chance. This man sitting across from her could let her be herself without making her feel as if she should be striving for more; as if not pushing herself meant falling short. If only she'd give him that chance, and maybe she would if his eyes weren't a shade of clear, reflective green reminding her of tight, unkempt brown curls and a lanky body. Neither of which Gustav has ever sported. No, he is all brawn with shaggy blonde hair, but when she looks into Gustav's eyes all she can think about is another guy. Because those big, puppy-dog eyes of his were the first thing she ever found attractive about him.

Gustav's eyes tighten into thin slits, laughing at some joke she doesn't even realize she's made. It's her third Cosmo and by this point she's on autopilot. Otherwise she'd have stopped this train of thought before it even began.

Gustav looks back up at her and chuckles her name.


And just like that, it's three years earlier. She's back at CRU in the local bar, Doblers, with Rusty after they'd long been bailed on by Casey and Cappie. Both had accompanied their perspective friends who in an effort to avoid each other after ugly break up #2 had left with little more than a quick goodbye.

Over an hour later, they sat together slightly buzzed, or at least she was; their friends' tragic breakups long forgotten.

"Ashleigh," Rusty laughed, "That's brutal."

"Well those Tri Pi tramps deserve it," she tried pouting but couldn't keep the smile off her face. "And you're one to talk Mr. Revenge Chair."

Rusty hid his smirk by taking a swig from his bottle of beer.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said somberly, schooling his facial features to reflect his tone.

She made a face in return and earned a snort of laughter for her effort.

"It's supposed to be a secret," he reminded, shaking his head.

"Yeah, yeah," she agreed indulging his delusion of being the next Tom Cruise-like super-secret spy and signaling the bartender for another drink.

"I'm so not ready for classes to start again tomorrow," she whined childishly taking a large gulp from her lemon drop martini. "AH! Brain freeze!"

"I think maybe it's time to get you home Ash," Rusty smirked.

"Yeah," she agreed. Her final effort to get laid before the end of Spring Break was a fail anyway. More than a fail, she was hanging out with Rusty Cartwright. He was a good guy but definitely not who she had intended to get drunk with.

EPIC FAIL! Her brain yelled at her.

After a brief struggle with her jacket, Rusty helped her out and together they managed to get her in it. It wasn't a long walk to the ZBZ House but he insisted on walking her all the same. It was a sweet gesture that had her brain editing the 'Epic' off of her earlier thought. For the first time that night something occurred to her.

"Rusty where's your girlfriend tonight?"

A small, content smile came over his face, "She's studying for a Physics exam."

"But midterms were last week," she pushed curiously.

"Her professor is a real hard ass. He put it off until Monday," Rusty frowned.

"Bastard!" Ashleigh exclaimed loudly causing a group of Sigma Gnus playing night Frisbee to stare.

"Yeah," Rusty agreed on the end of a chuckle.

They spent the rest of their walk in companionable silence and when they reached the ZBZ House they said an awkward goodbye as Beth nearly toppled Rusty over as she ran past them into the house.

"Sorry," Beth called over her shoulder without breaking her stride.

"Are you okay?" Ashleigh asked helping Rusty right himself.

"Yeah I'm fine," Rusty mumbled glaring after Beth.

"Well goodnight Rusty."

"Goodnight Ashleigh."

She hadn't known what, but something had changed that night. It wasn't until months later she'd realized that was the night Rusty Cartwright went from being her best friend's little brother to her friend.

"Ashleigh?" Gustav's rough German voice interrupts bringing her out of her memory.

"What? I'm sorry. I guess I spaced," she bites her bottom lip guiltily.

"I said, 'Goodnight Ashleigh,' maybe you want to come back to my place?" he smiles seductively.

She tries to remember a time when an offer like this from a man like him would have thrilled her, but it only makes her wonder if she's had enough to drink to go through with the deed. He'd be skilled, she'd be bendy, and it would be incredible; but after when she was lying in a sweaty heap she'd have the hollow feeling of someone who had once made love and was now just fucking.

"Let's get out of here," she answers downing the rest of her Cosmo in one shot.