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This story will actually have to do with a topic that runs very deep and personal to me and as the story progresses you will see why. Through these characters, I will share my thoughts and feelings and I hope you will enjoy the read.

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This was not how things were supposed to end up. He was the best or that's what he believed. This was an elite group of soldiers and he knew that it was his lot in life to be a part of this squad. He had trained hard, studied endlessly and worked out nonstop to make sure he was fit to a tee. He had made sure his body could acclimate to different altitudes quickly and fall from great heights without an issue.

Parjai Squad, a sub unit of the 2nd Airborne Company and itself a part of the 212th Attack Battalion led by none other Clone Marshall Commander Cody and High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, only a few would make it as paratroopers and CT-0426 put his whole life to being one of them.

CT-0426 absolutely loved the adrenalin rush that jumping out of a LAAT transport or other types of vehicles into the unknown gave him. Every mission was a thrill ride that was until this recent mission. Not even his specialized paratrooper armor which had been designed to withstand high velocity impacts could save him from this fall. He guessed he should feel lucky to be alive, but if he hadn't survived then he wouldn't have gone back to the barracks as a cripple.

It wasn't like this mission was hard. A simple jump out of the transport, land in the correct spot and put the detonators where they were needed and get out. Routine right?


CT-0426 had his own routine right before he jumped. He checked that all his armor was in place, rifle was strapped and easily assessable and his parachute was ready to pull. Unfortunately due to some bad Intel, Separatists were also at their landing sight and before being able to pull their transport away and abort, the enemy opened fire and struck the belly of their ship.

The blaster ball had penetrated right through bottom going through the top of the ship and one of CT-0426's squad mate's was the first to meet his fate with death. He didn't have time to grieve for his lost brother as he and his commander stayed behind to make sure the rest of the crew which now consisted of two other squad members' jump out of the transports. The pilots struggled to keep the transport airbourne and screamed at 26 and the commander to jump.

His commander slapped his back for luck and he made his jump just as the ship exploded into hundreds of pieces. Commander…? Was 26's last thoughts as he pulled his chute's cords. When the chute didn't open he tried again.

"Stang! Stang! Stang! You shabla thing! Open!" 26 shouted. He was falling too fast and the ground was quickly approaching. I'm dead! I am so dead. Suddenly his chute opened but his landing was still coming too fast.

Below his brothers watched with horror as 26 struggled to get his chute open.

"He's coming in too fast!" One shouted.

"He's down! He's down!" The other took off in a run where 26 had fallen.

"Sunny?" CT-0426 groaned miserably and tried to move his body.

"Shavitt!" he cursed. Blinking away the rapid tears that stung his eyes, 26 tried to take a deep breath which also brought him immense pain. Okay, I just fell from god only knows how far. Looks like I have several broken bones, maybe a punctured lung? It really hurts to breathe. It really hurts to do anything.

"Sunny!" He heard his name being called but he didn't know if he could yell back. The thought of being left behind for unknown predators to pick him off when he couldn't defend himself or even worse, the Separatists picking him up made him swell with panic.

Bracing himself for an onslaught of white hot agony 26 called out, "here! I'm here!" Gasping for a breath, 26 tired not to move any more than he had to. Hearing his brothers stumbled through the brush and make their way closer to him brought some reassurance.

"Sunny?" They called again. He didn't have the strength to call again. He was about to pass out from the pain he was in and was doing all that he could to stay awake until their arrival.

Finally their familiar heavy footsteps were right beside him and 26 shuttered with a mixture of relief and distress. "Don't move Sunny, you may have a broken spine or neck or both," that was his brother Ajax.

"I'm running a scan on him right now," Buddy, the squad's medical trooper started from Sunny's feet and ended at his head. "Good thing you had all your armor and helmet on-speaking of which, where did it go?"

Ajax looked around and spotted it about ten feet away. The sheer impact knocked it off Sunny's head, even cracking the side of it. Ajax gave a low whistle as he examined the now broken helmet.

"What's the diagnosis Bud?" Sunny wheezed.

Buddy sighed as he put his scanner away. "Well the good news is you don't have a back or neck injury." The medic paused and both men stared at him.

"And?" Ajax prompted.

"Bad news is that your legs are completely shattered, your right arm is broken in half and it looks like you have a punctured lung. A good dip in a bacta tank will take care of the lung and arm but your legs…" Buddy trailed off.

They all heard rumors of what happened to clones that could no longer fight. It was the end of the road. "Sunny," Ajax started.

"Save it trooper," Sunny said neutrally. "Since my back and neck aren't broken let's get to a safe location and radio in for pick up. Deliver the explosives first, complete the mission. Seps or no Seps, we came here to do a job."

"Sunny, I don't think it would be wise to move…" Buddy started to warn but even as beat up as he was, Sunny glared at his brothers.

"For the commander, for the pilots who were lost on that transport, let's complete it for them."

"Okay Sunny," both Buddy and Ajax nodded and as carefully as they could, helped Sunny up. Luckily consciousness didn't linger too long and darkness consumed him. His last fleeting thought was when they returned to Coruscant or Kamino the pain wouldn't last forever. Sunny knew what would happen to him but such was life for a clone. Right?