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Bella's POV:

Today was either going to be the best day of my life, or the worst mistake I ever made. Jacob Black, my best friend, just finished fixing the motorcycles I brought him. They were in terrible condition when I gave them to him, so I was still in shock at how amazing they looked. I used my savings account that was meant for college to help fund this little project, and from the way the bikes looked, it was worth it.

So here we were, driving in my beat up pickup truck to a secluded trail to test out the death machines. I normally wouldn't do anything this reckless, but I found that if I did something totally dangerous and stupid, I would hear my loves voice… my love who left me. Just thinking about him ripped at the hole in my chest.

I quickly pulled my thoughts away from the past and into the present. In less than ten minutes, I would be on a motorcycle. I could basically hear my father screaming at me. I would be grounded for eternity if he found out about them; he would possibly kill me himself if he heard about them.

We arrived at the place Jake told me about in no time. I felt the excitement fade while nervousness and fear took it's place. What the hell was I doing?

When I parked, Jake turned to me, excitement burning in his eyes. "Are you ready?" He asked me. It was hard for me not to catch his excitement.

"Yeah," I mumbled as I tried to smile as we exited my truck. I was going to help Jake with the bikes, but he was strong. He got them out as easy as if they were tricycles.

He held the bike steady as I got on it. He pointed to each of the parts I needed to know in order to ride. He told me to use the hand brakes for the back brakes were for when I became better.

"Are you ready?" He asked me again.

I nodded and gritted my teeth in concentration. I put my foot up and tried to kickstart the bike, but kept almost falling over with the bike on top of me. Jacob could probably see my growing frustration so he held the bike for me as I attempted to kickstart it again.

When I finally got the bike started, Jacob prompted me to switch it into first gear. I took a deep breath as I did what I was told. I was glad my hands were tight around the clutch or they would be shaking.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jacob asked, concern filling his voice. "You look scared."

"I'm fine," I snapped at him.

"Okay, then slowly let go of the clutch." I stared at him in disbelief and sighed. "That's how you move, Bella."

I nodded and I slowly loosened my grip on the clutch. I was shocked by the unexpected voice that filled my head.

"Bella, this is reckless and idiotic," the velvet voice spoke darkly, anger filling his voice.

I jumped slightly and my hand loosened more. Suddenly I was flying. I let out a triumphant laugh. I heard the voice I've been dying to hear and I was doing the impossible. My stomach was still back with Jacob as I flew down the dirt road. The adrenaline was coursing through my veins as the trees flew by me in a solid wall of green. The speed was welcomed and my foot twitched toward the gearshift as I was craving more speed.

"No, Bella! Are you trying to kill yourself?" He demanded. "Watch where you are going."

His words distracted me from the speed for a moment and I realized that I was headed to a curve in the road. Jacob hadn't taught me how to turn yet.

"Brakes, Bella!" Jacob screamed from far away. "Hit the brakes!"

"Brakes, brakes," I murmured and I instinctively slammed my foot down on the brake Jacob told me not to use.

Suddenly the bike started to wobble and soon I fell to the ground with the bike on top of me. We were still moving with me under it and I could see a large rock coming toward me fast. I felt my eyes widen as I watched helplessly as the rock approached me. I couldn't turn the bike nor could I stop my advance. Soon my head bashed itself against the rock and everything went black.

I heard beeping sounds in the distance and slowly opened my eyes. I was in a white room with many machines. The annoying sounds were coming from a machine attached to me. I slowly sat up and my head started spinning. I fell back down against the white, slightly raised bed with a gasp. The beeping because to speed up.

Soon a man in a white coat walked into the room. I silently groaned as I realized I was in a hospital. The man -Dr. Snow- smiled at me. "Ah, I'm glad to see you're awake. How are you feeling, Bella?"

"Bella?" I questioned.

His bushy eyebrows furrowed over his eyes. "Tell me, what do you remember?"

"Um," I thought for a moment. My eyes widened. "Nothing," I said as the beeping sounds picked up even faster. "I remember nothing."

He slowly grabbed my arms. "Relax, Bella," he spoke softly yet urgently. "Do you know your name, where you are?"

I shook my head as tears fell down my face. "I guess my name's Bella as you just called me 'Bella.'"

He smiled slightly. "I'll go get your friend who brought you here. Maybe he will trigger something."

Dr. Snow quickly left the room, and I tried to sit up again. He wasn't gone long as he quickly entered the room with a tall, copper skinned boy behind him. The boy's eyes were full of concern.

"Bella, are you alright?" the boy asked as he walked toward me to sit on the bed next to me. I shifted away slightly and shock and pain filled his face. "Bella?"

"Jacob," Dr. Snow said softly, apologetically. "I'm afraid Bella lost her memory when she hit her head."

"Bella?" Jacob asked, his eyebrows shooting up.

I looked closely at his face, trying to remember him, but I couldn't. "Who are you?"