A/N: Pretty much random. I have a soft spot for this pairing, and there's not enough of it out there...so here's my contribution! C: This is most likely a two-shot.

Kid Flash sort of had a thing for Superboy. He couldn't help it! Crazy bright blue eyes and god, he was strong. And sweet, too, in that awkward manner of his, and shy and uncertain- and so, so sincere in everything, because he'd never had to experience a lie. Unlike the rest of them, there was nothing Conner had to hide.

And Wally loved it. No pretenses, no hidden nuances behind key words- what Conner said was how it was, and Wally could count on that.

Conner was forthright. Never did a damn thing he didn't want to, never said what he didn't mean, and every smile Wally ever won from him was honest.

Wally loved him for that.

Not that he'd ever tell him. Ever. On his death bed, he'd carry the secret to his grave.

Because out of every person on the team, Wally was the least likely for Conner to fall for. And he accepted that.

Or tried to.

"Conner! Come to to the kitchen!" Megan swooped into the room energetically, beaming at the clone where he sat playing poker with Wally, Kal and Robin. Wally tried not to scowl at her for the interruption- it wasn't her fault, she was nothing but nice- and directed the frown instead at his bad hand as Conner got up to join her. "I made you peanut butter cookies, you said you wanted to try them, right?"

No, he said he'd never had them, Wally thought, disgruntled. There's a difference.

"What's the matter, KF?" Robin leaned over the table to nudge his arm. "Jealous? You know you'll get them in the end, anyway, Conner always feeds half of them to you. He hates her thinking they went to waste."

"Well, in Conner's defense, Megan's cooking is... questionable," the Atlantian of their group contributed, calmly rearranging his cards. "Though she has been improving lately."

"I'm not jealous," Wally said, sticking his tongue out at them. "But Con-man was finally getting the hand at this game! And man, his poker-face is legit."

Robin cackled and Kaldur smiled; Wally grinned back and Conner came to join them a few minutes later with a plate of cookies he not-so-subtely slid in Wally's direction. The cookies were sort of lumpy and a lot burnt, but Wally grabbed two immediately and popped them in his mouth, just to see Conner relax and smile.

Okay, he was maybe just a bit jealous, Wally decided as the card game resumed and the smoke alarm went off in the kitchen.

But not of him. Of her.

Artemis was crazy smart- as smart as Robin in her own way. She came back from Star City for the weekend late Friday night- when everyone was asleep but the resident speedster- dropped her bag on a stool at the counter in the kitchen, took one look at him and said, "So you gonna tell him?"

Wally, who'd been minding his own business, drinking fruit punch out of the carton, promptly choked. When he glanced over at her warily, she was smirking, leaning against the counter with her chin propped up in her hand.

"I'll take that as a no."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Wally said almost completely casually, opening the fridge. "Hey, Megan made lasagna yesterday- there's some leftovers here for you if you're hungry." He withdrew a plate covered with cling-wrap and held it out to her. "That being said, I made chicken parmesan earlier and saved you some."

Artemis took it with a grateful smile and moved past him to the microwave. They were capable of getting along- it was their well-kept secret. He turned to go- maybe to watch a movie, since he couldn't sleep- and she said softly, "He won't think any differently of you if you tell him. He's not capable of being mean on purpose."

Wally froze in the doorway; in the end he shrugged without turning around, and raced to the relative safety of his room.

He wasn't afraid of that- he knew Conner would never hurt him on purpose.

He was just afraid Conner would hurt him and not realize it- because Conner didn't know how to lie.

The criminal was just some dork in a ski mask trying to rob a grocery store, and Wally couldn't believe the police weren't there taking care of it yet. There were plenty of scared people, and the man was waving his hand angrily, gesturing at the cash register. For whatever reason, the man behind the counter wasn't moving fast enough or at all, and the masked man was getting more and more agitated.

Just leaving the scene would've gone against all Wally's morals- there were people here in legitimate trouble, he couldn't walk away if he tried. So he sighed, shrugged inwardly and pulled his goggles out of his pocket, glad he carried them even when he was in civvies. Sliding them over his eyes, he jogged out of the alley he'd ducked into and towards the store, picking up speed with each millisecond- because hey, he could handle this and the police wouldn't need to worry about it-

Oh. A hostage.

He was moving too fast to stop without drawing complete attention to himself, so he frowned and moved even faster. Too late to stop now, he'd just have to change his plans a bit-

The man behind the counter said something and the criminal spooked, and he was hefting a gun against the girl's head and shouting, and Wally could almost see his finger tighten around the trigger.

So he sped up, wind tearing through his clothes, and he pushed himself a little harder to make up for that drag- he was there in a few seconds, just as the gun went off-

And oddly enough, in the second that seemed to be an eternity as he threw himself forward, the gunshot still ringing in his ears, he could have sworn someone yelled his name.