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Chapter One: In Transition

I rolled down the driver's side window of my Ford Escape as I entered the tiny town of Forks, Washington. Squinting to make out the street signs in the dense fog, I navigated through the deserted streets toward my new home. As I pulled into the driveway, the porch light flickered on and I smiled to myself. Charlie, my estranged father, must have been watching for me through the blinds in the front window.

He'd been anxiously awaiting my arrival since I asked to come live with him for the new school year. He still wasn't quite sure why I wanted such a big change, and to be honest neither was I, but the second the idea popped into my head, I'd felt this intense draw to start over in a new place. I wanted to find out who I was before my life actually started. Not who I was in relation to Renee, my childlike mother, but who I was when I stood on my own. I knew Charlie's home in this sleepy little town would be a perfect place to do it. Charlie was the perfect parental blend of trusting and disinterested, and I knew that we would be more roommates than father and daughter. I gathered that he was lonely up here, with no living family, and I was sure he was happy for the company I could offer him.

"Are you just going to stand there and watch me unload, or are you going to come help me with this crap?" I yelled out of my window as I rolled it back up. The front door squeaked as it opened, a product of the constant moisture in the air, and my father appeared in the doorway, shaking his head and smiling.

"That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble, little girl, you better learn to respect your elders or someone in this town is likely teach you," he said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes and grinned as I moved to hug him. He smelled like chewing tobacco and mint, and I closed my eyes and squeezed tight. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed him until I breathed in his Charlie-smell and felt a deep sense of home

I hadn't seen Charlie since last summer, and still I felt more at home with him than I ever had with Renee. I let him go and skipped to the back of my SUV with him in tow. He whistled as the trunk door rose, and I rolled my eyes again.

"Don't even start, Dad. I may not be very materialistic, but I am still a teenage girl. Just wipe that scowl off of your face and grab a box. We can knock this out in no time," I grunted as I yanked out my two suitcases full of clothes. I really didn't have much, just a few boxes with books and memorabilia, my two suitcases, and a laptop bag with the new Mac Renee had bought for me so that we could video chat.

I dragged the two bulky suitcases up the stairs, struggling but too stubborn to ask for help. I could hear Charlie snickering behind me, but I refused to acknowledge him. As I pulled them up the last step to the landing, I barked out a laugh and had to restrain myself from doing a victory dance.

I couldn't hold in my gasp though, as I wheeled them around the corner, because the bedroom I'd called mine for two weeks every summer until I was thirteen was completely unrecognizable from the last time I saw it four years ago. Gone were the faded yellow walls and patchwork quilt at the foot of the lumpy antique bed. The walls were a deep purple, and they contrasted beautifully with the new white furniture. The headboard of the bed was covered in creamy white leather, and the bedspread was white as well, with two giant purple thistles printed on the center that matched the walls exactly. The old hardwood floors had a couple of shaggy purple rugs scattered about, and muted light was coming from three matching kelly green lamps on each bedside table and the desk. I noticed that the chair tucked into the desk was the same shade of green as the lamps, and it was at that point that I realized that there was no way in hell my father, Chief of Police Charlie Swan, put this together himself. I turned to him and looked at him questioningly, incapable of speech, and he put his hands in his pockets and shuffled his feet awkwardly.

"If you don't like it, we can change it, I kept all of the receipts. Sue Clearwater and her daughter, Leah, picked most of it out, but I know they won't be offended if you don't like it, I just thought it would make you feel more at home here, and uh… yeah," he trailed off.

I giggled at his rambling and ran into his arms. He stumbled from the impact, but laughed at my enthusiasm as I exclaimed over and over my admiration for the room and thanked him for being so thoughtful.

He left to go get the rest of my things as I walked around the room, touching things here and there. I noticed that in place of my old rocking chair, there was a window seat with a purple cushion and a small bookshelf underneath. The curtains were a gauzy mix of green and purple and they swayed in the slight breeze coming through the open window. I drew the curtains back and sat down, folding my left leg under myself. I propped my elbows up on the sill and held my face in my hands, my eyes closed as I enjoyed the breeze. All of a sudden I heard what sounded like a tree branch breaking, and my eyes snapped open, but when I looked towards the sound I couldn't see anything. My eyes were drawn to the fireflies dotting the tree line, but there was something strange about them. Before I could examine them more closely my attention was drawn to the landing at the top of the stairs where Charlie was smiling at me.

"Better get used to those forest noises, little girl, or else you'll never get any sleep. Don't worry though, nothing can get you all the way up here on the second story" Charlie chuckled as he set the last two boxes down at the foot of my new bed.

"I stopped believing in things that go bump in the night as soon as I was old enough to know better," I smiled in return.

"Well, I'm going to get out of your hair. You've got a lot to get done tonight if you want to be unpacked before school starts tomorrow," Charlie said as he walked out, shutting the door behind him. My eyes widened in alarm. I knew I was leaving this move until the last minute, but I hadn't realized how last minute it truly was. I had assumed I'd have a little more time to get settled.

I jumped up and walked to my suitcases, deciding that I needed my clothes unpacked before anything else. I threw open the closet doors and sighed in relief when I saw that the racks were full of empty hangers. Glad that I wouldn't have to live out of my suitcases until I could make it to the nearest superstore, I quickly hung up my clothes, old mixing with the new I'd purchased to supplement my meager winter wardrobe. Winters in Phoenix were much less harsh than winters here, and I'd had to look hard to find warm enough clothes in the Phoenix shops. A couple new pairs of boots, a few scarf and glove sets, two thick jackets and a few warm hats completed my purchases, and I arranged these things in built in shelves in the closet.

I filled my closet and dresser, with just enough room to spare if I needed to get anything else while I was here. I stored the suitcases in the back of my closet and moved onto the boxes. I was happy that my room now had a bookshelf, I had been worried they'd just have to be scattered randomly wherever I could fit them around the room, and I absolutely hated cluttered furniture. What books I couldn't fit on the shelves underneath the window seat fit nicely in the cubbies below the drawers of my nightstands. I placed the decorations, pictures, and knickknacks I'd collected throughout my life here and there throughout the room, and sighed as I finished and felt more at home than I had in as long as I could remember.

With my room unpacked, all that was left was a shower to remove all of the travel grime. I collected my bag of toiletries from bottom of the last box and made my way to the en suite bathroom. I grinned widely as I opened the door and saw that the bathroom had been decorated to match my bedroom, and I sent a silent thanks to the Clearwater ladies for having such good taste. Steam filled up the small bathroom as I stripped off my clothes, tossing them into the wicker hamper in the corner, and I wiped the steam off of the mirror over the sink as I brushed my teeth.

In the reflection, I saw the tiny window behind me and realized that although the glass was opaque and difficult to see through, there were no curtains to completely obscure the view, and I told myself that I needed to do something about it, preferably before my next shower. I shivered at the fact that someone could be watching my nighttime ablutions, even though they'd have to be high up in the trees with binoculars to do so. That thought stayed with me as I showered and dried off quickly, and I made my way into my bedroom in my white satin robe to fetch my pajamas.

I decided that translucent curtains were better than no curtains, and dressed in my bedroom after I made sure I wasn't visible to the outside world. I sat at my desk and turned on my computer, and I quickly put my hair into loose braids as I waited for it to boot up. I threw the braids into a messy bun on top of my head, and then shot off a quick email to Renee to let her know I made the drive safely. I shut my laptop and jumped into bed, delighting in the springiness of the obviously new mattress. Exhaustion set in quickly, and I started drifting fast. My last thought was of the fireflies. My restless mind was still trying to figure out what was strange about them. I realized what it was just before I surrendered to sleep.

They had blinked, and drifted very slowly as fireflies do, but they had done it together. In pairs.

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