AN: Hello! This is an Eric and Alan fanfiction (not an Eric/Alan) that is mostly Alan-centric, taking place after they died at the end of KuroMyu 2. Because they're too cute to kill off at the end and then never hear from them again! I might continue this depending on what kind of feedback I get; this 1st chapter is to test the waters. I'd love to get suggestions on how I can improve! That being said, please enjoy! :)

"Are you going to keep breaking your promise to me?"


"Kill me, demon… please kill me…"

"Nothing has meaning anymore…"

Alan felt a cold surface under his body. The air around him was warm, but not too warm. He knew he had died, he remembered Eric cutting him with his death scythe and holding his fragile body close as his consciousness slipped away.

Alan slowly opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. The world was a white void with no beginning or end. There was no sun, but it was still fairly bright; Alan had to squint a little. A few other people wandered about, wondering where they were. But the small reaper knew very well where he was.

He was in Limbo. Where deceased souls waited to be judged and brought to the afterlife.

Alan sighed and looked down at himself. He looked the same as he was before, small and frail, only with no marks on his body from the thorns. This was his soul after all, physical ailments and injuries made no marks on this form.

Injuries. He flashed back to Eric. His beloved partner had been killing people to save him from the thorns, and yet the tall, strong blonde had been the one to pierce his heart with the sharp blade of his own. Alan could remember desperately trying to protect Ciel Phantomhive, to prevent Eric from killing anyone else. Sadly, it had resulted in the loss of his life.

Alan sniffed. He still cared about Eric, even after all he had done to him. The lies, the betrayal, the bodies… Alan forgave him for all of it. Tears welled up in his bright green eyes and threatened to roll down his pale cheeks.

"Eric…" Alan sobbed shakily, the tears overflowing from his lower eyelids. Even though Alan had forgiven Eric, they were as far apart as two people could be. He was dead and Eric was alive. He would never be able to let Eric know that everything was okay. Death really was the end, Alan realized. The end of all contact from those you love, the things you love, the job you love. Nothing existed for you, all that's left is to be sorted and judged.

The clacking of footsteps began to approach Alan. No, he thought, I'm not ready to go on. I can't die without letting Eric know everything. "Please don't," Alan begged through his tears, his normally calm voice breaking. The footsteps stopped in front of him. "Please, don't take me away yet. I- I need to tell someone special something very important…"

"By any chance, would that someone special be me?"

Alan's eyes widened. The voice that graced his ears was a smooth, strong one, dripping with a cool confidence and a casual air. But the owner of that voice couldn't be here; this was the realm of the dead, and this person was still alive. Alan raised his head to look at the one that had approached him.

Sure enough, it was Eric Slingby. His partner and friend.

"Eric…?" Alan's voice broke; the entirety of his small body filled with disbelief.

"Yeah." The large man replied, smiling down at Alan.

"B-But how? Weren't you alive?" Alan shakily got to his feet, looking at Eric's calm, green eyes. He had never seen Eric so at peace.

"Clearly I'm not." Eric replied, chuckling sadly. "I died right after you did."

"How?" Alan grew less shocked and more upset. "Did William find you? Did that demon kill you? What happened, Eric?"

The one in question did not reply. He instead shuffled his feet and stuffed his hands in his pockets. Alan knew this stance; Eric always acted like this when he had an answer to one of Alan's questions that he knew Alan wouldn't like.

"The latter." Eric sighed. "Sebastian killed me."

Alan didn't think that this was the whole story, but he wanted so badly to believe whatever Eric said. "Okay." He replied, nodding firmly. "Okay."

The two stood there in silence. What Alan had wanted to tell Eric vanished in the presence of the man. He didn't think that Eric would die anytime soon, so he had no time to prepare the words and the feelings.

"I'm sorry." Eric was the one to shatter the quiet. "I'm so sorry, Alan. For killing all of those people, for killing you. I was only trying to save you, and yet I was the one who ended your life." The tall blonde man began to quake, tears streaming down his face.

A well of pity formed in Alan's heart. His strong, confident Eric was reduced to a sobbing mess; almost nothing could do that. He really was sorry, Alan realized. The words he had lost came to him in the simplest of manners, and he acted on it.

"It's okay, Eric." Alan glided over to his partner and gave him a big hug. He could feel Eric tense up, clearly surprised. Alan grabbed his bearded chin gently with his thumb and forefinger and lifted Eric's tear-stained face to his own. "Everything is alright." The sincere gesture combined with the smile Alan gave was enough to convey what he had felt. To let Eric know that all was forgiven.

"Alan…" Eric choked, and returned the loving embrace. His muscular arms held Alan's slender form perfectly, fitting the two together like puzzle pieces. Alan found himself crying again, overwhelmed by the comfort. Everything was okay now. They could be together forever; nothing would tear them apart again.