Toadette Wakes Up

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I have no shame of making this. That's all. Stupid friggin' gwiwwed cheebs.

Toadette woke up, stretching her arms. It was one in the morning at night, and she was having a pleasant dream, but woken up, because she was rather hungry. Her stomach growling, Toadette got out of bed and headed straight down to the kitchen.

"Ohh... damn, why am I always so hungry?" Toadette grumbled to herself as she rubbed her stomach, opening the refrigerator as she spotted a nice slice of strawberry shortcake. Toadette grabbed the piece of cake, about to eat it, when a swift shadow snatched it away.

"What the-" Toadette gasped as the shadow zipped right by her, forcing her pink nightgown to be blown off. "Hey!"

The shadow simply blew by Toadette again, as Toadette grabbed on her normal dress and looked around, wondering what the shadow was. Suddenly, the shadow appeared in front of Toadette, and Toadette gasped in shock as the shadow was...