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Thalia's P.O.V

Percy and I are together? No, he's not the brightest fish in the sea. He'll need confirmation. Ugh I sound like Annabeth and Silena put together! That boy gets me going.

Percy decided he had to make a few calls before we left. Really? Iris message can happen almost anywhere. Seaweed Brain. I stood to the side and waved to Tyson once while Percy talked to him. I had a few encounters with Tyson but I still couldn't graps that there are good cyclops in the world. After their conversation Percy decided to call him mom which I didn't mind. I liked Sally.

When we got a picture of her she was holding hands with Mr. Blowfish, I think Percy said his name was. Percy lifted his hand to wave through the mist but his mom saw him and her gaze stopped him. She let go of his hand really fast.

"Oh you know what, Paul? I left my writing journal in the living room. Would you mind getting it?" she asked.

"Sure, Sally. No problem." he said with a smile then retreated from the room.

"Percy! Thalia. Are you alright?" she asked instantly leaning forward.

"I'm great, Ms. Jackson-"

"I'm, uh, fine. Good. How's that writing seminar going?" he asked.

"It's fine but that's not important. Tell me what happened!" she said. We filled her in a quick as we could and she seemed to relax when we told her Annabeth was safe.

"I knew you could do it! I'm so proud of you!"

"Yeah, well I'd better let you get back to your homework." Percy said.

"Percy- Paul and I-"

"Mom, are you happy?" Percy asked which made me drop my jaw. Sure he was a loyal guy but just saying it like that made me amazed. Maybe because I wouldn't be that selfless to say that to my mom… if she were alive or I liked her. The question seemed to take Sally by surprise too. She thought for a moment.

"Yes. I really am Percy. Being around him makes me happy." she said while glancing at me then back to Percy.

"Then it's cool. Seriously, don't worry about me." Percy said it like he was telling a toddler to stay put.

"You promise not to call him Mr. Blowfish?" she asked and Percy shrugged.

"Well… maybe not to his face anyway." he said with a mischevious smirk that made my heart flutter to where I just had to hold him hand.

"Well I can see your happy too." she said with a wink when she saw our hands.

"Mom-" Percy complained with a blush.

"Sally, is it the blue or green binder?" Paul asked.

"I'd better go. See you Christmas? Thalia too? Maybe even Annabeth, if she's not busy being a huntress." she asked smiling.

"Will there be blue candy in my stocking?" Percy asked with a poker face.

"If your not too old for it."

"I will never be too old for candy."

"Especially blue candy." I added while I elbowed him playfully.

"Well then I hope to see you guys then. Love you."

"Love you too." Percy said and he wiped through the mist.

"You were right." Percy said to me as we turned to walk away.

"I usually am but about what, Seaweed Brain?"

"My mom is pretty cool." he said and hesitantly put his arm on my shoulders.

"Jeez, Percy don't act so scared." I complained.

"What if you shock me!" he whined.

"Man up." I said and hugged him as we walked.

The Friday before Christmas break us recent heroes and senior campers were drinking hot chocolate at the Big House. We spoke about Luke being alive, about Annabeth being a huntress (Chiron had a sad smile on his face. I knew he thought of Annabeth as a daughter.) Percy and I sat close to each other and were chattling with the Stolls, Silena, and Beckendorf while we waited for Argus to come back from dropping kids off in the city. We would be the next to leave and I would be spending Christmas break with the Jacksons. It would be awkward, fun, and maybe a little sad with bringing up old memories with my mom and- with my old family and Luke.

I was thinking about that when a new topic grabbed my attention.

"And for you, Percy and Thalia," Chiron was saying. "You must be extra careful in the mortal world. Because you two are aging at the same rate for the prophecy you both could be the child of the prophecy. Monsters will target you both, Luke will send those to find you, your blood will be for bounty. Plus with the way you two are going to be together over the holidays your scent will be stronger. Monsters don't take the holidays off you know-"

"Hey, Percy! Where's Bianca?" Nico asked bounding up the stairs. We had gotten back last night when Chriron announce he was going to start Christmas break earlier this year because of the war and all the hard work and whatever else. I had forgotten about Nico. I thought about Bianca and wondered if I could ever have her courage but… not once did I think she left a little brother.

"Nico…" Percy said with a pained look on his face then he set down his hot chocolate and walked over to Nico and lead him away after they were out of sight I decided to go follow them to see if Nico was alright. When I got there I heard Nico scream:

"No she isn't! Where is my sister?"

"I'm so sorry, Nico. I tried to go before her but she's fast like a huntress. She saved all of us but-"

"You wouldn't let that happen to her!" Nico argued.

"Your right, I wouldn't wish it on her, it's killing that I could've died in her place but she felt she was the one to do it. She did give me this to give to you." I handed Nico the mini statue.

"Hades?" he asked.

"I guess. I don't know.

"A little ironic that's where she's at now." he snapped.

"Look Nico I'm sorry but don't-"

"Shut up! I thought you were a hero! You're a failure who let my sister die!" Nico yelled then the earth shook and a huge gape form from the forest area we were at to probably inside of the main area of camp. Nico yelled then ran off and I Percy and I ran after him looking for him. We saw him them he turned and had a surprised look on his face when he was swallowed up by the shadow.

"Nico!" we screamed trying to grasp him.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"I don't know! He was right here."

"You know who he is right?" I asked.

"Son of Hades."

"I have a feeling he'll be okay. Hades uses the shadows and darkness to get around maybe he has some kind of power that allows him to hide in shadows? Or teleport?" I guessed.

"I sure hope he's alright but we can't tell anyone." Percy said to me.

"What? Why? If we die he could be the one of the prophecy."

"Exactly. Monsters, Kronos, they'd all be after him too. It's best if we leave him unclaimed. He's safer that way."

"Okay. What do we tell the others? He just ran off and we couldn't catch him?"


When we told Chiron our story -the lie- he shook his head sadly.

"He's as good as dead out there with little training, no weapon, and so young and alone. May he rest in peace in the underworld." Percy and I looked at each other not believing he just said that. Sure it made it easier for us but Chiron assuming him dead didn't exactly make me feel better.

Percy and I rode in silence to the city and walked to the park before going to his mom's apartment. We needed to cheer up before we saw Sally. We couldn't be mopes when she gets to see only this little time with Percy. I don't know where Nico is but I can feel that he's alive. It's been helping me and I can tell Percy's putting the thought of him being dead out of his mind too.

"It's like what was with Annabeth. He's not dead, but he's not found. You know?"


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