Wow - sorry for the delay, kids. I promise to make it worth your wait. Just let me know how I can make it up to you...

You know that gradual crescendo of emotion that you feel the first time that you hear a fantastic song? Perhaps even when you view a movie that meets and exceeds your expectations? As an extremely lame example, I remember the first time that I heard a Journey song on the radio. I do remember making the assumption that they were overplayed, washed up and gimmicky and were only relevant because of Glee.

However, when I heard Faithfully for the first time on some light rock radio station, I cried - snot and tears dripping unashamedly down my face. It might have been my mood at the moment, the environment...something made it so fricking perfect to me.

My reaction was similar at that very second. The absolute shittiest day took a serious turn for the better as Edward, MY Edward, held me gently. He smelled like a man ought to smell: exhaust, sweat and tobacco. He felt like a man ought to feel: firm, tall and comfortable. And he looked like a man ought to look: goddamn delicious and I was a very hungry woman. Ravenous, even.

The sky opened up and decided to downpour while I clung to him as if he would disappear and my desperate fingers were the only thing to keep him there. I tried to think of something intelligent and sexy to say to him so that we could go somewhere else - hopefully together.

"Edward," I turned my lips closer to his ear to whisper over the engines and the rain hitting the concrete.

He responded in kind, whispering so close I could feel the rain ricochet off of his lips against my own skin. "Bella."

I'm pretty sure that my eyes rolled back and I mouthed some type of silent expletive. Jesus, he says my name, JUST my name and I nearly explode.

It's okay. You can do this. Be alluring. Be interesting. Be compelling.

"I...ummm..." I stuttered.

His head turned into mine more as if more skin touching equaled better hearing ability.

"Yes, Bella?"

Fuck. He said my name again. While giving myself a 'make sure that you're sexy and stuff' pep talk, my word vomit monster decided to take hold and spit out whatever came to mind.

"Edward, I'm really fucking wet."

THAT is the FIRST thing out of your mouth? Out of anything attractive that can be said, that's what you say Swan?




Edward cleared his throat after what appeared to be a long span of silence. I tried to recover.

"I mean, it's raining..."

Right. That's what I meant. It's true that I was turned on far more so than should be legally allowed, but my entire body was soaked through and through by this watery onslaught.

"Right." His voice cracked as he spoke. "Right. Let's get out of here," he whispered to me.

Edward set me down in front of his motorcycle, dug through my purse and pulled out my sunglasses that, for some reason, he knew were located there. Grabbing the handlebars and swinging his leg around the bike, he settled himself in the seat. He procured a pair of riding glasses from his pocket and handed me my sunglasses. Before he affixed his sunglasses upon his intimidatingly gorgeous face, he turned to face me and jerked his head up, telling me without words to hop on.

I dumbly followed. I think at this point, I would have followed him anywhere.

Standing in front of the bike, I somehow maneuvered onto the slippery seat even with the stupid skirt that sounded like such a great idea earlier that day. The moment that the skin of my inner thighs surrounded his denim covered hips, Edward adjusted his weight and started the bike. The motor sprung to life at his command, the bike shaking subtly as it ignited. I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around his extraordinarily firm stomach and held on tight.

"I live an exit down the freeway," he turned his head to shout over the pouring rain and revving engines. His hand released its grip on the accelerator and caressed my calf. "With the rain, we'll go slowly."

It sounded like more of a promise than anything.

We'll go slowly.


The instant that he began accelerating, the world around us changed. The traffic started to move, allowing us to at least get off on the next exit ramp. Waiting for the light to turn green, the sky unloaded its fury even more than before. I gripped Edward's waist tighter.

Edward turned to me and yelled, "My apartment is about five blocks south. Hang on tight - rain on a motorcycle is a bitch!" Water fell all over his face as he spoke - down his cheek and nose and over his lips. I envied those raindrops as I swallowed hard.

Per his instruction, I pulled myself so close that I completely conformed to his body, wrapping my arms securely around his waist and settling my head against his upper back. Once the light turned green, he maneuvered as quickly as he could without putting us in danger, but the goddamned traffic lights stopped us every block.

At the first stoplight, the rain started to pelt us as it began blowing sideways. Balancing the motorcycle between his legs, he leaned back and brushed his hands over my slick legs in an attempt to ease the sting from the rain. A brush turned into a caress and both hands slid over my skin, lingering on the inside of my knees.

The light turned green and I gripped him hard, bracing myself against the weather. A block down the street the stoplight did its job and halted our journey. The bad part was it happened at every single stoplight. The good part was the caress. He would lean back slightly, brush my skin and tease me. It was a steady continuation of slow torture, teasing, and foreplay. Just by touching my skin. I began to look forward to the lights turning yellow. This man was setting me on fire.

Stoplight. Caress. Ignite.

I rested my head against his back, silently encouraging him to continue.

Stoplight. Caress. Ignite.

I gripped his shirt and held in a moan.

Stoplight. Caress. Ignite.

My thighs squeezed together on their own accord as I tried to shift myself closer to his body. He leaned back slightly in acknowledgement, the burning need was obviously resonating through him as well. I couldn't hold in the moan this time.

I don't think I could take one more stop light. I'd explode.

He pulled his motorcycle to the right found a parking spot. With the motor running, he told me to dismount and wait against his apartment building. I jumped off of the bike and ran across the sidewalk where I found some relief from the rain under a shallow awning. I pulled off of my sunglasses, wiped the water from my face and flipped the hair away from my eyes and waited.

Edward turned off the ignition and pushed out the kickstand, settling the motorcycle against the concrete. His riding glasses were thrown haphazardly in the compartment below his seat when he turned to me and just stared. In the pouring rain, he just fucking stared at me.

Looking down at myself, I realized that my work professional attire did not do well in this kind of monsoon-type weather. It was not only drenched and clingy, it was downright translucent. There was very little to the imagination.

My face turned bright red as the mortification set in.

Maybe he didn't REALLY notice, I justified.

I raised my head and was in awe of what I saw. It was Edward, my Edward, but his jaw was clenched and his fingers were twitching. He continued to gaze unabashedly at me - down my legs, up my torso, focusing on my breasts before finally returning those gorgeous eyes to mine. The look on his face was one that I definitely recognized. It was the same look that I had on my face earlier that evening - hunger. He was as ravenous as I was.

Before I could give it any additional thought, his mouth twitched slightly, just slightly, as he lifted an eyebrow and swallowed.

Then he started to walk toward me.

As I pushed myself from the wall, my mission was before me. He was beyond intense and I matched him step for step. The moment our bodies collided in the middle of a severe thunderstorm, I turned my head up and licked the water running down his neck. Then we both moaned, aloud, the same goddamn words.

"Fuck yes."

Ahhhh...the dreaded cliffhanger. Hang tight, kids. I won't leave you hanging for that long next time. The next, final chapter will be as one of the great FF authors said: "There will be sex...and it will be hot."