What We All Knew Was Going To Happen

Vash knew something was wrong as soon as she saw the smirk on Brian's face, the grin on Roy's. Heidi looked through the memo on the desk with interest.

"Apparently some request was granted, brother. Your transfer is here! Imagine that, what luck! If we had left earlier we would have had to find another way back into town!"

"Why?" Vash asked the other two, because he was incapable of making any other sounds with his mouth. Other than a pitiful whine, but that was too far beneath him. Therefore he opted for the (likely) pointless question.

"Because," Roy snickered, throwing another file on the desk.

"Ye're funny," Brian admitted out loud, lips still twitching.

"Jist wha' we need in Hearth," Roy agreed. "Some new blood. Laughable blood."

Someone's blood was going to be all over the floor. Vash took in a deep breath.

"Now that you are in charge I suppose there will be a lot of clean up in this office," Heidi commented.

The world paused.

"Wha'?" Roy asked.

"It says Vash is being instated as the superior officer," Heidi paraphrased. Vash put out his hand and his sister walked over to give it to him. Here were the words, trapping him in this Hearth. Here were the words...

Putting him in charge.

This did not make him feel much better.

"I don't mind staying in Hearth," Heidi said. "I rather like it. Don't you, Vash?"

Not really, Heidi. Not at all.

Vash sighed. "I suppose it will grow on me." Like a tumour.

He was just going to have to make the most out of it.


The end. This should not have taken more than a year and for that I apologise. Still, I hope you all enjoyed this! Back to Hearth one-shots for me.