A long time ago in a small island in New England called Amity, there was a problem, a shark was in the water and two people were already killed. The police chief Martin Brody tried to close down the beaches, so they called a marine biologist named Matt Hooper to see what kind of shark it was and how to track it. But soon after the shark was dystroyed, Martin and Matt soon fell in love. This made Martin's wife Ellen mad, but she knew how to seperate them. As it turns out she knows how to cast a magic spell and will turn Martin into a shark, and he'll be hunted down and killed, because if she can't have him, no one can. Soon a day after Matt and Martin went back to shore, Martin dissappeared. Matt was looking everywhere when he noticed on the news that there was another shark in the water, but with this shark he didn't attack anyone he just swam and swam as if he wanted to be on land. Later that evening Matt took a raft and sailed out to the shark. After hours of sailing Matt went up to the, and he realized that the precence of the shark felt familiar, like the precence of a lover. Matt then realized that the shark was Martin. Soon the local fishermen and police were also out in the water trying to kill the shark. Matt tried to stop them and to tell them not to hurt the shark. But then a harpoon hitted the shark, and the shark was laying on the raft, lifeless. Please don't go please, Matt said in tears. I need you, I love you. He soon kissed the shark and looked up at the stars. I just wish that my love will be safe, and that we'll be together again. Just then a bright flash of light appeared, and then Martin was alive and human again everybody was shocked at what just happened. After Martin explained what happened, and how Ellen turned him into a shark, they soon found out that Ellen left without a trace, the same with Michael and Sean. A few days later Matt and Martin decided to move to Boston, and live there together. Soon after leaving Amity and moving to Boston, they found two little babies abandoned in a field, with a note saying "please take care of our son and daughter. So they decided to take care of the little twin babies. They named the girl Marina, and the boy Adrien. And they lived happliy ever after.

The End