Title: Jasper's Child

Pairing: Mainly Jasper/Bella, Some Paul/OC

Rating: MA Just in case.

Summary: Not a typical Edward and Bella break up and she gets with Jasper story. In this story, Jasper and his family, including Riley are out hunting one day when he sees a girl running through the forest with an infant child. Thinking she needs help, they follow her. Turns out, Jasper is the infant's father. But how? Read and find out! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT MOST OF MY STORIES, THIS ONE INCLUDED IS NOT MET FOR FOR ANYONE UNDER 18)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Twilight. I DO own the plot of this story along with characters that are NOT from Twilight. If you find anyone re-posting this story. Or trying to take credit for it, or both. Please contact me through PM. Thanks.