"...And that's my new idea for a fanfic!" Fawful shouted as he winked.

R.O.B. and Waluigi glanced at each other, then back at Fawful.

"Ehhh... yeah..." R.O.B. stated, unimpressed as he coughed, pressing some buttons on his back. "Could you stand on the red X there?"

Fawful looked around, scratching the back of his head. "Uh... where?"

Waluigi quickly painted a crudely drawn X a few inches behind Fawful. Waluigi then pointed at the X. "Just go there, bean boy."

Fawful glanced at the X, then at R.O.B. and Waluigi. He shrugged as he moved a few inches back. Then suddenly, he was trampled by several angry angry hippos.

R.O.B. groaned as he drank some oil, sighing as he stated to Waluigi, "We don't get payed enough to appear in this shit."


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