Bella POV
It has been a few weeks since I exploded on Esme. I didn't see her for about a week. Then she started coming around again, but now she's being a little too OVERLY nice. It makes me a little uncomfortable, but Jasper told me she's trying to make up for what she did. So, I will try for him.
The vampires have been making calls, and running to different states to hunt down their contacts for help. Some of them refuse to get in the middle of a war, of course. I can't blame them. But I would fight for all of my friends and family.
As of now, we have the Denali's-Eleazar, Carmen, Tanya, Kate, and Irina. Carlisle's friends-Garret, and Alistair. Although, I kind of wish Alistair would leave. He's not really helping, he's mostly complaining and bringing everyone down. I'm half tempted to tell him to not bother and just leave if he isn't going to help. But I will speak to Jasper and Carlisle first. We also have the Amazons-Zafrina and Sienna. They are awesome women. They have also been training me THEIR way, using the trees and such as well. They are fierce fighters. Eleazar has been helping me with my gifts as a witch. I have quite a few now. We haven't quite decided if I should stay in human/vampire form, or fight in wolf form. If I stay human/vampire, I can use my gifts. We will have to see. As of now, my gifts consist of-mental and physical shield that can cover most of the USA, if need be. Telepathic, Telekinetic, I can shoot electricity from my fingers as well, send out shockwaves, I also apparently have the gift of allure. That one is taking longer to have control over. Jasper isn't too fond of that one, but he'll have to get use to it. Peter has been calling me Little Terror because of the gifts I possess. But as I've been reading about witches in Carlisle's books, a lot of witches have these gifts, some have a little extra. I also have one other, naming me a shadow witch, where I can conjure up shadows and drag people into the shadow realm, they are unable to escape unless I die.
It's been a crazy few weeks to say the least. Between my sweet little Olivia growing so quick. She's in a 7 year olds body now. Edward found his mate this week as well. I'm so happy for him. He's an amazing guy. His mate is a sweet heart too. We've become best friends. Her name is Angela. She lives in Forks. Turns out she is also a witch. She's an elemental witch, meaning she can control ALL of the elements, as well as the gifts I have, minus the shadow conjuring. She comes from a long line of powerful witches. Edward and Jasper have told us we need to be extra careful. If the Volturi find out about us, they will do whatever they have to to get us. She is staying under the radar as much as possible until the battle. Edward didn't want her to fight, but she insisted.
Paul has also gotten in touch with the Mecah Res and the Echati res, they were more than willing to help. So, Jasper, Peter, Charlotte, and Paul has been going to both places every couple of days to train the wolves. Olivia and I do not leave the res. And we also have 2 people with us. Angela is now guarded with 2 as well.
Right now, Angela and I were sitting on the steps outside of the cabin watching Jared and Seth chase Olivia around the yard. Jasper, Peter, Charlotte, and Paul were training on the other two Res's today.
The plan was to have all of the wolves in the surrounding forest, creating a circle around the clearing after Maria and her army get there, and run at them from all sides, as the vampires were in the middle.
"Bella, do you think we'll win?" asked Angela.
"I do." I told her.
"How do you know?" she asked.

Jasper POV
We had just gotten back from training to see Bella and Angela talking about the coming battle.
"Maria fights for power, and power alone. While that can been a decent motive. We have MORE to fight for." Bella said, before looking over at Olivia, then letting her eyes scan over me, and the everyone else there. "Love, Family, and Unity. It's not all about power. I love my daughter enough to sacrifice myself so she will live if it comes to that. I know Jasper is the same way, so are the wolves. Love is one of the most powerful things to fight for. Love for your mate, your family, your friends. Maria has none of that. My family and friends, and my mate are loyal to me, as I am to them. How many of Maria's minions or newborns are truly loyal to her? Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte all walked away from her. She truly has no one, just a bunch of pawns. She will not win this." Bella ended.
Everyone there, smiled at each other. I walked up to my loyal little mate, and sat behind her on the steps, my legs on either side of her, wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing the top of her head.
"Perfectly said baby." I whispered in her ear.
Esme had tears in her eyes as she stepped forward. Her and Carlisle had shown up during Bella's speech.
"I have something I need to tell you all." Esme said, looking scared.
Bella looked at her concerned. "What's wrong, Esme?"
"A few weeks ago, the same day as my arguments with Bella. I got a text message from an unknown number. Telling me to call them or they would kill Edward. So, I did. It was Maria. She tried to get me to spy on all of you and report back to her or she would kill Edward slowly." She said with tears in her eyes.
"But I swear, I haven't been. I told her to go to hell. That she wouldn't win." Esme added, quickly.
Everyone was growling now.
"That's not all…" she whispered.
"What else?" Bella ground out. I tightened my arms around her.
"I think Maria also got to Jacob's girlfriend, Tiffany. I know she isn't an imprint, just a girlfriend. So she isn't loyal in the least. I heard her on the phone the other day. She was telling someone what Bella has been up to. She called the person on the phone, Maria." Esme said frantically.
The growl that came out of Bella was frightening, Angela wasn't any better. They both liked Jacob, and cared for him like a little brother.
Bella looked at her brother, but I knew she was in several people's heads at once.
"Sam, call Jacob. Invite him and Tiffany here. When they get here, Jasper, I need you to use your mojo to keep Jacob in place, the only emotion I ask you not to use is pain. Leah, Charlotte, you will hold Tiffany, while I get her phone, and we'll take it from there. I want to check her phone first. We also need to find out if Jacob has told Tiffany any of the pack business. The plan for the battle, our numbers, anything." She ordered in all of our heads. While Sam may be the Alpha of the pack, and I am the Alpha male in our little family with her and Olivia, neither of us were going to get in her way right now. She could be a frightening little witch, which is why Peter dubbed her Little Terror.
Everyone nodded, while Sam made the call. Now all we had to do was wait for them to get here….Tiffany is in deep shit when she gets here. I have no idea what will happen to her with her being human. She shouldn't even know about the vampires or the wolves.

No one's POV
As Jacob and Tiffany walked up, everyone sprang into action. Jasper brought Jacob to his knees with fear, and kept it steady. While Leah and Charlotte grabbed ahold of Tiffany's arms.
"What the hell is going on here?" Tiffany yelled, trying to get out of their hold, only succeeding in hurting herself.
Bella walked up to her with fury in her eyes. "I'd stop fighting if I were you. Leah and Charlotte just might accidently break those chicken wings you call arms." She gritted out, as she searched Tiffany's pockets.
Finding Tiffany's cellphone, she began searching through it. First going through text messages. Seeing many of them were to an unknown number, talking about what Bella and Olivia had been up to, the comings and goings of everyone, even when the best time would be to take Bella and/or Olivia.
She handed the phone to Jasper, so he could see. "Show it to Jacob too." She said.
Jacob read through the messages, and looked at Tiffany with a mix of fury and betrayal in his eyes, growling.
"Who owns the cell phone you've been sending these messages to?" Bella asked Tiffany, in a dangerously low voice. Her eyes still furious. They had become red swirls in her fury. She was looking Tiffany straight in the eyes.
Tiffany tried to cower away from Bella, but otherwise kept her mouth shut.
"Give me the phone." She said, holding her hand out.
Jacob passed her the phone, and she dialed the unknown number, putting it on speaker phone.
"Any news for me kitten?" Maria purred on the other end.
There were growls all around.
"You should really pick your spies better Maria. Your kitten has been caught. That's 5 spies you've sent out now that we've disposed of? Try try again." Bella said darkly.
"You bitch! I'm going to have so much fun torturing you when I get you back! I'll make your mate and daughter watch too!" Maria screamed into the phone, before the phone broke from Bella's strength squeezing in fury.
All of the vampires there, as well as the wolves and the witches, turned their murderous glares on Tiffany. She knew she was in deep trouble.
"Jake, baby, help me, please!" She begged.
Jacob growled at her. "You put my family, my pack, and my friends in danger and you expect my help!?"
Tiffany whimpered, and cowered back from all the glares. Leah's and Charlotte's grips were getting painful as well.
"How much does she know, Jacob?" Bella asked.
"Truthfully, I don't know. I never told her anything. But you know she likes to eavesdrop, and no telling what Maria told her." Jacob replied.
Bella nodded, the looked between Edward and Angela. Since Edward was a mind-reader, and both Bella and Angela had telepathic abilities.
"She's trying to block her thoughts. So, she obviously knows about us three. But maybe not the full extent to your gift." Edward said, looking at Tiffany.

Edward POV
I watched Bella step forward to Tiffany, and I joined her. I knew she would need to concentrate. So I would translate for her.
Bella grabbed both sides of Tiffany's head, and closed her eyes, concentrating. Worming her way through Tiffany's mind, to her deepest thoughts.
"She knows of the vampires, the wolves here, the witches. Knows nothing of our plans though." I told everyone, reading Bella's thoughts, as she read Tiffany's.
"She still knows too much." Said Rose.
Most of us murmured in agreement.
Bella let go of Tiffany and took a step back.
"I don't relish the thought of killing a human." Carlisle said with a sigh.
"Carlisle, the supernatural world as a whole can not be known to humans. They could not handle it. Not only that, she put my daughter in more danger." Bella said.
"Let's open up the floor for discussion on what to do with her." Said Jasper.
Bella nodded. "Carlisle, Esme?"
"Do you have a spell that can erase memories?" Asked Carlisle.
"We do. But it's no definite solution. If the witch dies that does the spell, the spell lifts and Tiffany gets her memory back. And there are always other ways to lift a spell if you dig deep enough." Said Bella. Angela nodded in agreement.
"She put my family at risk. And she knows about the vampires, that outs us at threat of the Volturi as well. I say dispose of her. Just make it quick and easy." Said Esme. Rosalie, Emmet, Myself, Angela, and Alice nodded, agreeing with Esme.
"She risked my imprint, my pack sister, and she knows of the wolves. Dispose of her." Said Paul. Almost all of the wolves agreeing with him, even Jacob.
"Sam, what is your take as Alpha?" Asked Bella.
"It is my belief that the wolves are not only here to protect against vampires, but ALL evil. Tiffany has shown us that she is no innocent. All I ask is that it looks like an accident. So that it doesn't come back on us." Sam replied.
"Peter, Charlotte, Riley and I can make it look like an accident." Jasper said. Peter, Charlotte, and Riley agreed with him.
Bella nodded then looked at Jasper. "Do it."
Leah let go of Tiffany and Charlotte pulled on the stupid girl roughly. Dragging her away, with Jasper, Peter, and Riley following.

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