It's his turn to be puzzled. "What?"

"Nothing. Nothing. I still have to pack."

"Okay… Goodbye."

It's close to dinnertime and the only things to pack were my bathroom essentials and my school things. As I hurriedly pack the last of things, I think about my decision and his decision.

It's not like we're going to be in the same hospital, right? And it's not like I'm becoming a nurse to be close to him. Also, I'm not even going to be living with him… Ah, why'd he tell me first? I should've been the one so it doesn't seem like I'm after him again. So unlucky.

"Ha Ni! Dinner."

"Yes, Dad! Coming!"

I was politely quiet during dinner, same with Baek Seung Jo and Baek Eun Jo. Auntie was being upset at our leave and was quiet also.

"Ahm, well this has been nice. We should start loading the car. Friend, help me." My dad isn't very subtle in breaking the atmosphere.

After the dads finished loading our van, it was goodbye time. We've been through it before but it didn't make it any easier for Auntie. I would really miss her. She treated me like one of her own and I'm so grateful for that. I hope I can still see her. I will probably see her at the wedding. Auntie finally got over her emotions and left me with a smile and more love.

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yes, Dad." I hugged him from the passenger seat.

~~~Next week~~~

"Joon Gu, yah! What are you doing?"

It's our third date. He brought me to an amusement park. I act as if it's so cliché but I love cliché.

"What? I cannot hug you? The other couples are doing it and you're so cute!"

I can't help but smile. He never fails to make me chuckle at his innocent love.

"Ha Ni! Let's ride that one!"

He points to a roller coaster. My face pales while he's not looking but I perk up as he looks for my agreement that I give. We go towards the ride. I get nervous as the line flows but Joon Gu tries to calm my nerves. Finally, we get on the ride and the ride head up for a fall.

"Ha Ni, it's going to be al—AHHHH! HA NI HOLD ME!"

Instead of crying and screaming, I'm laughing and cheering. Joon Gu, on the other hand, looks like he wants to throw up.

The ride ends while a smile on my face and Joon Gu rushing out to find the nearest garbage can or bathroom. Luckily, there's a bathroom right beside the roller coaster. I patiently wait outside, beaming with pride that I overcame my fear of roller coasters. It's all thanks to Joon Gu. As soon as he comes out, I run to hug him. Caught by surprise, it takes awhile for him to hug me back.

"Thank you. Thank you for bringing me here. I'm no longer scared of roller coasters, thanks to you."

Immediately after I say this, he lifts his groggy expression and says, "Of course! I will be your knight in shining armor, protecting you from everything. I will always be here for you…"

"I know… Thank you."

He scratched his head, deciding whether or not to tell me something it seems. Finally, he looks me in the eye.

"I know I've told you this a million times but I know you've always felt as I wasn't serious but I'm going to tell you again and listen carefully because I am 100 percent serious."

I gulped and nodded for him to procede.

"Ha Ni, I love you. I've loved you since the moment you saved me. Even if you always looked at Baek Seung Jo, my love for you has once wavered." He looked to the ground, took a deep breath and looked back to me. "I need you because I love you. I want to be the one you cling onto when you're scared. I want to be the shoulder you cry on when someone hurts you and when someone hurts you, I want to be the one to defend you and beat them up. When you're hungry, I want to cook for you and feed you like they did with that kid movie with the two dogs… Ah, I forgot the name but that's beside the point. Ha Ni, I know it will take awhile for you to get over Baek Seung Jo and I'm willing to wa—"

I couldn't help myself. The tears were forcing themselves out. My heart was aching with happiness. I was so lucky to have this man. I grabbed his face and kissed him. I could feel him smiling during our kiss. His smile made me smile and our smiles turned into laughter. He still held my face close to his and I held his close to mine.