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Thalia's P.O.V.

"Run!" I told my friends.

"Thalia, I'm not leaving you!" Luke yelled back to me.

"Take Annabeth and go! I'll be fine." I lied. Luke wanted to protest but the monsters were coming and Annabeth screamed. He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and ran following Grover.

I charged the nearest monster stabbing it with my spear I was doing good until a Fury clawed my face and a dracnae shot an arrow towards me. It impaled itself between my shoulder and neck. I shrieked at the pain and a hell-hound pounced on me. The last thing I saw was a bright light.

As I started to gain consciousness I noticed my head was on someone's shoulder. I looked up to see who it was. It was a boy with black hair and sea green eyes staring intently at me, like he was trying to figure out where he'd seen me.


"I'm Percy." the boy said. "You safe now."

"Strangest dream…" I said trying to remember it all.

"It's okay." he assured rubbing my shoulder.

"Dying." I said remembering the dream now.

"No," he assured me with a soothing voice. "You're okay. What's your name?" he asked then his eyes got wide like he'd figured it out but I continued to answer. I stared into his sea green eyes.

"I'm Thalia, daughter of Zeus." I answered as I noticed his orange t-shirt like Grover had.

His eyes were still wide and his mouth dropped. He looked torn. Like should I hate her or be best friends with her?

"Thalia." I heard someone whispered I turned to see a huge group of campers from the camp Grover talked about. There with her hands over her mouth was Annabeth, alive. I smiled at her then realized she looked different. Older. I had died. I don't doubt it now. How am I alive now? Rebirth into the same time period? Would Hades have even let me?

I was taken to the Big House by Chiron and Annabeth while Percy continued to sit on the hill in shock. Annabeth and Chiron explained what happened to me and I took it calmly.

"Where's Luke?" I asked and Annabeth's face fell."He made it. You said it yourself."

"Luke's… Luke is helping Kronos." Annabeth whispered and the room felt colder. Time slowed down and I saw white spots dance in front of my eyes. Would I have joined Kronos? No. No. After my father attempted to be there by turning me into a tree and visiting me when I was younger, I had to stick by him.

"Is my father to busy to come right now?" I asked Chiron and he looked at me sadly.

"Your father is sticking close to the ancient laws by not directly interfering because of the Great Prophecy…" Chiron said.

"What Great Prophecy."

"We've been forbidden to speak of it until the time is right." Chiron said.

"What does it have to do with me knowing?" I asked.

"The first child of the Big Three to reach sixteen will make a-" thunder boomed loudly stopping Annabeth and she huffed.

"Annabeth knows?" I asked Chiron.

"I found out and I kind of wish I could forget." Annabeth said.

"Fine. No one tell me." I huffed and walked out. Annabeth caught up with me.

"Just showing you to your cabin." she said softly.

When we got there she made me face her.

"Thalia, please don't stay mad. Percy doesn't even know. No other camper does." she pleaded.

"I just need time, sis." I said and she smiled then walked to her cabin. Before I walked inside my cabin I saw a boy with black hair pacing on the beach. I continued in my cabin and fell asleep dreaming about a black haired boy with sea green eyes telling me I was safe.

I woke up and ate breakfast at the Zeus table alone. It made me sad thinking how if my brother were still here he would be next to me.

"Thalia?" Percy said.

"Percy, right?" I asked just to be sure.

"Yeah." he answered and I nodded waiting for him to continue. "I heard you know about the prophecy." he said.

"Not really only about a child of the big three who turns sixteen." I answered. He smirked.

"I know a little more than that. People dropping hints Annabeth giving big hints." he said smiling.

"Care to share?" I asked. He smiled and nodded then motioned for me to follow him. I followed him to the camp's beach until he came to a stop. He took in a deep breath then smiled and sat down. I sat next to him.

"Well the first child of the Big Three to turn sixteen will make some decision to save or destroy Olympud the gods." Percy said looking worried out at the sea.

"How old are you Percy?" I asked.

"Thirteen." he said. then waited for me to tell my age.

"I don't know how old I am. Maybe I'm fourteen or fifteen." I answered. He stiffened a little then relaxed then stiffened again.

"I can't tell you what to do but please protect Olympus with all you got." he said.

"We don't know if it's even me in the prophecy." I argued.

"Well hopefully you wont die but you not dying means it's you. Unless you turn into a tree again. Are you like a nymph now?"

"I- I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm still a demigod." I answered.

Percy and I sat in awkward silence until he broke it.

"What's your favorite color?" he asked me.

"Black or blue." I answered quickly.

"Blue's mine." he answered smiling.

"How did you handle it? Thinking you were the one of the prophecy." I asked.

"At first I felt it wasn't my problem. After a while though on my first quest Annabeth and Grover changed that. At the time I only wanted to get my mom and I'll admit it, clear my dad's name. Make him proud. I thought he was a jerk at the time but he's real cool, fun, and what I've always wanted my dad to be like.

"Then Annabeth convinced me there was more too our world. Grover's hopes for Pan helped motivate me. I couldn't ruin their dreams. This last quest even made me more loyal to the gods. I thought everything was giong to be fine until last night." he said.

"Sorry for coming back." I said harshly.

"It's not you. Not yet. Kronos brought you back. Another chess piece brought on the board. He's hoping to manipulate you since my fatal flaw is in the way."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Loyalty." Percy answered. I sighed.

"I wish that were mine but Luke helped me realize mine. I'm power-hungry, like my father." I said.

"Annabeth's right." Percy blurted out. I raised an eyebrow. "She told me we were so alike it was scary. We'd either be best friends or worst enimies." Percy said.

"I'll go with the best friends." I answered. Percy chuckled.

"Exactly what I said and Annabeth said you'd probably say that too. So alike it's scary." he said.

"As long as we can go with the best friends line, that's good enough for me."

"Me too." Percy agreed. Somewhere in my mind wanted to say 'for now'. I can't like Percy, I've just met him and began to understand him.

"Are you staying at camp year-round?" I asked. Percy frowned.

"I want to stay to help you but I've been planning on seeing my mom." Percy said. I nodded greatful he was considering me.

"You could live with my mom and I and go to school or we could stay here." Percy mused.

"Me live with you and your mom? We just met and your already asking me to move in?" I gasped messing with him. His face turned red.

"N-not like that!" he stammered and I broke out laughing.

"If Chiron will let me, I'd love to stay with you and your mom. My cabin's kind of creepy inside…"

"Let's ask Chiron then I'll talk to my mom." Percy said.

"You sure she wont mind?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? She let a cyclops live with us for a while!" he said then went to see Chiron. I stared in question after him and decided the only way I'd get answers were if I followed him. So I did.

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