The Backdrop of Vash's Mindset

Vash picked up his first gun when he was six.

"Guns are power," his father said to him, as he showed Vash how to disassemble a 9MM handgun. "A power anyone can pick up and misuse. You might as well learn to use this properly."

It was something Vash had wanted ever since he could remember. He remembered watching his father practice flawlessly with his weapons and wanted to do that as well. If Huldrych Zwingli had not given him the opportunity, Vash did not know if he would have been able to keep away anyway. It was as if his hands were made for it.

"Hands are made for utilization," his father explained. "Destruction, construction, understanding. One has to be well learnt in order for hands to not accidentally destroy. Destruction can only be forgiven in protection. One day you will have someone you will want to protect even more than your family and for that day I want you to understand this."

He was eight by the time he was certain he understood what that meant. Still, Vash could not comprehend how it was possible that someone outside of the family could mean as much to him.

Proficiency was the most important trait. Understanding; ability. One month before his father died he was given his fate.

"We Swiss forget to have hobbies until it is too late," his father chuckled. "I did... your mother did not, but she was born in Belgium... Our children will not. You will not lack for things to do Vash, work or not. I want you to put down the gun for work."

It was not that Vash did not like banking – the exactness of it all was comforting. He just had not thought that was what he would end up doing. In the end, it was not. Vash learnt to utilize a gun for understanding.

People were much more willing to understand when they thought destruction was at hand.


Huldrych Zwingli sounds like he would fit into the world of Full Metal Alchemist.

And yes, the schools in the City are excellent. Which is why people keep trying to get there: Fatimah, Yong Soo, Young Sil, and Heidi. Hearth is... Oh no, it's a trap!

This is a mini-story because it is not all that long. It is not a real story because it is not inspired by a Shakespearian comedy (as it is inspired more by the show 'EUReKA') and therefore I felt uncomfortable calling it a real story, but it did not work as a one-shot so I did not write it like that. It will only be about twenty chapters.

Anyway, enjoy~